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The Selfie is another form of Narcissism

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 22, 2014

... why not I?” was a common protest; my counter, “And if everyone is jumping off a cliff, why not you?”

On deeper reflection, I realized that they were probably right. Everyone wants to be noticed, so why not they? And in this info-crazed universe where the proverbial “15 seconds of fame” has shrivelled to the “nanosecond of screen time,” the selfie is a great way to attract attention, and the more bizarre and dishevelled you are in the picture, the better.

The media mentioned recently that our Toronto mayor (whose name need not be mentioned for his worldwide fame... (more)

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How to be Famous

By Ely North, published on Jul 3, 2013

...such a high level that being famous no longer requires skill, ability, or talent of any kind! All you need to be famous these days is an outrageous personality, a complete lack of shame, and a keen marketing sense. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started on the road to unmerited fame.

1) If it’s not already, turn your life into a twisted mangled train wreck, so bad that your underlying humanity is barely recognizable. Your life should become the kind of thing that people are ashamed to look at, yet can’t take their eyes off of. You could let yourself get... (more)

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It All Started With A Kiss

By Scorpion Sting, published on Jun 4, 2013

...The young lady wishes that I don't use her real name or her boyfriend's real name either. In fact, Jack and Dianne would like me to leave out the location as well. She claims that she has hit 4 out 5 of the criteria since the weekend in question involved sex, jail, money, and blood. The fame is something they wish to avoid. I told them not to worry since nobody reads my blogs too closely anyway. So, without further delay, I tell the story as it was e-mailed to me in the first person as told by Dianne.

"Jack came to my house on a sunny Saturday morning. We had plans to go to... (more)

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By Caballero_69, published on Jun 25, 2011


Some live in consecration to an ennobling creed.

Some clamor and grapple for an ever-increasing share.

Some calmly and contentedly take whatever proportion seems fair.

Some persist in a fevered quest for glory and find enduring shame.

Some persevere in the search for truth and win immortal fame.

Some live with cowardly equivocation and die a thousand deaths.

Some live with courageous integrity even to the point of dying.

Some only improve the world once they are finally gone.

Some build a splendid legacy that lives forever on.


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John L. Sullivan - The last champion

By M. Alan Gibson, published on Oct 1, 2006

...and the first great American sports idol. He was powerful, quick, could hit with either hand but had exceptional strength in his right, and could take punishment; He is considered still by some to be one of the best heavyweights ever. Sullivan was elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990". (unknown contributor).

"When people used to say"shake the hand which shook the hand which shook the hand of The Great John L." it really meant something. During his reign as heavyweight champion of the world from 1882-1892, and for many years thereafter, John L. Sullivan was... (more)

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