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Saving the planet one soul at a time

By Skipper, published on Jan 20, 2012

...aspects of the environment that the organism interacts with in some fashion. What this means is that if species A needs exactly the same things as species B, the two organisms with compete with each other, and the “superior” species will outcompete the other and eventually force it into extinction. So for any two species you care to observe, there has to be something different about their needs for both to share the same habitat.

Another principle involves the grow of species in the absence of controlling factors (i.e. predation, lack of food, breeding habitat). When not... (more)

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Andaman Tribe Exterminated: Last Member Dies

By survivalint, published on Feb 4, 2010

...decimated, were lucky to live in their forest away from the settlers who now occupy much of the Islands. Survival International’s director Stephen Corry said today, “The Great Andamanese were first massacred, then all but wiped out by paternalistic policies which left them ravaged by epidemics of disease, and robbed of their land and independence. “With the death of Boa Sr and the extinction of the Bo language, a unique part of human society is now just a memory. Boa’s loss is a bleak reminder that we must not allow this to happen to the other tribes of the Andaman Islands.”


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