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Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

By Andrewspenceonline, published on Jul 12, 2013


A child was asked who made him. The answer was: “God made me this long (the child spreads his hands and measures the length of a baby) – and I grew the rest of me.” The little child left God out of his growth and this shows a deep conviction: We are what we make of ourselves.

If you hope to become a successful entrepreneur, if you want to build something useful, and make money in the process, then here’s the good news for you:

Most new businesses fail…

The few successful entrepreneurs are written... (more)

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Returning To Greatness

By Randy Mitchell, published on Oct 24, 2012

...if they desired. They showed what we can do once the shackles of government intervention are loosened, the freedom of creativity is encouraged, and spirit of the American people is unleashed among the land. These business leaders made no apologies for their success, because success, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the freedom to take advantage of these principles are what make America, America. It’s what distinguishes us from the rest of the world. It’s what makes people from every corner of the globe want to cross our shores.

Technology has changed since Rockefeller’s... (more)

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Ring Your Own Telephone

By Randy Mitchell, published on Oct 18, 2012

The Economy. Money. Jobs. Your Future, and the future of our youth. It’s filling the minds of everyone these days especially during this super-heated political election. People are more concerned than ever about what their future holds, and rightly so. Millions are looking for work, or have stopped searching at all with little hope. It isn’t the America I grew up in, and one in desperate need of a new direction.

America was founded on self-reliant, entrepreneurial principles. A nation where people are free to dictate their own future, create their own jobs, and look out for themselves,... (more)

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Entrepreneurs and Big Government

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jul 19, 2012

I couldn’t believe my ears recently while listening to one of President Obama’s latest speeches. And it still causes my ears to burn and bones to shake.

This President clearly stated that if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or one who’s accumulated wealth, no matter how big or small, you couldn’t have done it without your friendly government standing by your side, holding you up, supporting your every decision, move, plan, and policy making you successful. His remarks (see two of them below) were completely inappropriate to the business community (especially small business owners)... (more)

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How To Use Emotional Intelligence to Start a Business

By Sara Fletcher, published on Jul 10, 2012

Regardless of whether you’re a new or seasoned entrepreneur, starting a business can be a challenging endeavor. In order to successfully start a business, an entrepreneur will require determination, confidence, and the willingness to pour all they can into their efforts. However, entrepreneurs are not completely unequipped for this task. There are a number of skills and qualities that can prepare those in building a business of their own. One of these skills is emotional intelligence, a necessity in any entrepreneur’s toolkit.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional... (more)

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How to become a poet

By John Vespasian, published on Jun 24, 2012

If you wish to become a poet, I can give you some clues, but please take your heart medication before you read this through, since it contains some strong truths.First, you have to realize that nobody cares about what you want to be, so don't go around complaining that you are misunderstood. Artistic sensitivity is fine, but please keep it to yourself, since there is already too much noise in the world.Second, you should just start writing poetry and do not ask anyone for permission. If you do happen to ask someone for permission, you most likely won't even get a response. Again, it's... (more)

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If The Government Owned Facebook

By Randy Mitchell, published on May 21, 2012

...know about you, but if Facebook was government run, I’d be the last person who’d want to log on and feed my personal thoughts to a hungry, information-gathering program. Although we all realize big brother is probably keeping an eye on things anyway.

I’m a huge believer in entrepreneurship, creating something from nothing, small government, and financial accountability. And why so many favor making government bigger escapes my way of thinking. But, it all goes back to the tired old theory that government has a duty to fully support its citizens financially and take care of... (more)

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Out of the Classroom Lessons in Success

By Yvonne Wu, published on Jan 29, 2012

In our grade-focused school years, the rules of success seemed as simple as making all As. However, in the working world, success is far more complex. Out of the Classroom Lessons in Success: How to Prosper Without Being at the Top of the Class offers hard-won wisdom on achieving professional glory that will serve as an invaluable resource to anyone who is contemplating a career, or for parents who want to help their children lay the groundwork for success in the workplace.

Over the course of my career, what I’ve learned is success in life doesn’t hinge upon getting the top... (more)

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Creativity: Why I am optimistic about the world economy

By John Vespasian, published on Dec 7, 2011

At the time of this writing, newspaper headlines are all tremendously negative. However, if you look beyond the obvious, you will be able to see the seeds of the accelerated economic growth that will take place in the next years.

Indeed, in some areas of the world, the economy is stagnating, inflation is rising and unemployment remains high. As a result, millions of people are seeing their lives disrupted. Those who have recently lost their jobs may have the feeling that finding a new position is going to take extensive efforts and a very long time.

The stock markets are showing... (more)

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The Benefits of Starting a Business Today

By TonyBerkman, published on Sep 20, 2011

The past few years have shown many of us that security is just an illusion. The most esteemed enterprises and banking systems in the world have collapsed and many families have lost their primary sources of income. Stock portfolios for those who have them have collapsed and its difficult to know what place is safe to keep money. Starting your own business may be the best place to invest your time resourcefulness and money.

The literature on starting your own business and who is made to be an entrepreneur is large. Yet despite all that is written starting a business comes down to... (more)

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