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Africa World Heritage Animals Threatened of Extermination

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Aug 11, 2010

...and plants it contained, it was since ever considered as a world heritage. In addition, it is the very first park created on the African continent. It covers an area of 7 900 Kilometers Square, 650 km long boundary with a buffer zone. However today, its ecosystem is in danger as regards environment protection. This started in 1994 with the massive flow of Rwandese refugees who were fleeing the genocide in their country the same yaer. The number of the people who took refuge in Kivu was estimated at 2 000 000 people. Since then, this world heritage has been put on the list of World... (more)

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You Are Guinea Pigs in Fluoride Drug Experiments

By nyscof, published on May 2, 2010

New York -- May 2, 2010 -- Sixty-five years ago today, officials added fluoride chemicals into Newburgh, NY's public water supply making residents guinea pigs in a failed experiment to discover whether fluoride could safely reduce tooth decay. It didn't. But political pressure declared it a success. Any high school biology student can find the flaws in this "study." Fluoride researchers are still using our bodies and tax dollars for their own benefit. Ten years later, 1955, researchers reported that newly fluoridated Newburgh children had more bone defects, anemia and earlier female menstruation... (more)

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Limit Fluoride to Prevent Lead Poisoning, Study Says

By nyscof, published on Apr 17, 2010

...landmark studies (included NYS children) show higher blood-lead-levels in children living in silico-fluoridated communities (Neurotoxicology 2000, 2007). Macek’s research shows children’s higher blood-lead-levels are associated with water fluoridation when lead is already in the environment (Environmental Health Perspectives, 2006).

Some fluoridation chemicals originate in China, Mexico and Japan, reports the CDC. ABC-TV Boston reported that a Massachusetts city was forced to discontinue fluoridation because Chinese fluoridation chemicals were clogging up the water... (more)

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The Deer Hunter

By Drewdacker, published on Feb 5, 2010

An hour before twilight my Jeep rolls to a stop on an empty dirt road. The sudden absence of headlights causes the starlit sky to glow giving the dark trees a revealing background. I gather my things and walk along the shoulder, searching for the familiar path through the shrubs and seedlings and watching my breaths swirl before me. Before I leave the road in favor of the softer ground I give the stars a final, neck straining appraisal. Then I step lightly, heel to toe, through the grasses and leaves toward the formless trees in the distance.

In the pre-dawn hours the trees are quiet.... (more)

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Fantasy Film ‘Avatar’ Is All Too Real

By survivalint, published on Jan 29, 2010

When Director James Cameron received his Golden Globe award for Avatar, he revealed one of the central ideas of the blockbuster science-fiction film. “Avatar asks us to see that everything is connected,” he said in his acceptance speech, “all human beings to each other, and us to the Earth.”

The film Avatar is a fantasy, a dream set in the future on a faraway imaginary moon inhabited by a blue-skinned, feline-eared tribe, the Na’vi people. They live deeply connected to their ancient homeland: a fertile forest of giant palms, floating mountains and luminous moss.

The future of... (more)

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Brazil Company Given Greenwashing Award

By survivalint, published on Jan 23, 2010

...After satellite photos were published around the world revealing that it has destroyed thousands of hectares of the tribe's forest, the company issued a press release announcing it intends to create a "nature reserve" on its land.

But plans submitted by Yaguarete to Paraguay's Environment Ministry reveal that the amount of "continuous forest" in the reserve will be just 16,784 hectares out of the 78,549 hectares total, and the company in fact plans to convert around two thirds of the land to cattle ranching. See Yaguarete's plans here.

Some of the Totobiegosode have... (more)

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"suggested Donation"

By travelingseth, published on Sep 19, 2009

...I pass her I say, “well, I’m going to have to frown upon the use of the word donation”. As we pass into the main room, a man standing nearby in a decked out twenties style suit yells after us, “Hey, we got bills to pay!”. This is not Burning Man.Inside, the environment was cool. But my mood soured. After spending a week at Burning Man, a place 100 times cooler than this, where money doesn't exist, the door had put me off. I walked to the nearest bar and ordered a round of drinks—a cosmo, Corona, and water. The bartender handed me a dixie cup of... (more)

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Bigger, Better, Tastier Taste Of Santa Monica

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Sep 4, 2009

...Business TV, Neptune Local, Santa Monica Daily Press and Santa Monica Mirror.

About The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce ( advocates and represents businesses' interests and issues affecting the community. We provide an environment to help our members prosper and succeed through a proactive working partnership with all levels of government and community organizations to achieve a healthy local economy and quality of life. The Chamber seeks to constantly develop new services for its members. These services include the... (more)

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"Fee" Health Care

By Glenn T, published on Aug 3, 2009

...promises (OxyClean, anyone?). When the government takes over health care, and more importantly when it takes over compensation to physicians, the incentives to excel, and even the incentives simply not to suck at your job, simply disappear. Much like teenagers, doctors in a consequence-free environment are bound to do some damage – the difference is that the worst thing teenagers will do is raid your liquor cabinet, make too much noise and maybe ruin a shrub or too. Uniform Health Care will be much the same as “Uniformed” health care – the doctors will have no reason to be... (more)

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What I Learned In Jail-tales Of A Nurse

By baynurse, published on Jun 30, 2009 reality in my opinion. What I have seen working in the jails in SF is more alarming than any statistician could ever come up with. The realities of what goes on in jail and who goes in to jail is barbaric. I worked both women's jail and men's jail, for over 3 years.

A hostile environment full of anger, hate, and ignorance. A place that would easily lose face in comparison to a zoo, or a dog pound, at least some keepers actually like the animals they care for.

A jail is a smelly, loud, hostile, energetically degrading place, where human beings are made to follow... (more)

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