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Love is eternal

By Uttam Gill, published on Feb 23, 2012

Compulsion is not a bad word, rather over a time it is very liberally used as synonym to limitation. Compulsion as I read, is a very passionate need, it articulate our thoughts which in turn motivates us. The myriad setbacks in life cannot be potent enough, to subvert the instinctive feelings of love. To extricate from the arduous trail of debacles, one needs to liberate the mind from the shackles of stifling customs and belief.

Liberation is an elemental core of our existence. Always question the validity of tortuous happening and remember that no question ever chokes; it facilitates... (more)

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Remember Who You Are

By Thom Hunter, published on Feb 22, 2012

God is not human, that he should lie,

not a human being, that he should change his mind.

Does he speak and then not act?

Does he promise and not fulfill?

-- Numbers 23:19







Rinse and repeat?

For too many people, life has become an extended game of playground freeze tag. There they stand, scattered around like trees in winter, fixed and flash-frozen either as they have been proclaimed to be by someone more righteous, or as they in their brokenness project themselves to be,... (more)

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The Substance of Things Hoped For

By Sylvia Smith, published on Feb 8, 2012

...warrior - who loves those number 1's like nobody's business. They are up all over his Facebook page. He posts shots of his i-Phone screen at 1:11 and 11:11. Some days he has a penchant for 3's, but most of the time, it's all about the 1.

Love him.

Here's an 11:1 for you: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1.

We look for God's fingerprints on things. We know He's there because we can feel Him, we can smell His fragrance. We can feel the fine touch of His hand brushing softly across the fuzz on our cheek... (more)

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Two Sisters, A Grandma, and Blessed Assurance

By Marcy Lynne, published on Feb 4, 2012

My sister and I were talking on the phone the other day and got to remembering the time we visited Grandma and sang hymns for her. She was close to a hundred years old at the time. Her body had grown frail, and her once sharp mind had weakened considerably. But she was still Grandma and she still knew exactly who we were. Obviously delighted to see us, her old eyes brightened at the prospect of company for the afternoon.

After my sister and I had reported briefly any news about our families and our lives, we soon ran out of conversation. So somebody got the idea to go to the organ... (more)

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Spiritual Abuse: Darkness You Can Feel

By Thom Hunter, published on Feb 3, 2012

...wasn't really a very long tunnel, but the one you are going through at the moment is always the longest.

I could feel that darkness.

Years ago, when I first began writing this blog, I wrote a lot about my personal journey through sexual brokenness: the double-life wherein I was unfaithful to my wife through homosexual encounters, disappointing to my children, deceptive to my friends and brothers and sisters, unrepresentative of my faith, distrusting of Christ's strength in me, deafened to the Holy Spirit, going my own way, seemingly hopelessly tied to a pursuit of... (more)

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A friend

By Cielo, published on Feb 3, 2012

...don’t usually go out to the garden when is this cold and gloomy; but today I really needed to see him. So I went out to find him.

A little idea kept tugging at my heart strings as I was strolling around the garden—so disheveled and lonesome during this time of year. How could I let faith and hope put that spark back into my life? A little bit of that whimsy and magic?

It was then that I spotted the old stone I’d brought home with me a couple of summers ago from one of our summer outings. Such a heavy stone this was; and so uprooted to the ground, we almost gave up.... (more)

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And Still We Try to Reason Why

By Thom Hunter, published on Jan 29, 2012

It’s okay to question why.

It’s okay to even cry.

Don’t ever hesitate to try.

God will answer; He won’t lie.

There’s no answer He won’t know.

There’s no place He will not go.

There’s no path He will not show.

God will answer; He loves you so.

No question lies within your mind.

That God cannot in love unwind.

That’s how we’ve all been so designed.

To seek from Him what we can’t find.

In His answers lies our peace.

In His words, we find release.

Our search can end, our troubles cease.

It all... (more)

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Rebirth of Born Again - The death and life of faith

By D. Sager, published on Jan 19, 2012

Spiritual. More specifically, christian. Even more precise, Born Again Christian. These were my labels, my cult, my passion. It sounds good, it sounds right, but the reality was not so cut and dry. It wasn't right, because I wasn't. I had to lose my faith, get put through a hell on earth called divorce, burn in the fires of addiction, be put on the cross of heartache and betrayal. I had to lose everything to find the real me. Not the me created by the fan club of a very generic “God”, but the me that is reality. Only as I went through those fires did the impurities of my fake belief come to... (more)

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The Faith

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 11, 2012

... taunt me.

Apocalyptical warnings make e shudder

In the bottomless pit of dreary dark uncertainties

I am falling and yelling to escape

From the ashes, I wish to rise

Hands offering to lift me up

Steering restlessness into the calm corollary

I know now, that I have the supporting threads

I have with me now the hands, which hold me

Yes, the time which took away, has now given me back

I have with me the gains of my lost time

I know now, that I have the reason to smile

I have with me the faith from dusk to dawn


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What Should We Do About Doubt?

By Thom Hunter, published on Jan 11, 2012

... most of us might have lived through as dashed hope he died to as devastation. His forced-open eyes would fill with tears of anguish. He definitely needed some doubt. I haven't seen him in many years, but I "doubt" he is as certain of everything as he used to be. Some might say my friend had faith. But the presence of faith is not the absence of doubt. Faith is based on a belief in hope. It involves assurance . . . and trust. This friend lived on assumption, not assurance. A little too much "it'll be all right," and a little too little "what will be will be." He had no faith to... (more)

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