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Tree Surgeon ER - The Ultimate Reality Show

By Rev. F, published on Apr 24, 2007

Me: Now, Mr. TV Executive, we are all aware of the "reality TV" phenom. TV Exec: Yup. Me: And we are all aware of the long-running success of the TV show "ER," which displays the soap opera drama inherent to life in an emergency room environment. TV Exec: Yup. Me: Now how about we spin the two together and have a reality TV show about life in the ER? TV Exec: Uh, TLC already has a show like that. So does Discovery Channel. Me: Ah, but let me explain how my show would be different. CONCEPT: TREE SURGEON ER Scene 1: Tree Hospital Trauma Center in Northern California... (more)

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The Cliff House Bistro: Food with a View

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 18, 2007

...($26.95), and a Braised Lamb Shank ($19.95). The service is very professional at the Cliff House Bistro, but if you haven’t noticed yet, the place is pricey. But, hey – you’re paying for the view and the atmosphere, right? If I was eating this stuff facing a wall, I’d be upset, but dining in an environment like the one at the Cliff House means I’m very forgiving. The Cliff House Bistro is at 1090 Point Lobos in San Francisco. Believe it or not, there’s usually plenty of free parking along the wall there. Their phone number is: (415) 386-3330. (more)

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Psychic Sonia Choquette: Her Subtle Mind Manipulations?

By Savattra, published on Apr 15, 2007

...was her Trust Your Vibes series: This is a great book on fine tuning your inner gut sense in life. Like Choquette says ... whales have sonar ... birds have radar ... and people have their sixth sense ... this book is very helpful for those trained out of their inner trusting whether by environment or early childhood experiences. Packed with real life stories to build your reservoir of trust in your own gut sense! Sonia Choquette's 'The Psychic Pathway' was introduced to me in 1996. I read her work, had a total of five personal consultations with her 18 months apart, went to a few... (more)

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The Slanted Door: A New Angle on Vietnamese Cuisine

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 9, 2007

...local produce and ecologically farmed meat, game and poultry that’s raised at farms throughout the Bay Area. The Phan family opened the original Slanted Door in 1995 on Valencia Street. They have taken their vision a step further with the Ferry Building location, in a stunning environment designed by the renowned Olle Lundberg. The place overlooks the SF Bay, but the view actually ends up playing second fiddle to the amazing interiors of The Slanted Door. The food is the star of this gig, but the Riesling-driven wine list, the full bar with its unique selection of specialty ... (more)

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Celebrate Life, Read the Obituaries

By Matt Weston, published on Apr 2, 2007

...newspapers like the LA Times+ and, more than paid obituaries, use tools like the charming obsession or telling quirk to peer inside the lives of the unknowable dead. On March 18th, we learned from the LA Times’ Elaine Woo that “Ida Honorof, 93; radio host crusaded for the environment” died on March 5th in Eureka, CA. For 20 years Honorof hosted “Report to the Consumer,” a hard-hitting radio program on KPFK-FM (90.7) in Los Angeles. Activism pervaded her life off-the-air as well, and for three months in the mid-70’s Honorof protested the... (more)

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Ode to the Road: South by SouthWest

By V, published on Mar 26, 2007

...for long periods of time and get wasted. There is an official schedule, including workshops, forums, panels and band performances, but the most sought after tickets are for the ‘off-schedule’ parties - independent showcases in themselves - but in a less formal, more ambient environment (lubricated of course by alcohol sponsorship). Attendees seek out the best ‘off-site’ parties to attend, in the hope that they are discovering ‘new talent’ before anyone else. Bands playing South by South West often book tours around the event in order to take... (more)

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Freelance Writing: An Interview With Mayrav Saar

By Ariel, published on Mar 16, 2007

... (aside for some recent freelance pieces). But the pros and cons of full-time work versus freelance apply no matter where you are: On the plus side, I get to spend oodles of time with my baby boy. I don't have to commute and my hours are much more flexible. On the downside: I miss the newsroom environment -- bouncing ideas off my colleagues. Also, I find I work just as hard as I always have -- for far less pay! What is your typical day like? I usually hang out with my son in the morning, write and report during his late morning nap. Do a little more writing while he snacks in the... (more)

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LACMA announces new donor in expansion plan

By Deleted User, published on Mar 6, 2007 the Los Angeles County Museum of Art,” BP America President Bob Malone said publicly for the first time to plaudits from an audience of city officials, LACMA-affiliates and members of the press. In an effort to “help educate our youth not only in the arts but in the environment,” Malone said, the money will be used to help build the “BP Grand Entrance” to the museum’s phase one development; a 60,000 square foot structure designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano called the Broad Contemporary Art Museum. The entrance, at a projected 8,100... (more)

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Women in Hardy's Novels: Far From What Might be Expected!

By A. A. Abrahami, published on Mar 3, 2007

... human waste, a rebel against the unfair treatment of the unfairly mistreated, his radical fight for the underdog—the heroine—places the sexually domineering villain under warranted severe ethical scrutiny. He exposes corruption. He criticizes the culprit, as well as the ignorant environment which permits his survival. His palpable wrath against rape, double standards, and manipulation is harmoniously rationalized by compassion and empathy. You genuinely feel his words as they are read off the page. EX: “Under the trees several pheasants lay about, their rich plumage... (more)

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When style and speed collide

By Don Saliano, published on Mar 2, 2007

...a few ideas lingered in my head. Service at the bar was better than expected having a very personable and friendly feel. The menu and its portions left an extreme French influence with the sauces of the dishes leaving a more lasting impression than the actual dishes themselves. Overall the restaurant seems to be a nice place catering to hectic businessman enjoying lunch in a faced paced environment, enabling the idea to mesh well with there busy schedule. As for the casual diner, One Market shouldn’t be the first option for a nice relaxed lunch comparable to the prices. (more)

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