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Get serious about the drug epidemic!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 19, 2012

Today, I was sent out on a report. A drug sighting. The police were given the information however the person was giving over the details so it was on the drug hunt we went.

I was meeting someone at the carpark, at the start of the drug run. It wasn't until we had travelled a couple of blocks around in cycles. So that they hadn't seen us that I noticed that the information was correct. I had hit the jackpot. Yet it had just been an hour and traffic was busy.

Switch the phone on and away they went. When you think this is happening all over the world it is frightening. That... (more)

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Exams and Tests Cheating is Epidemic in Schools

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Oct 21, 2010

Cheating is a disease that is found among ordinary people and students. The latter have improved and even made it an art that is transmitted from students generation to generation. Cheating happens especially in course units that are more complex. So, as public universities prepare to begin their monthly test, the novices and pros at cheating are gearing up before they venture into the examinations halls. Expert students in cheating use different tactics.

Students tend to justify cheating with claims of difficult and compulsory questions. In this way, they agree to use a syndicate system,... (more)

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