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Stand for Justice

By Caballero_69, published on Jul 27, 2013

Where justice is denied,

Ignorance and enmity prevail.

Where one group is oppressed,

Every group must face travail.

Many yearn for peace

With a pure and sincere desire

But unless they also fight for justice

True peace has no chance to transpire.

When the presumptions of some

Degrade or malign any

People and their property are endangered,

Be they the few or the many.

Where a youth is wrongly suspected

Bigotry runs wild.

When a vigilante pulls the trigger,

He executes a child.

When... (more)

Tags: justice, law, failure, white, history, hope, black, protest, duty, ideals, citizens, struggle, renewal, trayvon

A Valentinian Heart

By XanthusKidd, published on Feb 14, 2012

The house was cursed with the clamor of an unceasing silence. Dark, dreary shades hung in the windows, and the thin reflections of the leafless trees danced with the wind. The branches creaked and a light mist clung to the bleak surroundings. Soundlessly, the passersby watched the lamps slowly extinguish as the fixtures burned through their meager ration of oil.

In the house was a man. Dressed in dark garb and prepared for a sleepless night, the man watched as the flame struggled against the thick, oppressive air. The smoke from the fire draped itself over him like a misty cloak, permeating... (more)

Tags: valentine's day, night, failure, prose, dreary, dark, st. valentine

Forgive The Day

By Inmyredhead, published on Nov 19, 2011

This morning the alarm clock just whispered to me in my dreams. Softly calling to me through grey scale beams.

I did not stir. That this day already be over with, I did prefer.

The sun is black and I can not find the hope. I try my hardest to reach it, but I can not grasp the rope.

Earthbound I remain, drowning in this rain.

I just need a bright shiny gleam to light my way- but I suppose I must first forgive the day.

I just need to know a promise can be kept... tears of joy can be wept.

I need to smile ear to ear. I need to be bold and show no fear.

... (more)

Tags: failure, hope, day, forgive

Deception from the White House?

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 16, 2009

What do the following Congressional Districts have in common?

Arizona 9th District Arizona 86th District Connecticut 42nd District U.S. Virgin Islands 1st District U.S. Virgin Islands 99th District Northern Mariana Islands 69th District Northern Mariana Islands 99th District Puerto Rico 99th District

According to the U.S. Government website, these districts all received Federal Stimulus money from the Obama Administration which in turn saved or created jobs as promised by His Royal Highness, Barack Obama. The website was created as a part of HRH Obama’s promise to make... (more)

Tags: obama, politics, economics, stimulus, failure, congressional districts

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