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Inside Your Heart

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 16, 2012

Take me to that hidden place in your heart

Deep within where sorrow lingers

The sun does not shine

Still in vastitude

Hope abides

Calling your name

Gently stroking your un-scared heart

Love keeping the embers burning

A pure flame gifted within....

In this clandestine abode

Where you retreat from

All worries, all troubles, all sadness

Let me lay bare myself

To open my soul to hold you

When the pain and weariness

Become too much

Let me transcend this and sit inside

This... (more)

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England Turns to the Dark Side

By Anastasia , published on Dec 11, 2012

...religion as Jedi compared to over 330,000 light sabre wielders ten years ago. Master Yoda, noting the trend, said “Concerning, this is. Look for the Sith Lord, we must.”

Yes, indeed, the trend is alarming, though it is encouraging to note that Jedi still tops the “alternative faith” stakes, only behind Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism in popularity. They are well ahead of the true Dark Knights, the Satanists, who managed a mere 1,893 adherents, and the Scientologists, with only 2,418 Thetans. My, my, that's all, despite Tom Cruise.

But the prophet... (more)

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I Believe

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 1, 2012

...always to focus on the positive and seldom will mention any problems I have had in life. The reason my vision was effected is because many years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Over 30 years later, you would not know this if we met, as I have been very blessed and I know my faith has kept me strong. I was just ending my marriage when I found this out. I had gone to the MS Clinic for two years while they studied me...First it was possible MS...then probable MS...then definite MS...and yes, I was very scared what life would be like. I had three children to raise, and... (more)

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You Will be Blessed

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 21, 2012


Chaos of life will never

Steal and tarnish

With false beliefs...

You will be blessed...

Let this be your hunger

Un-quenched by the madness

Of material longings and things

May your gift be purity of heart

Your longings lived in faith...

You will be blessed ...

Feel the enfolding of your heart

Upholding you in your joy

Also your understood ache

You will know abundant love

Your heart will heal...

You will be blessed ...

Your life is not

An easy journey

... (more)

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Sharing the good through Goodhism.

By SteveCrowhurst, published on Sep 9, 2012

As a keynote speaker I travel many miles and that means I spend a good deal of time in taxi cabs where you can always engage in light conversation with the cab driver. This as you know, happens in every city in every country, even if you don't speak the native tongue you can have a good ole chat by nodding, waving hands, pointing and laughing. Memories of me in the back of a cab in Cairo and the answer to every question I asked was... you got it, "Yes." The taxi ride I always remember is this one when the taxi driver asked me about God.

Enroute to Toronto airport the cab driver... (more)

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The Power Of Surrender

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Aug 24, 2012

...have all the answers, often because we are only seeing this from our own point of view. This is when I normally will allow myself to surrender. Putting trust in being given the answer when the time is right. It can be very hard to do, but somehow it gives me peace to let go and just have faith in being shown the way. Another aspect to this is opening yourself to "hear" , "know", "recognize" when you are given direction. Surrendering to being yourself, knowing yourself, believing and trusting in your own courage to deal with any burdens which life can bring you... For myself... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 19, 2012

Standing firmly on

the jagged edge of

stained boulder ...Contemplating the

eye of the storm

churn the mouth of oceanic neptunium

in front of me...I am like that

rain drenched



rising to touch the stars

I will not wait

for rainbows...

I will love the rain...

" A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning."


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~~~Pray Tell~~~

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jun 29, 2012

~~~PRAY TELL~~~ If I should come here,

And watch you drenched in the rain

Will you sing for me?

Will you echo the sentiments

Of my beating heart?...

Will you hold me when I

Need the caress of comfort

When a dream dies

When life knocks me

To my knees?...

Do you know the courage

It takes for me to even

Let you touch my joy

And sorrow...

It is real

Opened and broken by


Always Hopeful

That a new day

Brings the beauty

Of rebirth

Of unspoken... (more)

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Turning Negative To Positive

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jun 21, 2012 what has always kept me sane ( well most of the time...LOL.) This being said..., I try to welcome my challenges. I do say try because I am only human and certainly not perfect. I find that with time, I usually can reflex and figure out the lesson within. When it is hard to hold on to faith in these times... have faith in yourself and know that it will all work out in the end. Whatever you are given, you will also be given the strength to handle it. We are all born with everything we need to be happy and fulfilled. It is within our own hearts. The question then is " Will you ... (more)

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Lead Us Not Into Confusion

By Thom Hunter, published on May 28, 2012

... what we know is God's plan.

Christians are not called to be set-apart for the sake of convenience. We should not pick and choose what stands we take based on the response we might get. Why invite the complications of bent belief? Things are either true or they are not. Should we negotiate faith in God's Word based on the pain of the process of following it?

Little boys and little girls will make wide-sweeping decisions of all kinds based on whether they have been taught that truth is truth all the time or truth is truth when called upon to support our application of it. How... (more)

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