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Candor of Robot Rancor

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 26, 2012

So, she believes, they are bent on the idea of staying on solid ground intellectually. Let it be. Their high and mighty algorithms create go-for-glory blips, making a distinguishable existence the only way to experience life (can simple blips allow any escape from the silliness of their stillness?)

Yes, that's the way she would create her little realities--independent entities that are actually dependent on each other for their uniqueness.

The simple taking of responsibility for an unknown future is surely bravery, right? It would make her brave. It could be her true contribution... (more)

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The Goddess of Instantiate

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 25, 2012

She scans theJungle as if an elderly woman watching silent from a rosewood staircase with focused concern, false power. She appears to herself, briefly, as one of the biobots positioned at theWorkstation.

Her monitors put on a show. It's the data that loves her the most. It always will.

Far into the future she will remain actively quiet, without prayer, authorized to run on her own with little interruption of self-instantiated loops and corrections--the most perfect of creatures.

Hers is the kind of data future generations will hold up to a celebrity light.

She amazes... (more)

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By Kire Sdyor, published on Feb 14, 2012

The SLIders I speak of are those who suffer from the psychic event known as street lamp interference, or SLI. Although now that I think about it, jumping through a hole in the multiverse where I could get a hamburger would be pretty good right now too. People who claim to be a SLIder find that they have strange effects on electrical systems. Street lights switch on or off when they walk beneath them, appliances turn on and off without being touched, light bulbs blow out when turned on, volume levels change on TVs, radios, and CD players. I know what your thinking. Kire, where can I get a... (more)

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Way Back Home

By Warlie Zambales Diaz, published on Feb 6, 2012

When darkness falls and all was lights so lonely,

A child left torn, yearning for mother’s song.

That grief within his heart will sojourn so long.

Yesterday’s laughter, he can recall merely.

For tomorrow he will face life solely,

In search of the lost home, where he belong,

Waiting for someone to lift him up along,

To feel the love he desire and smile truly.

What people see in him is a mask of mirth,

As after everyone leaves, fadeth to sorrow,

Disguising a lost soul against the cold.

And those lamping eyes hold pains... (more)

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Two Sisters, A Grandma, and Blessed Assurance

By Marcy Lynne, published on Feb 4, 2012

My sister and I were talking on the phone the other day and got to remembering the time we visited Grandma and sang hymns for her. She was close to a hundred years old at the time. Her body had grown frail, and her once sharp mind had weakened considerably. But she was still Grandma and she still knew exactly who we were. Obviously delighted to see us, her old eyes brightened at the prospect of company for the afternoon.

After my sister and I had reported briefly any news about our families and our lives, we soon ran out of conversation. So somebody got the idea to go to the organ... (more)

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The Counterfeit Compassion of Culture

By Thom Hunter, published on Jan 31, 2012

“Where is God? ...Go to Him when your need is desperate, when all other help is vain, and what do you find? A door slammed in your face, and a sound of bolting and double-bolting on the inside. After that, silence.”– C.S. Lewis, after the death of his wife.

God is omni-present; but it seems every now and then He is omni-absent. The sign on the door says "Gone Fishing," the lights are out, the doorbell dings in an empty room, the No Vacancy sign is on . . . drive on down the road . . . alone. Yes, I know that is not true; He never leaves me; He never leaves you. He’s right there.

... (more)

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What Should We Do About Doubt?

By Thom Hunter, published on Jan 11, 2012

Lord, I crawled across the barrenness to you with my empty cup uncertain in asking for any small drop of refreshment. If only I had known you better, I'd have come running with a bucket. -- Nancy Spielberg

I doubt if there is anyone who does not on occasion doubt. At least himself. I know the illustration: we don’t think about whether a chair is going to hold us up; we just sit. But I also know that sometimes we just miss the chair altogether and we’re on the floor in pain and it is just there: a chair. A mocking chair.

Rather than admit to doubt, some of us parade in false... (more)

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Post-Christmas loneliness

By Cielo, published on Dec 30, 2011

...precious memories; of gatherings at the old homestead these past few weeks; treasuring within my heart this yearning—this mystical longing as I see my children and the children of my children setting out on their journey back home.

This is the season of contrasts and thanksgiving, family times and gatherings, but also it is the season of parting and of deep loneliness for many people. It doesn’t matter how hard you hold onto the air you breathe, there is always an end to everything. And thus, I am back to the accustomed ways and my naked trees, gloomy days of the Old December ... (more)

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I used to be better than that.

By Betty B., published on Dec 27, 2011

... a problem because they got sick one year and he had to try to get his disability which he did after so long. I remember fishing with him and catching frogs when he was healthier. We used to run races together and I remember seeing daddy run. He would take us on trips to Indiana where all his family lived and we would go to family reunions after not seeing his family for a year at a time. He made sure he was down there each summer.

Well anyway with my children. We did do a lot together. We wrestled together we had fun on swing sets. I use to chase them around the yard. I was a... (more)

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Joy to the Broken

By Thom Hunter, published on Dec 24, 2011

...for a long time. No longer the little girl down the hall, Lauren traveled the world, lingered long in China and now works in a mental hospital where she is, no doubt, one of the cheeriest people any of the patients will see this Christmas. I was myself a little one once. One of four in our family. I remember a lot of Christmases. One stands out because it contained all the emotions and angst of which we are capable . . . and proved love to be the greatest of them all. We were living in a very cheap apartment in Lewisville, Texas, falling just a mile or two short of making ends meet.... (more)

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