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The challenge of electric grids

By EdCar, published on Oct 25, 2013

A paradoxical trend

Just like cars, electrical devices are increasingly energy-efficient and need less power to work normally. A modern fridge needs a lot less electricity than its ancestor from the 1950’s. Yet the list of domestic appliances is much longer today than it used to be 60 years ago. Fridge, oven, micro wave, television, computers, smartphones, video game console and so forth. The amount of power required by all house appliances nowadays has nothing in common with the standards that prevailed only two decades ago. This microeconomic trend is of course confirmed in developed... (more)

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Cracked Pots

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 15, 2013

An idealistic young man, Mark, traveled a great distance to find a well-known holy man to mentor him. Although this elder, Fr. Simon, was a confirmed hermit, Mark noticed that he was becoming physically weak. Ingeniously, Mark offered the perfect exchange; he could to do the heavy chores quickly for the elderly monk freeing valuable hours so that Father would have more than enough spare time to teach him how to live a spiritual life. This earnest young fellow was determined to do his work so well that the monk would never regret sharing his hermitage and more importantly, his wisdom with... (more)

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Will GOP’S Solyndra Witch Hunt Backfire?

By Josh Marks, published on May 16, 2012

Solyndra was never about the facts. It was never meant to be. House Republicans put on a cynical show trial to attack the Obama Administration’s clean energy policies. They dragged Nobel Prize-winning physicist and Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu to Capitol Hill in order to brow beat one of the most respected scientists in the world over the DOE Loan Guarantee Program.

Sadly, Republicans might have committed serious damage to American competitiveness in the global clean energy race. The United States is attempting to compete with China, Germany, Brazil and other nations whose... (more)

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Peony Pink and the Ides of Plutonium

By Lynda Lehmann, published on Mar 20, 2011 find comfort, solace and the support of the world community in their healing from last week's multiple tragedies. I also wish, hope and pray for all of us to achieve freedom from the nuclear monster. The lethal potential of isotopes with a half life of 25,000 years or more, makes nuclear energy a Pandora's box of potential for the destruction of Life. I think the world is finally recognizing that a technology that can't be controlled or adequately addressed with solutions and fail-safes, should not be used. Plutonium and cesium can exact a high price for the privilege of turning on a ... (more)

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Sanity or Not?

By Lady D, published on Nov 3, 2010

... said “people can’t control themselves.”

Sooner or later we need to take off the diapers and make a few mistakes in our big kid pants, but eventually we will grow up.

Being as all we can really count on is change, let’s look to see what that will be. When we created nuclear energy we knew there were two sides to that coin and we are still wrestling with that today. Blow people up, or use that same energy for saving lives. Same energy just focus differently.

Now we know that, it, we, everything (including our thoughts) is just energy.

Some are just realizing ... (more)

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Biden, Chu: Recovery Act Energizes Innovation

By Josh Marks, published on Aug 25, 2010

(This story was originally published on the website Green D.C. Click here to read more stories about clean energy and the new green economy.)

Vice President Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Steven Chu held a press conference on Tuesday morning in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House to talk about a new report analyzing the Recovery Act's investments in science and technology breakthroughs.

The report, titled "The Recovery Act: Transforming The American Economy Through Innovation," was released by the Vice President's... (more)

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Hope Springs: Can a Fuel Cell Save Us?

By Tom Lewis, published on Feb 24, 2010

...just a few hundred yards away, up the deceptively gentle rise of Seminary Ridge, just beyond the bristling blue line of Federal muskets, bayonets and cannons that waited there.

Today, in the 11th hour of the American Republic as it confronts the absolute limits of its supplies of energy from fossil fuels, with no preparations made for the inevitable and catastrophic encounter with those limits, I will say to you that today could be the day. Today, we just might set a new course toward a better future. For someone who has spent several years writing about the inevitability of... (more)

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Humanity Evolves

By Lady D, published on Jan 20, 2010


So if we are not to evolve into a more loving species where are we going?

We are evolving whether we like it or not, some slower some faster. That is just life.

We are much more than we know and seem to be afraid of what we don’t know.

We and everything around us is energy. Where we focus is how we receive that energy.

Energy is not go or bad yet thinking makes it so.

When we try to fix things from the outside in, we are like the performer who spins plates. Running ourselves ragged trying to keep all those plates spinning.

How about if we the ... (more)

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The Latest Green Energy

By TheGuysPerspective, published on Nov 25, 2009

I learned something this past weekend. But let me back up for a second.

I’m always cold and I hate it. When summer turns to fall my house takes on a chill that doesn’t let up. It’s that time of year when the house is actually colder than it is outside. So while everyone’s enjoying the leaves as they’re turning every sort of shade and the kids head back to school, excited for bus rides and recess, I’m shivering in my house, wearing about four layers of clothes. But I refuse to turn on the heat. It’s too early and gas is expensive. And I’m cheap.

So imagine my utmost surprise this... (more)

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When Denile's Oil Drys Up, Switch to BioDiesel

By Charles Harmison, published on Apr 20, 2007

...of ecologically sound business practices and technologies. More and more major companies find that becoming green actually earns them more money. Technology exists which makes it possible to keep and increase the advantages of industry while leaving the earth intact. Everything from energy efficient halogen light bulbs which are as easy to replace as the joke contends, to entire overhauls of home and automobiles are available on the market right now and many of the technologies quickly pay for themselves. A special earth day episode of MTV's Pimp My Ride will air this Sunday at ... (more)

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