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Quand le geek devient social

By yael, published on Nov 5, 2007

...vous-en souvenez-vous? On a eu ensuite la personnalisation de la page d'accueil Google puis Yahoo et les autres. Ensuite la révolution YouTube qui a finalement été si courte, que j'ai l'impression de regarder YouTube sur mon écran 101' HD depuis des siècles. En Mai 2007 Facebook voit le jour, puis Twitter et les autres plateformes sociales et depuis quelques mois je me retrouve avec une demi-douzaine de sites à visiter tous les matins, midis et soirs. Résultat 3 heures par jour minimum à passer sur les fiches de mes potes à lire des infos qui n'auraient... (more)

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HiddenTalent And/Or Suppressed Talent

By rockshow63, published on Sep 28, 2007

...that good,but that was just me...sometimes. But I chose to give it up and try parenting. What I didn't KNOW was that I didn't quit art ,I past it on in my genes. My kids have some of the same abilities as I do. I have dug up some of my old sketches and posted them on and on my Facebook page.I feel I had some potential, but to tell you the truth I have that same feeling now about my singing,even more so. When I learned chess I thought it was fun but kinda boring. That was until I began to focus on how to play.Now I am and will always be a formidable opponent for anyone. I... (more)

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BrooWaha Facebook Application Has Arrived!

By Ariel, published on Jul 7, 2007

Sharing your BrooWaha articles with your Facebook friends is now a just a click away with the fully integrated BrooWaha application. With the BrooWaha application, your profile will automatically post your most recent articles for all your friends to see. Now you can show the world your stuff, and get your friends to be a part of YOUR Citizen Newspaper! Just click the following link to install it: Add the BrooWaha plugin now! (more)

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Lessons to Learn in College

By Stephanie Michele, published on May 29, 2007

The following paragraph is posted on the University of Southern California’s website: “Special note to Employers: Recently the National Association of Colleges and Employers reported that a significant percentage of employers are using social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace to screen potential candidates. The USC Career Planning & Placement Center strongly discourages this process. As an employer participating in on-campus events, we expect you will provide a clear explanation of your selection process to potential candidates. If you consider the content of a Facebook or MySpace... (more)

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Facebook: has Mark Zuckerberg lost his mind?

By Ariel, published on Sep 14, 2006

After public apologies from Mark Zuckerberg about the News Feed feature of Facebook, now announce that they are going to open the website to everyone, hence dropping the admission policy that made the website so popular: students, and students only. And once again, the users are growling. It's the second time in about 2 weeks that Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, faces fierce criticism from the 9 million users of his social directory. On September 5th, Facebook users logging in to their favorite website were welcome by a strange page showing the latest activity of all... (more)

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My Face, Off-Book (Part 2)

By the expat returned, published on Oct 22, 2018

... to spend an afternoon removing my name from photos I didn’t like while waiting for my “friends” to get around to removing them. I ultimately had to go to the extreme party-pooper level of picking up other people’s cameras and deleting photos of me that I didn’t want to appear on Facebook. I felt trapped in an insane new reality: my image no longer belonged to me. It was being used by others as content for their vanity web pages.

Let’s get one thing clear: I am not shy and love to smile for the camera. That being said, I believe that my image and reputation are... (more)

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