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Problems facing Scotland's tenant farmers.

By GentleOtter, published on Nov 18, 2011

FRIDAY, 18 NOVEMBER 2011Nobody mentioned eff for feudal ....

Imagine if you had a landowner who came in and took your ground. Just took it, never thought to mention it, continued to charge you rent for it, did not compensate you for it, ignored you, prevented you from accessing your land which you pay full rent. Good land. In fact, the best land.Imagine too that in order to recompense your loss in income through crop yield becoming reduced, you want to diversify in another area but this is also 'out of bounds' and you only discovered this a few days ago, much to your astonishment.If... (more)

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No Shirt, No Shoes, No Money: My Year Without Cash

By the expat returned, published on Aug 30, 2010

...that hasn’t known a boom since its original logging heyday, a place whose culture favors the small, the local, the informal and the socially aware. These factors, in combination with its incredible lushness and fertile soil, make it an ideal setting for explorations in permaculture, organic farming and other agricultural innovations. The number of low-income residents and non-traditionalists makes it a haven for community-based living techniques such as time-banking and cooperative living. Oregon boasts the largest number of communes in the nation.

Unfortunately for me I could... (more)

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