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How To Deal With Vocabulary When Learning A New Language

By expat2003, published on Apr 22, 2008

...factor for everything we do, including when confronted with the idea of becoming bilingual. It is commonly believed, and really based on some very outdated and inaccurate science, that the younger you are the more likely you are to become bilingual when put into a foreign language environment. The false reason offered for this is that the older you become, the harder it is to learn.

"There used to be a theory on "brain development" from the 1960's which taught that there was a "crucial period" an individual had before the brain lost its "plasticity," making... (more)

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Sign Scrutiny

By Kim, published on Apr 11, 2008 the city.

Right now the woes of the billboard saga generate silent sighs to those of us forced to view the unsightly public notices that enhance the mudane daily routine commute in the inner city.

Whatever we can do to inspire, bring a smile, a light, beautify the environment, or give a thought that motivates could be a plan with the construction and implemnation of billboards. Something that is informative, instructional, and benefits the lives and community within instead of taking from, promotion of mediocrity, and lethargic thinking, useless spending, poor... (more)

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What Is Total Immersion In Learning A Second Language?

By expat2003, published on Apr 9, 2008 by living it. In a typical language immersion school, the student doesn't study only in the formal sense — he or she lives the language. Classes are taught entirely in Spanish, speaking in another language at any time is discouraged, and the student lives in Spanish-speaking environment." (Spanish Immersion School FAQ, Schools Help You Combine Study and Travel, By Gerald Erichsen, an idea similar to this quote as the definition of "Spanish Immersion," my wife and I, who also wanted to learn Spanish, sold all our earthly belongings and moved to Guanajuato,... (more)

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100 Is The New 90! 150 Is The New 100! Snake Oil On Sale Too

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Mar 31, 2008

...far off the standard base? I'm not saying this is true in every case, but it is, all too often.

I have often grated at the question of age. Is the number of our years, after all, a true qualifier of anything besides a standard bearer of a system of measure in a particular physical environment? How many people do you know who seem much older or younger than their "years" would suggest?

In the past, I have often used a metaphor about cars to talk about relative age: consider two cars of the same maker and model, manufactured the same year and bought on the same day. The... (more)

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Earth Hour 2008 A Global Movement.

By aussiekeith, published on Mar 25, 2008

Keith Rankin. In the early hours March the 19th a large, earth hour hot air balloon, could be seen floating above Sydney Harbour, reminding people, to switch off for the environment.

Earth Hour organisers anticipate, millions of people around Australia will turn off their lights for an hour on March 29 to raise awareness about global warming.

The 32-metre high balloon, shaped like an environmentally-friendly light-bulb, floated over Garden Island at 7.30am to help raise awareness about energy efficient lighting.

This year, Earth Hour will go... (more)

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When Men Come Between Women

By Ellis Jane, published on Mar 25, 2008

...for shared custody of her time, phone conversations as opposed to dinner dates, and weekly chats in place of multiple daily dialogues. Granted, I also must begin consideration for my next living situation with the disappointing knowledge that nothing may ever be as grand as my current environment.

Our culture frowns upon such egocentric thoughts. I say we all cannot choose how we feel, and if more were open to disclosure of emotion that might violate a supposed norm or two, perhaps no one would ever have to feel alone in their own minds. I am sure that best friends... (more)

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4 Ubiee Projects Of Major Importance

By danymiche, published on Mar 19, 2008

...from New Zealand, we have, Gary Wells from Classic Friendly Surf and Henrik from Solixta all represented in UBIEE, the Company which distributes the PowerPill. So what do we have in common? We are all part of the Vortexes and we all share part of our earning to contribute to a cleaner Environment. We all contribute into the UEP Payout Module because “those WOW Emails are positive signs which can give stimulation to any Business and the opportunity to be part of that Residual Income Creator.” 3-UBIEE Earthmail a new and unique concept enabling anyone to... (more)

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Cellfish Airlines Want Cell Phone Usage

By Lila M., published on Feb 28, 2008

...other electronic devices had caused a problem during flight. A Carnegie Mellon University study conducted about four years ago also found that portable electronics, not just cell phones, interfere with airplane systems especially GPS.

I believe it is a good idea to have access to use a cell phone on a flight,BUT only in an emergency situation where you need to contact your family or the police. But I do notthink it’s a good idea to add yet another distraction to a crucial environment where if it gets too loud or annoying, you don’t have the choice to just leave.


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Tales Of A Nurse: Taboo

By baynurse, published on Feb 23, 2008, I couldn’t , I would not be heard, not be believed, or I would be called a liar and a trouble maker and a shit stirrer.

Last year at a famous women’s music festival in the Midwest, I was a volunteer nurse at the free health clinic held there. It is a fun and relaxed environment, mostly treating insect bites, and sunburns, with an occasional rash or fall.

My first shift changed my life and my perspective and changed how much I enjoyed this event and how much I thought women were the perfect beings.

There was a woman bringing in her daughter to the... (more)

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A tribute to the dead Poets that still live in their deaths.

By Dany Bachir, published on Feb 23, 2008

... quietly when getting crazy makes you feel the natural wildness of this world?People tend to live quietly. Some never find their own voices. We tend to adapt to what’s out there. Most of the times we never bother to have an impact on others. We are simple receptives of what’s around in the environment. We rarely try to send some inspiration around. And then see how people react. Hoping that they would react as expected. How nice would it be to enjoy the wildness of the world with the people around. A lion would have never been the king of the jungle if no other animals were there.John... (more)

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