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The Blowup of Armando Benitez

By Ed Attanasio, published on May 30, 2007

Last night we witnessed the complete and total meltdown of a relief pitcher. Armando Benitez, the controversial, unpredictable closer for the San Francisco Giants blew a game in a fashion so embarrassing that it hurt to watch. It reminded me of all the other horrible meltdowns in sports history, like the 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers; the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl and Greg Norman in big golf tournaments. If Benitez can bounce back after such a devastating collapse, God bless him. But, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if his decline rapidly gains momentum from this point on. With the Giants leading... (more)

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Valdez Is Coming: Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on May 30, 2007

... thing was Tanner’s fault, he should put up the money. In fact, they tell Valdez that if he can get $100 from Tanner, they’ll match it with another $100. Valdez’s attempts to get the money from Tanner results in him being laughed at, beaten and humiliated in a truly brutal fashion: he’s tied to a rude wooden cross which he has to carry on his back through the desert. Valdez gets free and once he gets back home pulls out the dusty footlocker under his bed which holds his most precious possessions: the uniform he proudly wore as a member of the United States Army ... (more)

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Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Fit

By rjlight, published on May 25, 2007 jean market. Well, specifically, I was researching the website My husband thought I was shopping--me shopping online? I had work to do, I had articles to write--research was what I was into--only research. Zafu is touted as the next best thing to your own personal fashion guru. Zafu is a website designed to help you find the best jean for your figure. The website asks you a few questions about how jeans normally fit you – and how you are shaped and then the website comes up with the perfect pair of jeans for your figure. I have to admit I was skeptical ... (more)

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When Harry Could've Met Paris

By GreatMinds, published on May 17, 2007

... jail. He pulled the rug on Harry's trip to Baghdad. The editor of Sky News described Dannatt's reasoning as fears that Prince Harry would be a "magnet for jihadists". As if Paris would not be a magnet for some holy hell of her own inside that jail. And, collateral damage? Think of all the fashion designers who will suffer. Some commonalities between Prince Harry and Paris Hilton: Both were born with silver spoons. Both can attribute their fabulous looks to their mothers. Both like to party. He is third in line to the British throne; she'll be third in line to the stainless steel... (more)

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A Derby Day fit for a Queen

By Matt Weston, published on May 5, 2007

...quipped Currin. A spokesperson for the Queen would not disclose whether she will indulge in a traditional mint julep, or wear a floppy, overturned gravy boat-style hat, so popular among women attendees, to the race. Judd and the celebrity class, therefore, have an opportunity to wedge fashion and “unwinding before a live audience” gaps between themselves and the Queen. They still a have real chance, in other words, to steal some royal thunder. If gambling were legal, the odds on this year’s field may be of interest:... (more)

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Secret Oakland Experiment Proves Heat Melts Steel

By D. E. Carson, published on May 1, 2007

...would be the first time in history that fire ever melted steel,” O’Donnell submitted to the masses of lemmings that blindly swallow everything O’Donnell says without question. The engineering expert also claimed that the only way WTC-7 could have collapsed in the fashion it did was through, “a controlled demolition.” It is believed that the Oakland experiment would refute earlier claims that the destruction of WTC-7 could not have been the result of large fires burning inside the building. Structural engineers from CalTrans have not extrapolated... (more)

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A day in the beautiful-people-neighborhood...for a price.

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Apr 29, 2007

...and science, as well as more local ones: articles about the city and region particularly draw attention to a range of interests and rarely favor a upper-class, consumerist perspective. However. This morning's article, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," ( made me nearly nauseous -- the manufactured frat-styled parties, tv nights, and continental breakfasts offering free-for-all entertainments for the classed residents of the condo developments highlighted here are not neighborhoods. Yes, these residents do get to know... (more)

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I Cheated On New York

By TheTruth, published on Apr 13, 2007 Paris before my return to Rome, I knew I was pressed for time to see everything I was looking forward to visiting. As I wandered along the streets near the Bastille in the city's Fourth Arrondissement, I came across dozens of couture boutiques all within the radius of a few blocks. Paris' fashion is unlike any other in this world: every designer you could think of and the most cutting edge fashion imaginable. I was in retail heaven. After succumbing to my weakness and splurging on clothes and shoes, I started off to find the Centre G. Pompidou Museum, which houses Paris' finest modern ... (more)

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Summer Movie Preview 2007: The Rise of the Sequels

By Crowbar, published on Apr 11, 2007

...I am personally looking forward to seeing a lot of these films, I must also question the lack of anything new under the sun that is gripping all of our creative outlets. Never before has there been a decade in contemporary times that is so unoriginal, so uninspiring, that most of our music, fashion, and movies are dredged up from the past fifty years. We are becoming creatively dead, and the reasons lie at the heads of corporate offices who value money over creative need. But enough of my rant, for it’s summer, it’s sun and fun, a time not to care about such weighty... (more)

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I Watch A Lot of TV

By Theblueswink, published on Apr 11, 2007

...Entourage (HBO) Depicts the Hollywood life of a rising young film star and his friends. Boyish dramedy in which things pretty much always work out for the best. Well cast and knowledgeably scripted. __________ ● I also definitely enjoy red carpet and post-awards shows. I like the fashion and the casual personal nature of the interviews. I skip the actual awards shows because the acceptance speeches are generally cringefully platitudinous and depthlessly insular (like my sophomoric over-use of big words). E!’s red carpet productions are superior to TV Guide’s... (more)

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