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Help me from taking someone's head off!

By Shari G, published on Jun 17, 2011 me on that. I just made a major decision in my job front and I will be cutting back on my income but the peace of mind that comes in other ways, is worth any amount of money! If you need to cancel them as clients, then you need to. You have to believe and know within your own heart, faith, belief (whatever you want to call it), that God, universe, mom (whomever) will provide for you. When your heart is in the right place and you are OPEN to receiving all of life’s blessings, you will always be taken care of. I repeat, OPEN to receiving.

Now let’s move on to the... (more)

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Ever Since September 11, 2001

By Frank - icare2be, published on May 29, 2011

The impact of the planes hitting the towers and the devastation that followed changed the perspective of multitudes of people and nations. The 9-11 disaster is one of this civilization's cornerstones in building a world united and at peace with each other. This event also created a pursuit for retribution or justice, a saga that continues even today.

Ever since Sept 11, 2001 I believe truth is a matter of perception. I deceive myself. You deceive me, sometimes even unintentionally. We, together deceive each other with our perceptions of truth. From these perceptions come our belief... (more)

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I Will Keep on Trucking

By Frank - icare2be, published on May 26, 2011

... untrusted.Next doctor or specialist please.Trucking down my road.

Medical records grow fastEven thicker than the family bible.Looking like a truck maybe needed.

Frustration germinates and springs to life.Even confusion reigns at times.Truck load of prayers sped on their way.

Faith carries the day.My days are numbered and known.To my Driver.

I am assured there is a reasonI travel this way and at this time.HE is driving my truck.

I share my journey.Others need to know the pathI will keep on trucking.

I lift my anxiety and worry. I lift my pain and... (more)

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Treasure Each Moment

By Frank - icare2be, published on May 17, 2011

Treasure each momentWhether good.Whether bad.Matters not.

Each a learning experienceStretching mind, body and soul.Each moment to be endured, Enjoyed and absorbed.

Each moment singularly precious a diamond or a pearl gathered ontothe strand of life.

Each moment changing othersand changing us.


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Where Am I Going?

By Frank - icare2be, published on Apr 11, 2011, And stay on course.

Where am I going?I know the way!I say "know" Because I am committed.

Commitment plus perseverence Equals achievement!I, like the tortoise, Slow, plodding, deliberate.

Where am I going?The way is here inside,The path unclear And full of danger.

It is strewn With pitfalls and brambles.It winds in and out

Of darkness,fog,and sunlight.It turns upon itself Confusing travelers.

I feel safe. I have faith. I will reach My destination!

It will be different Than I now see it.Yet, I am comfortable It will be MY Destination.


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He's the One! A Candidate With Courage Shows the Way

By Caballero_69, published on Mar 18, 2011

In 2010, David Koch, spent $250,000 on attack ads in a single week, to defeat him. Mr. Koch, incidentally, inherited his $17 billion fortune from his father. This fortune was made by helping to industrialize and arm the Soviet Union when it was America’s mortal enemy. Along with his brother, Koch is the owner of the second largest private company in the United States. This company, Koch Industries, is one of the top 10 air polluters in the United States and they have caused more than 300 oil spills and paid more than $35 million in pollution fines. Furthermore, Koch Industries received more... (more)

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What is Creation All About?

By Frank - icare2be, published on Feb 11, 2011

What is creation about?Why are we here?Questions, Questions, more Questions.

The answer is: The ChildrenYes, the children.It is a seed, beginning of a flower.IIt is the kitten, learning to walk and suckle.

Yes, the children. It is the children.I see them growing and wonder about tomorrow.I see the pain from mistakes of leaving home And remember mine.I see the love and want to give them all I have.

Yes, all the children.I see their pain and I want to hold them close, But I know they must learn.I see their choices and I feel prideWhen they are doing their very best.

... (more)

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A heart of Stone

By baynurse, published on Feb 8, 2011

Heart made of Stone

When you make a house out of cards,

The slightest of breezes can topple it

When you make a house of wood,

A fire can devastate in a flash.

A house made of stone can withstand

Both wind and flame without weakening.

A true heart with pureness in love

With unwavering conviction

Of what is truth and perfection

Could never be toppled or destroyed

It can only be strengthened

And fortified in its state

While it laughs at the pebbles of doubt

And smirks at the rocks of hate

She... (more)

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I Set My Foot Upon a Path

By Frank - icare2be, published on Feb 6, 2011

I set my foot upon my path,Sometimes knowing it is a beginning,Sometimes knowing the end draws nigh.

I set my foot upon a path,Sometimes running, other times walkingSometimes I stop to gather wool or ponder.

I set my foot upon my path,Sometimes alone,Sometimes together.

I set my foot upon the path,Sometimes the way is known,Sometimes the way unclear or I am lost.

I set my foot upon a path,Sometimes with trepidation,Sometimes with eagerness.

I set my foot upon your path,Sometimes, but rarely in anger,Sometimes, but always with love,

I set my foot upon... (more)

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The One Christian Altar

By Frank - icare2be, published on Dec 21, 2010

There is one Christian altar, For worship, adoration, and petitions.

O dear Lord, I come before you

Humbly, head bowed,And knees bent in worship.

I come forward slowly and meekly,To lay my petitions before you.

I come with my arms,Raised in praise and honor.

Annually, this Advent season,Is a time of anticipation,

And remembrance, Of the promise and realization.

The wondrous birth Of The Savior.

The Christians around the world,All turn towards Bethlehem.

All our hearts warm,At the songs sung heartedly.

Our minds open up,To... (more)

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