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Which Eyelash Option is best for you - Lash Tints & More

By barbara mory, published on Oct 19, 2013

... span of few weeks.

Cons of eyelash serums:

The eyelash serums do not give you instant results like the extension. You need to put the serum daily to get the results. Some of these products have potential side-effects like red eyes, dryness, rashes, itchiness and increase in brown pigment of eye. However, these side effects are caused in less than four percent people.

After discovering some of the best options to enrich the eyelashes, you can choose the best one yourself. Read more reviews to get the best eyelash enhancers that give you naturally darker looking lashes.


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Easy Ways to Get Full, Long, Glam Lashes Without Faking It

By AndreaMoore, published on Sep 19, 2013

...come under an eyelash curler. Hold them for not more than 3 seconds. Otherwise it will crimp the lashes rather than curling them. Curl it in 3 sections- From the base, middle of the lashes, lastly from the tip of the lashes. To separate the lashes apply good quality mascara.

2. Eyelash enhancers – Longer eyelashes enrich the beauty of women. But instead of using fake lashes to enhance the beauty it is good to use an eyelash enhancer. But make sure that you choose a natural eyelash enhancer. It comes in a liquid form and is applied to the lashes like the mascara. It is an easy... (more)

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