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Sisterly Love

By Shari G, published on Sep 16, 2011

Dear Shari...

I’m having a hard time keeping the relationship I have with my sister together. She used to be so funny, kind-hearted and happy, and my absolute best friend in the whole world. In the last five years she’s turned in to an extremely negative person who is hard to be around. She did go through a rough patch in her life, and I thought if I was supportive and understanding she’d come around. A few years have passed since then, and I’ve drawn the conclusion that she simply doesn’t want to do the work it takes to be happy. I’ve tried being patient, talking to her calmly, giving... (more)

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Role of the Family During an Intervention

By Iam Herbert, published on Aug 31, 2011

...and so a lot more is necessary to prevent the feelings from resurfacing. The voluntary narcotic use gradually will become an unconscious demand, occasionally an overwhelming need to the exclusion of almost all else.Addiction to drinking or drugs takes a toll to the person and also on their own family members. As soon as an individual has got an all-consuming dependence on alcohol or drugs, it will become their own passion and focus and everything else takes second place. The actual abuser’s life's more planned around their drinking or drug use. This may cause losing employment, close... (more)

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My Room

By Elisa Ashley, published on Jul 21, 2011

... I lived like an afterthought. The few possessions I had were crammed into the small room next to the living room. I was the only one who slept downstairs. That made me the only one who heard the people breaking into the kitchen.

If only we had had a telephone I could have called for help. If only we had neighbors I could have maybe run for help. If only I had been older I might have been braver or stronger. If only. If only any of those things my family would still be alive today.

Today it's just me because the room that I slept in as a child was adjacent to our living room.


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Attitude of Gratitude and the MDOC

By LincolnDidn'tLie, published on Jul 13, 2011

I would like to extend a big thank you to all of the individuals who got involved on this phone issue by writing letters, making phone calls, showing up to the protest and researching the details that ultimately are in the process of being changed. There were many who wanted to attend the protest on Tuesday but were unable to due to travel distance, the high cost of fuel and work restraints. Though they weren't there in person, they did what they could in other ways that brought attention to this matter and as a result we received an equal amount of interest from the media which helps tremendously... (more)

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Grandma’s Teeth in the Bathroom had Eyes!

By charlie nitric, published on Jun 17, 2011

... set the false choppers in a thick clear drinking glass she nabbed from the kitchen sink. Maybe that would be my clear milk container a day later at breakfast time - yikes! The glass exemplified, I said magnified, I mean grotesquely amplified those choppers into becoming a living legend in our family.

Why the heck did she set those monsters on the edge of the sink that was less than a foot from the toilet? I mean like, reach out and bite someone. "Devour the little kid," the living glass screamed to me! I had to stand there in fear and stare at her teeth. You could never take your ... (more)

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The day of reckoning for my 13-year-old

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 22, 2011

I didn't sleep well at all the night before I was to take my son to the gym and have him work out as much as he could physically to understand what respect was, what it meant to respect me, his own mother, and what his consequences would be should he decide to say, 'to heck with you and your rules.'

After working out with my own trainer and watching time march by, getting other items accomplished with hands a bit shakier than normal, the time fast approached. It was 5 o'clock and time for my son and I to go to the gym and take on an entirely different type of work out.

On hand... (more)

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Payback for my 13-year-old

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 19, 2011

As it happened, today was the day that I take my boys for their 'med-check' appointments. The therapist and also the woman able to prescribe medicine speaks to each boy to determine how things are going. Then, both boys head to the lobby and we talk about the boys and how things are really going.

After discussing my son's recent behavior, she said he's a teenager but he should not be disrespectful on a continuous basis. I explained my options and she suggested the following:

A) Have my son sit and watch my younger son enjoy his hour-long basketball/frisbee time with the trainer.... (more)

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Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

By Caballero_69, published on Mar 19, 2011

Dear Boys,

I believe you know I have long regarded the Winter Festival as a time for rest, recreation, reading and reflection. In the past few years, I have not honored this belief as well as I recall having previously done and as I resolve to do in the future. I believe, however, this is the first year of return to Winter Festival celebrations as they might and ought to be.

One of the readings I completed this season, is Promises to Keep by Joe Biden, To my delight, it proved to be a treasure trove of insights I could relate to and from which I could learn. One of these is Joe's... (more)

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Woof, Woof

By Frank - icare2be, published on Feb 6, 2011

...flows from him into me,For some unknown reason I am calmer,After I stroke, stroke,Patty, pat, patty, pat,Scratch, scratchety, scratch.

I like to pet my doggie.His big brown eyes expressing,Please, please, pretty please.His tail is wagging hither and fro.He brushes his body against my leg,Turns around and brushes the other leg.All the while the tail is waving like a flag.

I love to pet my doggie.

Originally written: February 21, 1996

This was written in memory of a dear little Sheltie named Robbie who lived with our family and loved us with allhis heart.


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Game Night

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 28, 2010

... While they may be in the same house, they are largely focused on their own activities of choice and spend little time actually doing things together. A lot of people blame it on the advent of computer gaming and gaming systems, but I am here to actually sing the praises of one such system as a family togetherness tool.

My kids got the Kinect system for the X-Box for Christmas. They were very excited for it and I have to admit I was intrigued by the whole gaming without controllers system as I am very hand/eye coordination challenged and have never actually played a video game that... (more)

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