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That Pain In Your Chest Maybe Something Else

By slowasigo, published on Aug 16, 2008

... very modest amount, the risk of a heart attack on that day or within plus or minus one or two days goes up five percent. If that goes up 10-fold, which is possible on some of our bad days here, that risk can increase 50 percent on that day or within two or three days of that time," Anderson said.

Los Angeles ranked again, the smoggiest city in the nation with 90 days exceeding health standards during 2007.

Perhaps the fashion trend seen on the streets of metropolitan Pacific Rim cities will be seen on the Third Street Promenade and Rodeo Drive. I hope the come in yellow.


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Green Power: The Unfulfilled Wet Dream

By slowasigo, published on Aug 14, 2008

...your congressional representatives on a Thursday afternoon.

Yet, this much is certain. Worldwide power consumption is exceeding 10% growth per year. There are not enough dams, not enough windy places, and not enough locations where the earth is burping sulfuric gases hot enough to make power sufficient for our needs (or wants). At some point, the generation inefficiencies and geographical constraints of green power will give way to good old fashion American economics. Walmart got it right. It may not be the best quality but it is good enough for us.

Give it to me cheap.


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The Black Man, The Woman, The Senior Citizen, The Mormon.

By slowasigo, published on Aug 14, 2008

...III Older Americans Act (established in 1965), and of course the Mormon (a front runner for the Republican VP slot).

Here come the 2008 elections.

Less than a month ago I took a phone call during my dinner of frozen pizza and spiced black beans. I was asked, in a circumscribed fashion, would I vote for a black president. Emphatically, I said "yes". I was then asked if He (or She, so cryptically I couldn't discern the difference) had a female running mate would I vote for the combined ticket. I responded " If the politics matched my own I would have no problem". These are ... (more)

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Over The Left Shoulder

By AM Nelson, published on Aug 12, 2008

Of the superstitions that I believe, the wish of the Trevi Fountain holds me. Ten years ago I peered at Neptune's feet and threw Lira in the proper fashion: facing away, holding the coin in the right hand. Into the pool of countless coins, I found myself throwing Euro…last July.

The booty-pinching and hairy armpits that shocked the naïve ten years ago have been replaced with smell. Perhaps with the Pope at the Sydney youth rally, the incense had been locked away; this city could use more incense. The dizzying traffic exhaust combined with Metro body odor creates a daily... (more)

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Friday Night Frenzy

By Kim, published on Aug 8, 2008

August rolls in and we prepare with a sigh for that unwelcomed heat the month brings to Los Angeles. The Otmaro Ruiz Quartet warmed things in a much desired fashion at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Friday Night Jazz Series.

In fact, we reveled in the mix of fiery Jazz, Venezuelan influences with hints of classical cleverly expressed by the ensemble.

The quartet has a soul connection that is apparent in their exchange of euphoric expressions on many tunes. As the musicians played, a few magical links and smiles were shared on varied tunes between:

... (more)

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By DLFerguson, published on Jul 28, 2008

...placed in a restorative healing bath by The Exterminator on a daily basis. In between he’s given martial arts training by Fox and philosophical discussions on the ethical morality of assassination by Sloan. Part of his training is learning how to make bullets behave in Looney Tunes fashion: members of The Fraternity can actually make bullets go around corners, up flights of stairs and travel miles across the city to hit their targets. And once his training is finished, Wesley is given his assignment: to kill the assassin who killed his father. But that’s an assignment... (more)

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Snail Mail

By sanjanakumar, published on Jul 20, 2008

Around Memorial Day my buddy Matt asked for my mailing address. I thought to myself, why the heck does he need my mailing address? He lives 10 blocks away from me and although he hadn't been to my apartment yet, he know the approximate address (in typical NYC fashion, he had my two cross streets) which gave him a general sense of my humble abode. I repeatedly questioned him as to why he needed my address but he chose to ignore my questions. A few days later I found out why he needed my address---he sent me a postcard from NC! About a week ago I received another postcard in the mail... (more)

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Fashion Is Not Easy

By Mason, published on Jul 15, 2008

We have a great client from italy,and they just placed a order of 50 thousand pcs of jacket with us,and we are happy,even we know the delivery date is very hard for us to meet,and then when the question from the client from the client said that when can we finish the first 100,then 500pcs,then 1000,and step by step,the last pcs.but we know it is very very hard,i will give you the point below.

As we have to order the fab,somehow,the fabrics will be delayed,and our samples will be delayed also,and somhow,the client gave us the feedback that we were late for the samples,and .....,now the... (more)

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Elliot's Groovin' Ensemble Gives A Shout At Farmer's Market

By Kim, published on Jul 14, 2008

...birthday, one of his signature pieces, "Cornbread" was affectionately bestowed upon the audience. If one didn't previously care for the coarse carbohydrate, after experiencing the Elliot version, you were head over heels in love.

Inspiring solos transpired in what appeared a spontaneous fashion.

The quintet performed a great piece by Elliot, "Blues from Mars" that exemplified basic blues-filled changes and a tantalizing pulse that acted like support under your wings as you were flying as Paul Randall did on drums. Even though Elliot's band took us to another wonderful orbit in ... (more)

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Fashion Train Wreck

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 5, 2008

...Yahoo News and found this gem of a joke. I’ve attempted to avoid saying anything about Oprah Winfrey because frankly, I don’t like her. She’s a self-centered ideologue and self-proclaimed prophet of modern spiritualism. I could go on, but I won’t. I want to address her (and others’) fashion sense – or severe lack thereof.

We’ve all seen it, People magazine among others like to devote the last few pages of their publications to the fashion faux pas often committed by Hollywood’s so-called “elite”. Having high business acumen does not always translate into clear... (more)

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