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Movie Stars: How "The Star" Was Born

By KLiedle, published on Aug 22, 2007

...but it was the studios that "tried to make a system out of it." However, if the public did indeed create the movie star, the major studios in their heyday perpetuated the system by selecting unknowns from the ranks of the ordinary and carefully grooming them into stars in an assembly-line fashion. The fields of modern public relations and the cinema industry are both relatively young. Modern public relations first began in the mid-1800s while cinema was invented and developed in the late 1800s. The historic early years of both industries were times of tremendous expansion and growth. ... (more)

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300 Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Aug 6, 2007

...has a pivotal role as Dilios, a Spartan warrior who is also a brilliantly gifted storyteller. I’ve read some articles that criticize 300 for not being historically accurate and that kinda puzzles me because at the end of the movie you understand why the story has been told in such a fashion and for me, it works. I’m becoming a huge fan of these movies that are filmed on “digital backlots” where everything except the actors and the props are created digitally. Mind you, I wouldn’t like to see all movies made in this fashion but for movies like 300 as well ... (more)

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Paint Your Wagon: Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Jul 26, 2007

...It involves digging an extensive and complex series of tunnels under No-Name City itself and collecting the gold dust that falls between the floorboards of the various buildings. Miners are so careless with their gold dust that soon Ben, Partner and Mad Jack are collecting more gold is this fashion than they ever did prospecting. The mining scheme takes up a good deal of the last 45 minutes of the movie and comes to an ending that made me laugh out loud at its total lunacy. And yes, the unique marriage arraignment between Ben, Elizabeth and Partner comes to a resolution as well before... (more)

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Yang Wins the Whole Ying

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 18, 2007 to Jerry Yang, the 2007 World Series of Poker champion. He beat the odds as one of the low-money participants entering the final table and took home a mess o’ cash. Anyone who has ever played poker knows how hard it is to win a tournament like this, and Yang did it in spectacular fashion. The fact that he got into the WSOP by winning a $225 satellite tournament shows that anyone can gain the top spot in a sport where the common man is on the same footing with the established pros. Eat your heart out -- Hellmuth, Brunson, Chan and the rest of the clan! Here’s how the... (more)

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In search of the Perfect...Jean

By Clint Cedillo, published on Jun 28, 2007

... Strauss. These two visionary immigrants, turned denim, thread and a little metal into the most popular clothing product in the world. Originally worn by sailors and California gold miners as sturdy work pants, jeans have are now worn by the young as a statement of their generation, and by the fashionable, who are conscious of the prestige conveyed by designer names. Denim cloth itself has an unusual history. The name comes from serge de Nimes, France...hence De Nimes or Denim. Originally, it was strong material made from wool. By the 1700s, it was made from wool and cotton. Only later was ... (more)

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Wedges Wobble!

By Carrie C. House, published on Jun 22, 2007

...reducing the load on the feet. As shoes offering the leg-lengthening effect of high heels without the pain, wedges are finding a new customer base with teenagers who want to stay in style but also with their mom’s who used to wear shoes like this back in the 80’s. Yes another fashion trend that has come back to tie generations together. This style of shoe certainly has its 1970’s historical ancestor the platform shoe to thank. But the difficulty today’s’ women find is that platform shoes are often chunky and while they don’t accessorize well... (more)

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Books about Models and Nannies

By Ivana Poulova, published on Jun 21, 2007

...her boyfriend and photographer Simon Atlee. I can’t believe he didn’t make it! From the way how she writes about him in the book, and also from the pictures, you can see they had a beautiful relationship. Petra’s book “Love Always, Petra” is not limited just to fashion shows in Milan – Paris – New York, or all kinds of diets. She talks about her country, family, childhood, becoming a model, her relationships. It’s a book about Petra’s life, not just about the modeling. Interesting, honest, sweet. Certainly go for it. I would like ... (more)

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The Sopranos cuts to black

By Liz, published on Jun 18, 2007

...finally squeezes her vehicle into position, and jumps from her car, nearly hit by a passing SUV. Inside the diner, our eyes follow a suspicious figure as he leaves the counter and finds his way to the bathroom. Tony, Carmela and AJ each pop an onion ring into their mouths in exactly the same fashion. The family is together, unified in their purpose and affectionate. The lingering indictment of Tony for gun possession, as detailed for us by his lawyer hangs over the scene, but does not dampen the overall mood. Even in the deepest fantasy of Tony Soprano nothing is perfect. As the door... (more)

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Apple Slices, One Bite @ A Time

By LogicalSol, published on Jun 16, 2007

... mass, every ten minutes in 2004--and now, their highly anticipated iPhone. Apple looks like its mastered the word-of-mouth mantra regarding advertising, nor did it hurt to have hits one after another as they'd done with their i-lines and PIXAR in the past decade or so, either. They still leave consumers guessing with the June 29th iPhone release much in the same fashion Apple's done with PIXAR's movie posters of Toy Story a12 years ago: What is this? Revealing a little, is indeed, revealing a lot. And it appears they've mastered this mode of advertising quite well. Keep 'em all wondering. (more)

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Is going to jail a fashion statement for celebrities?

By Lakwyia, published on Jun 3, 2007

...instance, what about Paris Hilton? Even though she will be going to jail soon, it seems to be not a big deal. Personally she is taking this pretty well as if she is going off on a vacation to the islands or something. What are these celebrities thinking? Do they believe that going to jail is a fashion statement for them? It shouldn't be. Celebrities should be treated like the regular people in this world. Let's face this seriously. People today who aren't celebrities but are in jail do not have personal bodyguards or any other special treatment going on for them. Remember the time when... (more)

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