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Kisses From My Little Guru

By Barkha Dhar, published on Aug 3, 2010

... My little guru carefully watches our emotions as if his nascent mind could read between the lines. His catapulting grins and giggles are our priceless morning amusement. The little guru and his charming kisses are invaluable lessons to appreciate the love that god bestows on us in the form of a family.

Bathing him is certainly fun. My little guru leaves no stone unturned to splash water all over just to get me worked up. The moment I try to raise my voice to make him aware of his actions, he says mommy kiss. This sweet gentle kiss tells me that controlling excitement and forgetting... (more)

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Leaving a Judicial Footprint: California Family Law

By Rushgal, published on Mar 31, 2010

Most Americans are likely effected to some degree by family law, whether personally or through a friend, and probably unaware of the Elkin's Family Law Task Force. I recently addressed the Elkin's Family Law Task Force, a group appointed by the California Judicial Council to review family law proceedings and recommend proposals that will increase access to justice, ensure due process, and provide for more effective and consistent rules, policies, and procedures. Conducted in the formal Judicial Council Conference Room, it was intimidating. Nervous and limited to three minutes, my voice was... (more)

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My Story

By taking off the mask, published on Mar 27, 2010


year after year

how things got so bad

and how people turned out

all the bruises

the touching

a penny for one of my thoughts?

you'd go broke

and the way I spent my time

the lies that were told

considering the fact

my family lacks the knowledge who I am

in fact not to many people know

because I am so well masked

you can ask what you'd like

but the puzzle won't be complete

because my 2 small feet

have been through so many dark alleys

walked on broken glass

and... (more)

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It's just a scratch

By alan handwerger, published on Feb 1, 2010

...the Superbowl by five weeks.

Ben was doing fine; confined to a wheelchair for a few more weeks, but definitely on the mend.

My situation was somewhat more problematic, in particular the issue of whether or not my legs would heal sufficiently for me to walk again.

My entire family, nuclear and extended, had rallied to my bedside for six fear-filled weeks -- weeks through which they suffered while I slept the sleep of the drug-induced coma patient. Our friends and neighbors pitched in – filling our refrigerator, our oil tank, our bank account. I figured that the least ... (more)

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Sugar Cookie Memories of Grandma

By Anne Coleman, published on Dec 28, 2009

Sunlight through the little window draped with plain curtains dapples the chrome-edged kitchen table. A flour coated hand pushes back wisps of gray hair from a wrinkled forehead. The worn oilcloth floor crackles under foot. And the fragrance in the air ... Heaven. There is no memory more alive to me when I remove Grandma's recipe for Brown Sugar Cookies from its drawer than this one. Great-grandma was already very old when I was born - in her 80's - and my memories of her are few and fleeting, but that kitchen, and grandma ever-present and baking in it, are etched into my mind with a clarity... (more)

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Lifting the Rug

By Selina Jane, published on Dec 2, 2009

I grew up used to hearing my mother insult my father, used to my father cheating with his scantily clad secretaries, and then buying my mom diamond “shut up” gifts. My family wasn’t what you would call “normal”, even though every holiday card, family event, and public portrayal would say otherwise.

Smile Sandy. Pretend you have a loving family who doesn’t hide a closet full of skeletons and resent. Pretend that you know what it means to love someone.

And I did smile.

For a few years…

Until the corners of my mouth just wouldn’t go up anymore.

Every relationship... (more)

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The Latest Green Energy

By TheGuysPerspective, published on Nov 25, 2009

I learned something this past weekend. But let me back up for a second.

I’m always cold and I hate it. When summer turns to fall my house takes on a chill that doesn’t let up. It’s that time of year when the house is actually colder than it is outside. So while everyone’s enjoying the leaves as they’re turning every sort of shade and the kids head back to school, excited for bus rides and recess, I’m shivering in my house, wearing about four layers of clothes. But I refuse to turn on the heat. It’s too early and gas is expensive. And I’m cheap.

So imagine my utmost surprise this... (more)

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Are Your Parents Awesome?

By jaybetee, published on Nov 19, 2009

When I was a child, my parents were my heroes. As a teenager, I often viewed them as adversaries. As I became an adult, they became more like great friends. Once that happened, I learned more about who my parents really are and were before my sister and I popped into the picture. And, I came to realize--as I think most of us do--that they are, well, kind of awesome. Blogger Eliot Glazer had the same realization. In fact, he not only realized his parents were awesome, but that all of our parents were awesome too. To celebrate this fact, Glazer has created a photoblog called My Parents Were Awesome.

... (more)

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The Lost Years

By Selina Jane, published on Nov 6, 2009

Mom used to always tell me that husbands lasted about as long as a roll of toilet paper. She sort of robbed me of any romanticized view of marriage I might have had. Now on husband number five (Jack) she had successfully transformed herself from a loving, nurturing mom to a cold-hearted money-grubbing bitch.

It was cool in my junior years at high school being dropped off in a Rolls Royce or limo once in while. But it quickly became old; as did the increase in age of the men she wed.

I still remember the way she used to look at dad. We might not have had much, but we were happy.... (more)

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Youth Soccer Remembered

By alan handwerger, published on Oct 31, 2009

I was impressed by the turnout.  There had to be at least a hundred parents jammed into the elementary school cafeteria on a rainy Sunday afternoon trying to get their kids signed up for soccer.  No one even played soccer when I was growing up.  We played football in the fall.

 Not that I have anything against soccer, although, truth be told, I don’t really understand all of the rules.  I’d been meaning to learn. 

 “We’re short one assistant coach for the 7-8-year olds,” said the league president, spying over the top... (more)

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