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Whistling Dixie

By Anastasia , published on Mar 1, 2013

Barack Obama has seen fit to lecture us benighted Brits on the value of the European Union. I have only one observation: I do so wish that he would stick to his own Union and not ours. Does he not have troubles enough on his doorstep? Perhaps he might care for a few helpful tips on managing his own affairs? Would he welcome such a thing? I rather think not.

He's a bit worried, you see, by Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposed in out referendum on British membership of our less perfect Union. His administration has gone so far as to ‘warn’ (good word) our government against secession.... (more)

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Waiting for a Hero

By Anastasia , published on Nov 27, 2012

... of the benighted European taxpayer.

I dare say things are much worse now. There is so much about this venal and corrupt organisation that simply never comes to light, so much about the waste of its bloated bureaucracy. I was interested to note, though not at all surprised, that the European Union’s (EU) own auditors have refused to sign off on its accounts for the past eighteen years.

For me the EU, aside from the ever present challenge to the integrity and sovereignty of my nation, means one thing – waste. But it’s not just waste; it’s a total disregard for the... (more)

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They Are Coming

By Anastasia , published on May 13, 2012

... Greek politics, securing less than one percent of the vote the last time round.

Kaiadas and Golden Dawn is a sign of the times, said the mayor of Salonika. They certainly are; a sign of the European times, a sign of Greek anger at the austerity programme imposed at the diktat of the European Union, a sign of the madness that has arisen from monetary union. It’s a consequence of the arrogance of the politicians and bureaucrats who govern the destiny of Europe, who believed that national electorates could be ignored and sidestepped with impunity.

Greece, sinking ever deeper... (more)

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Europe’s Coming Crisis

By Anastasia , published on Dec 13, 2011

Are you following events in Europe, the slow motion death of democracy? Yes, that’s what’s happening, all part of the continuing attempt to stabilise the troubled euro, all part of an attempt to restore the confidence of the financial markets in the benighted single currency.

The latest proposal, one that Britain opted out of, is to introduce more centralised control over the tax and spending decisions of the individual members of the euro-zone, some seventeen in all at present. European leaders, in their boundless wisdom, have suddenly discovered that one cannot have monetary union... (more)

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No to No Day

By Anastasia , published on Nov 3, 2011 now in its final act, bodies strewn across the stage, the chorus wailing in the background. Of the prologue I said over a year ago on another news blog that there was a wonderful, almost divine irony in the fact that Greece, of all places, turned out to be the Achilles' Heel of the European Union, the weak spot that may in the end lead to the death of the whole mad project of a one-size-fits-all currency.

And so it has proved. For weeks now one crisis summit of European leaders has followed hard upon another, the intervals between them getting shorter and shorter, the smiles ... (more)

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Europe and the Death of Democracy

By Anastasia , published on Jul 27, 2011

...wounded?”, Larry Sidentop asked in an article published in the July issue of Prospect (A crisis of belief). I hope so, Larry, I certainly hope so. I would like to update Voltaire’s observation about the Holy Roman Empire, that it was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire. The European Union is neither European nor a union. Rather it’s the most awful hybrid, something that might very well have been created on the island of Doctor Moreau.

There they were, those ‘idealists’, the politicians and bureaucrats who tortured this creature into existence, determined that... (more)

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Achilles Lies Bleeding

By Anastasia , published on Jun 21, 2011 on credit, endlessly beyond their means. Imagine American tax payers working until they are seventy to ensure that Guatemalans can retire at fifty. Do you think this is a nightmare? Well, then look across the Atlantic to see it in reality, look not at my chimera but at the real life European Union.

Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy, on the verge of defaulting on what is called sovereign debt, the liabilities falling to the state. The euro, the currency of a good bit of the European Union (not Britain, thankfully) is on the verge of collapse. President Nicholas Sarkozy of... (more)

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