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Green Envelope Campaign Launched To Free Roxana Saberi

By Andreas Klamm, published on May 8, 2009 is requested to participate the international 1,000.000 Green Envelope Campaign To Free Roxana Saberi.

What else people might do to free the innocent journalist Roxana Saberi?

Call the representatives by phone or sign one of many petitions such as on Facebook or on and many other places around the world.

A massive worldwide coalition is needed to FREE Roxana Saberi and there is no single doubt, the journalist Roxana Saberi and her family is in need of our help.

More details can be found on... (more)

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Facebook Foibles

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 28, 2009

I'm new to Facebook, so I don't understand all of the little nuances, but I can already see thatthe whole Facebook experience isgoing to present some problems for me.

For instance, I am friends with a lot of people on Facebook who I really don't even know. Sometimes they put something interesting up there, and I am compelled to comment. But, when I do, I'm sure they're saying, "Who the hell is this person?" "I'm a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend....." is how I want to reply, sounding even dumber and making the situation even more ludicrous.

Then, I have... (more)

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Who Is Big Brother?

By margate, published on Feb 23, 2009

...which always ran off the margins when my school paper was due, and on to learning clunky DOS commands on our first IBM. That blinking cursor taunted me every time I booted up the old “machine,” daring me to type the wrong command. The younger generation can barely fathom a world without Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and on and on... I remember when only my parents and the government knew my social security number! Because the younger generations are steeped in what gifts technology has brought us, we have very different views of privacy.

An incident occurred last week that really... (more)

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Snail Mail

By sanjanakumar, published on Jul 20, 2008 they feel you will like that represents the place where they are visiting and writing a quick note to let you know they are thinking of you. Nowadays, the only times I receive handwritten cards are either for my birthday, thank you notes or holiday cards. With email, instant messenger, facebook, etc there is no reason to send a handwritten note to someone. I even pay my bills online. The only time I actualy write a check is once a month and that is for my rent. I don't even have to put postage on the envelope because there is a drop box right in the lobby. Postage has become a... (more)

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A Lovely Revelation

By Justin, published on Jun 30, 2008

...There it sat, the holy grail of my life, right in front of my eyes, her Internet life. Much to my self loathing right now, I began to search. Nothing of interest, Internet sales from American Eagle Outfitters were scattered throughout, nothing too big of a deal. So I then logged into her Facebook account, again nothing. So I began to close out the window, when I checked the Sent Items folder. There it laid, herself in a bra and panties, the email to some kid in a rival school.

I sat again, slowly rocking backwards in my chair, thinking. Should I say anything? She would hate me... (more)

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Conditions Of The Avatar Age, Pt Ib: Icons, Eye Candy, Iam?

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jun 12, 2008

...etc, we come into contact with the relationship our avatar has to others and to their doubles, and we often slip behind the mantle we have created for ourselves to perform along pre-defined lines, using certain language, making certain references, and now doing allotted actions per facebook such as "poking," which now define certain mores and modes of interaction previously unknown.

How does this affect who we are when we return to the topic, ie, "real"/physical space? As many of us have long been familiar with Gamers, both those of the new online variety but also... (more)

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It's Just The Internet, Right?

By Christopher Gibson, published on Jun 1, 2008 you to find a job, sell that couch you just can’t stand anymore, or even find somebody to trade or barter items or services with.

The internet is also full of places where people gather to come together to share their common interests and help others. Websites like MySpace and Facebook allow people to show the world who they are and help reunite long lost friends. There are also thousands of forums devoted to everything from scrapbooking to motorized bicycles.

The majority of the people that frequent the internet forums and such are usually civil and courteous,... (more)

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History Was Made On March The 1st 2008.

By aussiekeith, published on Mar 17, 2008


As you see by this, you will see who is sending you mail and can identify always as any other mail maybe spam. Then you can black list this email if you find it to be spam.

So if I sign up for face book, then I would use

Furthermore it is easy to import the Earth Mail 2.0 into, Thunderbird, Outlook Express or Outlook. I really believe we have a winner here, as I used this system for 3 month, before March 1st 2008 and never recieved, no spam email.

If you would like ... (more)

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Le Paris Freeze

By Lyn, published on Mar 15, 2008

Le Freeze est finalement arrivé samedi dernier à Paris, le 8 Mars à 14h00 officiellement orchestré par Charles Nouyrit et en faisant connaître l'événement via notamment à Facebook, l'outil de connection sociale que je ne présente plus.

Ce concept américain provenant de l'Outre Atlantique a été créé après la constatation que les gens de nos jours étaient trop "speed". L'on ne prend apparemment pas le temps de vivre à notre rythme et l'on désirerait être... (more)

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Don't Disrupt My Routine

By Dan Maxwell, published on Feb 6, 2008

...done to hand in. So today I got to this class with only about three minuets to spare (instead of the previously mentioned ten), and what do I find? Some jackass has swiped my oasis by the window… furthermore; it’s an jackass I know! He knows I sit there, we’re friends on Facebook for Christ’s sake! We’ve had classes and conversations together on loads of occasions. And now, not only has he disrespected me in the sense that he ignored the territory that I had proverbially marked by occupying for three weeks, but he has disrespected my routine, my whole... (more)

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