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A Trojan Horse Gallops Through My Life

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 18, 2008

...and spray painted a couple of walls in my day. I'm no choir boy and never have been.

I can relate to the "Hey, f--k you" mentality a little myself. I know that many people find it appropriate to snap back on the world from time to time. But, to create a completely negative environment for other human beings just for the sake of doing it is beyond on my comprehension...especially now at this time in my life. Maybe if I could pinpoint a purpose I would be more accepting of this whole virus thing.

Maybe it's the karmatic rooster coming back to roost . After many... (more)

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The Red Carpet Of The Pink Slip

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Feb 16, 2008

...of Planning told us, "When you are starving, you don't inquire how your food was cooked."

Basically, in fear of total annhiliation on the global economic stage, the country had begun to accept and invite economic stimulus packages/development in both the Corporate and Physical Environment camps to do what they would, finding ripe opportunity for manufacture and cheap labor outside the governance of national and UN labor laws.

The connection is, we continue to talk about the problem in the US that is racism, and what that creates in our lives today. And in terms of... (more)

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Fred Thompson In '08 R.i.p

By Brain, published on Jan 23, 2008

...okay to lobby for people who kill babies, I don’t really support them, I’m just making money off them, and that’s the American way.” In another debate the candidates were asked to raise their hands if they believed that global climate change was a threat to our environment to which Fred said “I’m not doing any hand shows today”. This must have been one of those “no-nonsense” moments the media was talking about I guess.

His campaign, for some reason was obsessed with evoking the name of zombie president Ronald... (more)

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Do You Have A Dream?

By Dr. Traci Vujicich, published on Jan 21, 2008

... does. You know why? He says, “I want to leave the world a better place for me having been in it.”

So, what’s your dream? If you had a magic wand (and you do, by the way, it’s called your mind) if you had a magic wand, what would you change? Hunger? Poverty? The environment? Education? Every single person listening to this cares about SOMETHING. The key to personal success is to connect your goals to a bigger cause. A bigger dream. What happens then is that it takes on a life of its own. You get swept up into it, and suddenly, you’ve got more energy, more ... (more)

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Paridise Lost And Found

By Credo, published on Jan 12, 2008 eat up and not waste any food. There are so many people in the world who are not as lucky as you, so thank the lord and eat hardy. I know all of us can remember that episode as a child, I certainly can relate to that myself. The question of whether we should be concerned about the environment in places like Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda is not a new or an unusual reflection of contemporary thought. The mere suggestion of indecisive and questioning concerns for the ecosystems within any region of the world somehow flexes ones intelligence and common sense. The question... (more)

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Pardon Me

By Credo, published on Jan 10, 2008 have your work published so quickly, to actually see it up in lights, it gives you the ability to be heard and allows your point of view to finally be recognized throughout the world. So we must continue to write, debate, applaud, and criticize our way to a better online freelance environment.

As we start the New Year with great expectations, 2008 in my vision will build a celebrated online community for people who enjoy reading, and who are lovers of the written and spoken word. We as contributors may not always agree on every issue and we may not agree on... (more)

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The Way Of The Farter

By cityfeller, published on Jan 8, 2008

...the dawn of time has employed: surprise. You must catch your victims unawares, vulnerable, and unexpecting. This is the Way of the Farter.

I quickly realized that the automobile was an invaluable tactical tool, particularly in winter. The automobile provides the Farter with an ideal environment for close engagement. It prevents the ready egress of targets, confining them to a small space from which they cannot escape without serious bodily injury or exposure to the elements.

After a movie with friends, or better yet, a burrito dinner at a Mexican restaurant, the car... (more)

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Beautiful & Creative Cultural Images

By Credo, published on Jan 8, 2008

...the fist impression, or destroy that interview that you were so desperate to pass with flying colors. Once a person understands the power that is controlled by the reflections that images have we will be compelled to look our best, while creating the best atmosphere in our general environment. Obviously there is much that we need to learn about appearances and how they affect others, for certain we can’t continue to walk the streets with our pants at our knees, yet expecting to get the offer of employment. As adults we should be able to draw the line between good fashion ... (more)

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Positive Attitude

By Seema Upadhyay, published on Dec 26, 2007

...of a good day. Reaching office on time without boss's firing makes a good start and ofcourse smooth traffic can be an added advantage. A good mood is contagious, You feel good so you spread happiness around you by greeting everyone with a smile. This leads to a chain reaction, making your environment harmonious. A bad mood not only increases the blood pressure, causes ulcers and acidity, it also turns friends into foes. AS GOOD MOOD CREATES HARMONY, BAD MOOD CREATES DISHARMONY IN OUR ENVIRONMENT. So smile and watch your smile travel miles and while you smile make sure that the others... (more)

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By C.V. Harris, published on Dec 20, 2007 visit their dad every other weekend. During one of their visits, and also this being one of the last two years of my relationship with Q, was when I had my first insight to his darker side. Q loved to frequent bars and I guess because he was a DJ part-time he kinda-sorta got used to that environment. I was never a heavy drinker so I did not particularly care for that set. I had grown to care for Q, more than I wanted to admit so I would just go just to appease him. Besides I actually loved and respected this man. Did I say respected? Besides, if I told him that I did not want to go, he... (more)

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