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Old Navy Joins The Tower

By Louisa, published on Apr 9, 2007

...the guidance of an aware parent. So on our way to Old Navy last week, as we passed by sex shops and Little Ricky’s and magazine covers where everyone is practically naked—just a typical day in New York City—I was looking forward to the (strange as it may sound) old-fashioned sexlessness of Old Navy. However, this notion was quickly squelched on this particular trip to the Sixth Avenue and Eighteenth Street store. Going up the escalator to the children’s department, my daughter and I spotted some super cute bathing suits on display. But when we picked... (more)

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For the sake of fashion..

By Starbourne, published on Mar 27, 2007

...the response would remain the same. It was tasteless and uncomfortable for me to look at and she looked uncomfortable as well. It was apparent that she had some obvious unresolved self-issues but where does the line between confidence and offensive begin. How dare she make a mock out of fashion and all that is stands for. I am a plus -size woman (size 16 and proud) but I know that there are guidelines every woman should follow when it comes to fashion. There have been numerous plus-size fashion shows in the past couple of years that have pretty much gave us an idea of what works... (more)

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L.A. Bike Tour brings city together

By Josh Marks, published on Mar 8, 2007

... also rolled through Boyle Heights, a lively Latino neighborhood where the community was out in force cheering everyone along. The diversity of the different neighborhoods was the most interesting part of the trip. In addition to Boyle Heights the course went through Koreatown, Little Tokyo, the Fashion district, the Jewelry district, the Financial district, the Warehouse district and other distinct areas. The riders were generally respectful of each other as there were few major accidents. People shouted out “passing on your left!” or gave a hand signal if they were shifting... (more)

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Feet Fauxs Pas

By Nathalie Philippe, published on Feb 28, 2007

... fact of life. That being said ladies, it’s officially time to take your dated, garish, white, velcro-closure high-tops and burn them. This is a serious matter. Living in the Bay Area and working in San Francisco can be a difficult tightrope to walk. I’ve been witness to some fashion faux pas farther outside the limits of fashion than a commute from El Sobrante. I wholeheartedly understand the issue. Work shoes, while hopefully stylish and smart make the walk from the car or public transport quite difficult, especially considering the near stampede that one must endure to ... (more)

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The Visa Hustle

By V, published on Feb 28, 2007

... fake English accent? It doesn’t make you smarter or more sophisticated no matter what anyone tells you.' This was the first client phone call I took, on the first day of my first job in La La Land. You would probably be right in assuming that this is to be expected in Los Angeles in the fashion game, but this kind of self-importance, bitterness, megalomania, vacuousness and outright rudeness, knows no geographical boundaries I am sad to report. I have known many Brandts (name changed because I am superstitious enough to fear the unknown and I worry that two hundred Broowaha readers... (more)

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America Fattens on Snake Oil

By Tina Dupuy, published on Feb 23, 2007

I like to think of myself as someone who acknowledges trends but is not ruled by them. For example, I know the 1980's are back in fashion, but I didn't tease my bangs the first time around, so it's even less likely to happen now. And yes, pegged pants make your (and my) butt look big. Speaking of which, if you're reading this and are American there is a greater than 65% chance that your butt is actually big. The obesity epidemic is saturated with duplicity. Fat people lie about how much they eat, diet gurus "fudge" the facts about how much people can actually lose and food makers spin... (more)

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Pan African Film and Arts Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Feb 22, 2007

...theme prevalent throughout the film festival. I concluded my experience at the Pan African Film and Arts Festival viewing “Bab’ Aziz: The Prince Who Contemplated His Own Soul” and “No.2” with Ruby Dee serving as matriarch of a large Fijian Family. The PAFF Fashion Show produced by Karimu presented fashions and accessories that were available for purchase at the 2007 PAFF Art Market. A special screening of the movie “Cuttin’ Da Mustard” featured some of the celebrities answering questions and posing for photographs for the media for... (more)

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We All Lose in the Ninja - Pirate War

By J. La Mont, published on Feb 4, 2007

...a natural process. Over 99% of the species that have existed are no more It could be our jolly sailors are no longer needed. Also some creatures may perform the duties of pirates making their role redundant to the ecosystem. For example rock stars are known for their flamboyancy, questionable fashion choices, and nomadic pillaging. Others claim music pirates, adopting the ninja's stealth, are a sign that pirates are merely evolving. What we do know is that the traditional rum drinking, foul smelling sayers of "Arrrrr" are becoming rarer and rarer. There are no simple answers. Pirates... (more)

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Movie Review: Pan's Labyrinth

By mattjosh, published on Jan 10, 2007

...insects and dark places. While all of those fantastical motifs are central to Pan's Labyrinth, the film's appeal resides equally in its representation of politics and social strife in civil war era Spain in 1944, during the early days of Franco's regime. The film opens in classical fairytale fashion. A richly voiced narrator explains that the princess of the underworld yearned so badly to live above ground that finally she ran away to do just that. Tragically, the young girl was not quite acclimated to the intensity of natural light, and upon first seeing the sun she instantly lost both ... (more)

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X-Tina: Missed All Her Memos?

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Jan 6, 2007 through a series of surprising, even frightening, aliases. Her most recent one seems to be a tribute to the late Marilyn Monroe, complete with the familiar blonde hairstyle and swing series outfits. While it has long become accepted that we may never see a day when Aguilera shows a decent fashion sense, this time it has taken a truly awful turn. But aside from the dangerous mix of gaudy clothes and drag-queen makeup, the artist formerly known as X-Tina may even be hazardous to her health. Aguilera’s tired tresses never seem to leave the house without being properly hair... (more)

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