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By Lumiere, published on Jan 3, 2014

Cash in on my DNA Lottery,

offspring of my legacy

let me give you a Fortune 500 Company before making you an Apprentice

let me give you the Gold before training you with an Olympian

let me give you Power before you are mature enough to handle Responsibility

because my arrogance deems it so,

makes me look like an amazing parent in the eyes of the world

boosting my ego beyond materialistic, self absorbed insecurity

disrespectfully skipping the process of learning from accomplished mentors

who have more experience in one pinky then... (more)

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The Role of Luck

By Randy Mitchell, published on Aug 8, 2012

Months ago, I was listening to an interview with then Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump who was discussing his business, lifestyle, and overall viewpoints on how he came to be who he was. His father had been a big time influence on him, and his mother, and those of past generations of his family. When asked about why some in his field of expertise do so poorly in comparison to his success, his answer was simple: “You can have the most creative, gifted mind in the world, but luck definitely plays a role in your overall success.” He admitted he’s one who’s been extremely lucky both in business... (more)

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Dangerous Ground

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 28, 2012

...went on a rampage partly because of illegal workers willing to work for drastically smaller wages, eliminating American workers. Now here’s the thing, it’s happening everywhere now. And we, the American taxpayers are being forced to pay the price because of other people’s sense of entitlement and our government leaders seemingly welcoming them with open arms. Kind of goes along with a certain politician’s famous bullet point, “The Fundamental Redistribution of Wealth,” no?

Texas was one of the latest states to try and adopt a voter ID law. It simply required someone ... (more)

Tags: illegal immigration, obama, randy mitchell, entitlement, free government entitlements, handouts, redistribution of wealth

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