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The Hipsters Guide to Being a Mom

By Selina Jane, published on Oct 30, 2009

I remember a time when people asked me if I wanted kids and my response was “I don’t know” or “not right now”. I had a great career, a hot little bod, a cute MINI Cooper, and an active social life.

And then… It happened!

I remember lumbering around in my newly pregnant body looking at the moms clucking like hens on my street, or drinking their coffee in the park and thinking “I’m not like them.” I just didn’t see myself in their shoes.

When my girls were born (yes “girls” - I had TWO at one time) it was the most amazing moment of my life. The first year was incredibly hard... (more)

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Interview with author Scott Gale

By Novel Noise, published on Oct 28, 2009


Scott Gale is an author and instructor at University of California Irvine. His passion is helping families communicate and re-connect in spite of today’s hectic lifestyle and increased demands. Scott’s new book, “Your Family Constitution: A Modern Approach to Family Values and Household Structure,” inspires readers to increase togetherness and progressively improve by leveraging clarity, consistency and commitment.

For more information on his book or to learn how to create your customized Family Constitution visit: 

or e-mail:sqale... (more)

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The holiday blues aren't so jolly

By ParentCoach, published on Oct 26, 2009

For many people the heightened expectations of holiday gifts and having to be jolly has the exact opposite affect.     While outwardly they smile and laugh,   many people go into deep depressions, during this time of the year, resulting in the highest suicide rates of any period.  

Here are 10 effective and powerful ways to eliminate the holiday blues,  reduce your stress level,  be  jolly and experience a joyful spirit.  

1.  Be grateful. Every day you wake up and go to sleep ask yourself the question,  "what am I grateful for in my life"?.   When one is grateful our fear's disappear... (more)

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Dad's First Driving Lesson

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 18, 2009

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, I’m thinking about my dad, whose 80 years old now but still going strong. When I look back at all of the milestones he took me through, I can’t help but recall the patience he exhibited with me over the years, most notably when he taught me how to drive a car.

Although I consider myself a good driver today at age 50, I had a very rocky start in the world of vehicle operation way back in the summer of 1974, when I turned 16. The school I attended didn’t have a driver’s education behind-the-wheel program, so my father tried to teach me himself, in... (more)

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What Do You Do?....................... When Death Askes You?

By Steven Lane, published on Apr 22, 2009

...And then the "kicker." About twenty minutes later my daughter did something she had never done before, She called and said, "Never mind the train, I'll just come down and pick you up." And, then and there, death's door was slammed shut, two to die were not to be, instead, two were returned to family.

So, what do you do, when you realize life has handed you two entry wristbands to the swimming pool of the living. Do you sell all your belongings and gift them to some worthy cause? Or travel to Tibet and explore your spirituality? Or is it, "I wasn't in the wrong place at the wrong... (more)

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On Becoming An Activist

By Edward, published on Jan 4, 2009

...a full-time day at wrenching so got a second job as a nighttime bag boy at the market.  Therefore, I dropped out of school.  I’d taken up smoking.  Didn’t have to worry about the draft as it was no more.  When I was 17, the casino hired me as a busboy.  There I met my wife when her family came in for a buffet.  She ended up pregnant so also dropped out of school.  I was now learning to be a casino dealer. 

My wife is now one of the ones losing their jobs in the closing of The Silver Club.  I’ve had several casinos just fold under me.  I’m at the Grand Sierra for... (more)

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