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World stands as one – warn Russia to relent in Ukraine stand

By Shaun Gibson, published on Mar 6, 2014

“In Britain’s interests” he says..How about the Ukrainians Mr Eton Boy?

Barack Obama has ordered a freezing of US assets and visa restrictions on those involved in Russia’s military intervention in Crimea, as Britain’s David Cameron warned President Vladimir Putin “it cannot be business as usual”. Mr Obama signed an executive order aimed at punishing Russians and Ukrainians responsible for “threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”. The visa ban does not apply to the Russian President, a US official said. The White House’s rebuke came as the European Union... (more)

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A Country in Romance

By Anastasia , published on Nov 20, 2012

Some of my school chums went to Durham University in the north of England, girls I used to visit for long weekends when I was an undergraduate. It was a super opportunity to explore a part of the country I did not know that well - Northern England and the Scottish borders. There is still a wonderful romance that clings to so many places here, an echo of old, unhappy, far off times and battles long ago.

One of the places we went to was Flodden Edge, the site of the camp of an invading Scottish army in 1513 led by King James IV in person. The battle of the same name wasn’t actually fought... (more)

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Long Live the Queen!

By Anastasia , published on Jun 3, 2012

... girls are interested in. For many nights thereafter, as she told her grandmother, her mother’s mother, she prayed for a little brother, someone to come and relieve her of the burden. Her prayers, thankfully, were not answered. She was Lilibet; she became Elizabeth; she is our Queen.

England is having a party. This week we celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, sixty years on the throne, only the second time in our history that we have seen such an occasion, the first being for Queen Victoria in 1897. But then Victoria, for so long in morbid isolation and declining in health,... (more)

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Daughter of Saint George

By Anastasia , published on Apr 17, 2012

...closely about issues of national identity. I recall a documentary some years ago made by one Darcus Howe, a black writer and broadcaster (his colour is relevant, as you will see), in which he explored this very question. It was called The White Tribe, a kind of cultural safari in search of England, of what it meant to be English. A great many of the people he asked, people mostly from white working class communities, could not answer his basic questions. One respondent, struggling to come up with something, eventually alighted on line dancing!

In the course of his journey he also ... (more)

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We Are All Mad Here

By Anastasia , published on Mar 13, 2012

When one thinks things can’t get any crazier, well, they do! A minicab firm in Southampton in southern England was described as ‘racist’ because some of their drivers had signs on their vehicles announcing – wait for it –‘English spoken here.’

I would have thought that an ability to speak English, our national language, would be an absolute requirement for anyone driving a cab. How on earth is one to get to one’s destination if the cabbie does not understand what one is saying; by hand signals and sign language, perhaps?

The city establishment took to arms over this simple announcement,... (more)

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England, My England

By Anastasia , published on Jan 18, 2012

What does England mean to me, what does it mean to be English? Why, I suppose it’s a little bit like a reflex, a little like breathing: English is what I am; English is what I will always be.

For me it’s not about sport, or politics or any transitory passion; it really does rest on something altogether deeper. I love the English language, a love the beauty and the rhythm of simple English prose.

Yes, I know the language is not exclusively ours any longer. It’s been launched into the world sometimes with uncertain - and unhappy - returns! But I would continue to look for Englishness,... (more)

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A-Hunting Ana Will Go!

By Anastasia , published on Dec 27, 2011

I’ve been riding for most of my life now, taking my first lesson when I was six years old. I love it all; I love everything associated with horses. I’ve taken part in county show-jumping events, though fewer and fewer recently because of other pressures on my time, and my favourite form of relaxation is a nice long hack, something I do most Sundays. However, the thing that gives me most excitement or, rather, used to give me most excitement is fox-hunting. I will explain why I use the past tense in a moment or two.

I went on my first hunt in Surrey with my mother and father on Boxing... (more)

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Remember, Remember

By Anastasia , published on Nov 8, 2011

It was Bonfire Night in England on Saturday, an event celebrated every year on 5 November. It’s a night of fires and fireworks, of bangers and bangers! Now, least those who are not English misunderstand me here, a banger is just a type of firework and a banger is a sausage, really quite delicious when cooked over a fire in the open air.

So, yes, November 5 is our firework night, just as July 4 is firework night in the States. But whereas the one celebrates rebellion the other celebrates loyalty, loyalty to the crown. It celebrates the frustration of the most significant terrorist... (more)

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Some Corner of a Foreign Field

By Anastasia , published on Jun 28, 2011

This is the beginning, the first in a series of Tuesday letters, home thoughts from England! It’s super to have this slot, to be given this opportunity, to be able to communicate with you, as I intend, in a wholly informal manner.

Yes, I do have a ‘you’ in mind, an ideal reader, the person to whom I address my remarks. It seems clear to me, from a fairly brief acquaintance, that most people who read BrooWaha are from places firth of my Sceptred Isle, as are most of the contributors.

So, what I intend to do is to write about life in my country in a loose and discursive fashion,... (more)

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Jaws without the Shark

By Anastasia , published on Jun 20, 2011

...on local businesses, is in total denial. But the story soon spreads, causing panic. A grizzled old salt, an expert in hunting monsters, has offered his services.

No, this is not Amity Island, this is not Jaws, this is no movie. It’s Saint Ives in Cornwall in the far south-west of England, where Ian Bullus, a local mackerel fisherman, had a close encounter of the third kind while out at sea. The alien in question was a seven foot shark, which nudged his boat. After reporting his sighting to the harbourmaster, he went home to do a spot of research, subsequently declaring that... (more)

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