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Integrating your marketing cohesively

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 18, 2011

...and consider the idea of having Rebecca Ryan, a Search Marketing and Keyword Research & Tools expert and Liana “Li” Evans a Search & Social Media Marketing expert, award winning author of the social media marketing book entitled "Social Media Marketing: Engaging Strategies for Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media," and adjunct professor for Rutgers University's Mini MBA Program teach you to dance or better yet, choreograph “winning Social Media Marketing strategies, integrated with Search marketing, link-building, community-building and content creation.”

... (more)

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A Date Whether You Want One Or Not

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 17, 2011

Gotham Dating Partners, an online dating site with outlets such as Dons and Divas and Marry Me First, intends to use public information on sites such as Facebook to create new dating profiles for non-registered users. The company, established in January 2010 in New York, by Aaron Fraser currently has over 6 million registered users. The company is the parent of online footwear company LeBron Jordan, which earlier this year faced potential trademark infringement concerns.

The company plans to use any and all public information it can gather to create around 340 new dating profiles for... (more)

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Are You Talking To Me?

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 4, 2011 each other out loud was just something that wasn't done. I wondered how many of them were actually texting each other as they sat across from one another.

More and more I find that people are spending time actually talking less and less. They spend their time texting, posting to Facebook, contacting people via email. Conversations are short and superficial. There's no way to really know how someone is doing. How they are truly feeling. I've also had people tell me that once they've started communicating via the Internet or various devices and they go back to talking to... (more)

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shrtn lets consumers earn money while sharing links

By BusinessLife, published on Dec 9, 2010

Twitter and Facebook users are familiar with URL shorteners, the web tools that turn long and unwieldy links into short, shareable ones. Now, reports that Bristol-based shrtn is adding to that concept by helping social media users earn some extra cash while sharing product links.

Like other shorteners, shrtn has a simple interface that lets users enter long URLs, which are then shortened to something like (linking, in this case, to Steven Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From). The big difference with other services is that shrtn has signed up with... (more)

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Cool Chick and The Girl

By Yvonne de la Vega, published on Nov 12, 2010

Cool Chick & the GirlPart One: Instant Messaging

When I get home, first thing I doI go online click on my Boo,He loves his cool chickher satyrical view,"hey baby hey baby what's up nothing, you?"And we just go on till well after 2and we laugh like you laugh when online. I got a cold Rolling Rock and MentholsBobtails cats on waterfallsof satin wheremy pillows call my name...But here he is,and beautiful,sending words in chamomile,with honey likea salve for Mondays flame..Then it's time for disconnection,sad I cannot add inflection,yet our exchange is still perfection,when his wordsrecall... (more)

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3 Facebook Fails

By Glenn T, published on Oct 6, 2010

At present, there are two kinds of people in this country: people who use social media, and the incontinent. The age (or otherwise) excused from reliable bladder control notwithstanding, first MySpace and now Facebook have become as ubiquitously a part of our life as cell phones, DVDs and, unfortunately, Justin Bieber. This development means that the same internet which originally purported to be able to connect us all, is finally doing just that. And once we finally ditched the glitter-gasm spam-fest that MySpace devolved into (and left it for the tweens, permanently "aspiring"... (more)

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Social Media: What Is It? PART THREE:

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 19, 2010

... it take before I see some results from my social media efforts?

Like any business, it takes time to be discovered by your target market with all of the various communication vehicles driving into their world on a moment-to-moment basis. If it's not already, make sure links to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and blog pages are all easily accessible on the home page of your website. Also, consider including these web addresses on your company business cards on the back. Again, keep focus on using social media in any and all social occasions that take place in the course of... (more)

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Does fault matter if you alienate a fan?

By Libdrone, published on Sep 12, 2010

...links. Indeeed, based on his track record I had gotten to the point that I almost Alwasy follow any link that Barry posts, since my experience has been that it will be well-chosen and useful information on the other end. So this morning Barry tweeted about an interesting discussion on his Facebook page about why people who don't even own a passport are so insistent that the US is the greatest country out there. It sounded interesting to me so I clicked the link. And found myself NOT in the discussion Barry described, but on Barry's public page with a big Add As Friend button up top, ... (more)

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My Face, Off-Book (Part 3)

By the expat returned, published on Jul 29, 2010

I’m Out

One morning over coffee I went to read my wall posts. Two items caught my eye: one a prayer, the other a flyer for a gay S&M party. I decided to shut down my Facebook page. I posted a message on my wall to let everyone know I was leaving, and I wrote private messages to people I’d recently met to be sure I had everyone’s real contact information – address, phone number, the old fashioned stuff. Strangely, I was nervous about leaving Facebook, and some of my friends’ responses confirmed my own vague impression that I was about to perform the social equivalent of... (more)

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To be or not to Blog?

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Jul 16, 2010

...that I want to see less of them.


I want to see you savor your thoughts. Turn ‘em about in your head. Don’t blurt the first witty thing that comes to your head out IMMEDIATELY. “Damn, that toothpaste cap sure came off quickly. LMAO”

Mobile for your Facebook? I’m sure as hell glad I’m not the one sitting across from you at the dinner table while you reply to John’s comment on Rebecca’s joke on Aaron’s quiz on what country best suits his personality. It must be terribly pressing, all those people, waiting in anticipation for what you have ... (more)

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