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Plenty to Do, See on Third Street

By Josh Marks, published on Nov 16, 2006

...Actually, the Third Street Promenade to be exact. Hey, it’s a start. While the car is still king of southern California and the sidewalks for the peasants, certain communities have made a concerted effort to create public spaces, which bring people together in a pedestrian-friendly environment. Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade is one of the success stories. Stretching from Broadway to Wilshire and only three blocks from the Pacific Ocean, the Promenade is lined with hundreds of shops and restaurants, plus three first-run movie theaters and an independent cinema on... (more)

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Who Do I Blow?

By AM Nelson, published on Nov 6, 2006

...this season. This has caused uproar in WeHo. Activists claim that job placement is just as difficult for gays as straights and believe the show is exclusionary. Recruiters have long been touting that the “day of the resume” is over. Job placement is based on maneuverability in an ever-changing, ambiguous, and socially skilled environment. Contestants who win “Blow” will have demonstrated these crucial talents. Finally, a TV show reflects what is important and useful in today’s world. This expression of truth warms the heart and tightens the pants. (more)

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Chineses Festival of Lights

By T. M. Smith, published on Oct 26, 2006

...Phoenixes, is composed of more than 300 thousand hand placed silkworm cocoons. Organizers believe this cultural event will appeal too many in Los Angeles, a city known for its cultural diversity and large Asian population. This marks the first time a traditional Lantern Festival has taken place in the United States. A portion of the proceeds from attendance fees will be donated to the Pacific American Volunteer Association (PAVA) which works hard to clean the environment in and around Los Angeles. The Lantern Festival runs nightly October 27 through December 31 at Hollywood Park.  (more)

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Proposition 87: To Tax Or Not To Tax?

By quinne anderson, published on Oct 24, 2006

...or in 2017, whichever occurs first. I really want to believe that Proposition 87 will help make our future brighter, preferably with solar power. Anything that says, "Screw you!" to big corporations (especially big oil companies) is O.K. in my book. And anything that is progressive to our environment and energy conservation, especially when big money corporations are footing the bill, seems to be on the right track to me. But upon closer inspection, it's just never that simple. The words "evaluate," "ensure," "two-year plan" and "ten-year plan" are thrown around like confetti in this... (more)

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1st Annual LA Weekly Detour Music Festival

By Alethea, published on Sep 26, 2006

...Jaxx, as well as many others. The festival is located at First & Main. Doors open at 2pm. Aside from an immensely promising show at a bargain value, part of the proceeds will be donated to the TreePeople(.org) which is a non-profit Los Angeles organization which educates people about the environment, cares for and plants trees, and works with the government to protect our water. Sound amazing doesn't it? Not doing anything? Go and be merry! I know you'll find me there swooning over Mike Patton while he performs in Peeping Tom. So go, enjoy yourself and all the while you'll help... (more)

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An Inconvenient Truth with A Big Price Tag

By Deleted User, published on Jul 17, 2006

...of the Earth pulled downward in a tug of war with traffic grips me. I feel claustrophobic, unnerved, and like I need a cold splash of water. After seeing “An Inconvenient Truth” – the Al Gore narrated documentary about the abject effects of global warming on our environment – things don’t quite look the same to me anymore. I’m unstable, I’m a little bit scared, and a feeling of guilt dogs me. Still, I know that being a little shook up about a subject as expansive as this one is a small price to pay for being educated about it. ... (more)

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