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Another Smoke Screen for California

By Ed Attanasio, published on Oct 11, 2007

...should be able to designate a certain area within their establishment for smoking if they want to. California already screws with bar and nightclub owners enough as it is – a smoking ban is just another way to exert further control over them in an already over-regulated business environment. Now California is passing a law that prohibits people from smoking in a vehicle where kids are present. I have mixed feelings about that one as well. A courteous smoker can roll down the window and blow the smoke out into the already smoggy atmosphere and easily spare his or her child the... (more)

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In Case of Katrina

By Credo, published on Oct 8, 2007

...customers). It is a shame that insurance companies have taken money from millions of people for home and business insurance and many people have paid the insurance companies their entire lives with no incident or mishap of any kind, and yet they are homeless, and displaced from their natural environment (scattered across these United States). It would be interesting to see how the Louisiana Supreme Court system rules on these most grievous issues and how they will explain their rulings to the victims of Katrina/ insurance companies. Insurance Monopoly, Is It a Money Confiscating Scheme?... (more)

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Fergies Auctions Off a Hummer

By Ed Attanasio, published on Sep 10, 2007

...On the Edge yesterday, singer Fergie is selling her gas-guzzling sport utility vehicle and has promised to donate all the proceeds to the Global Green USA organization. A lot of people are praising her for doing her part, but my question is -- if Fergie was really that concerned about the environment, why on earth did she purchase a Hummer in the first place? More likely, she realized that she was tired of paying $85.00 to fill it up every time she drove down to Rodeo Drive and back. The star has placed her 2005 Hummer H2 vehicle on auction website eBay, where bidding currently stands ... (more)

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I Sing in the Shower. I could Probably Do It.

By Gary Schwind, published on Sep 6, 2007

...San Francisco, but beyond that it’s all just little main street towns and lots of national parks. It’s kind of like here where you can ski in the morning and surf that evening. There’s mountains and beaches in pretty close proximity. They’ve got a very (pause) environmental demeanor there I guess. They’ve got a lot of parks and places to camp out and a lot of beautiful scenery, a lot of subtropical rainforest. I’ve been there twice and spent seven months in New Zealand. I’d be perfectly happy to go back there for a long time, at any time. ... (more)

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Small Favors And Big Lies Makes For Human Tragedies

By Credo, published on Aug 7, 2007

...If I sell the oldest ones who are strong enough to work, I will have money to feed my two youngest and perhaps they will have a better chance of surviving.. Relief volunteers gave the woman food to nourish all five of her children, yet the current situation enveloping Malawi is leading to an environment where similar incidents are not only possible but certain.

Ranked 151st of 162 countries on the UNDP Human Development Index, Malawi's average life expectancy is 37 years. One quarter of children do not live to see their fifth birthday; 48% of those under five are malnourished."... (more)

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Pass the Soma: IVF in A Brave New World

By Jen, published on Jul 26, 2007

...comes in the form of an artificial microfluidic chip designed to more closely mimic the womb for in-vitro fertilized (IFV) embryos. Traditional methods of IVF involve manipulation of the developing embryos to provide essential nutrients, often resulting in a temporarily detrimental environment. Such manual manipulations are unnecessary with the chip. Fertilized eggs are grown alongside uterine lining endometrial cells which provide nutrients and growth factors that would be found in a natural womb. There is no need to disturb the developing embryos prior to implantation. While ... (more)

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In Praise Of Baldness; An Evolutionary Advantage?

By cherry-eyed, published on Jul 10, 2007

I am faced with the unappealing certainty that I am going to be bald. In fact, I'm currently careening into the ranks of the shorn-headed males who owe their nude shiny scalps not to any cosmetic predilection, but rather to that complex synthesis of genetics and environment for which there is little control over. Despite reassurances that the genes responsible for baldness are inherited from one's mother, the collective glares emitted from atop my father and his brothers in pictures and at family gatherings have become seared into my mind as a forewarning of what’s in store for me down the... (more)

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Taking The Terror Threat Seriously

By Chris Jones, published on Jul 2, 2007

...Republican, or an Independent as our next President the war against terrorism will rage on. Of course we can’t stop living our lives just because of the terror threat and I’m certainly not suggesting that we do, but we should be aware of what’s happening around us at the very least. I realize the cool thing to care about right now is global warming, but terrorism is a little more important. The environment won’t really matter if we’re all dead from a terrorist bombing. Although, that is one way to dramatically decrease our “carbon footprint.” (more)

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No Beef for Koby this Year

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 28, 2007

... More than that is painful and I can't open it." A specialist diagnosed him with arthritis of the jaw, he wrote. "To tell the truth, I'm desperate about healing completely before the July 4 contest," he said, adding that he had begun receiving treatment at a hospital and from a chiropractor. On Tuesday, his United Food Fighters Organization said on their Web site that Kobayashi has found a doctor he can trust and was "creating an environment in which he can dedicate himself to healing." "The contest is coming up soon, and we'd happy if everyone kept him in their thoughts," the group wrote. (more)

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Sunday School - Be a volunteer!

By kpbell3, published on Jun 25, 2007

...“under-6” set, I learned a lot just by preparing and studying their lessons each week. There are several things to consider when leading children’s Sunday School; things that will make you feel more at ease and give the children an opportunity to learn in a fun and safe environment. DO THE LESSON YOURSELF – How hard was the story? Could you follow it easily? Were the crafts for that lesson too hard? Could little hands handle it easily? If something is confusing to you, chances are it will be to the children as well. Reword the story or make adaptations to... (more)

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