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Dancing in the Rain

By Coach Phatty, published on Jul 21, 2014

There are many times throughout our lives that we experience circumstances that can either leave us feeling good or bad about ourselves. They can be either positive or negative circumstances but the most important thing that we need to how we deal with them!!

Unfortunately, I know the feelings of resentment and hurt all too well. I didn’t realize it at the time but I had fallen into a web of negativity over a course of the past few years. In conversations with other people, I had become a “nay-sayer”, someone who talked about people in negative ways instead of being the... (more)

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Regrets of the Dying

By Coach Phatty, published on May 30, 2014

I have bad news for you…someday you are going to pass away. We all are. It is just a part of life. The million dollar question is…how well are we living the life that we have been given? Are we doing everything that we can do to help others? Make a difference in this world? Are we satisfied with the way that we are living our lives? Is our soul at ease and at peace? Have you achieved all of your life’s goals and have done everything that you wanted to do?

Well, if you have answered “no” to a few of the questions that I previously mentioned, then I have GREAT NEWS…you still have... (more)

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When Life Is Gray

By Coach Phatty, published on May 29, 2014

...What started out as an INDIVIDUAL act of kindness turned into an experience in which a GROUP got involved and turned a depressing situation into a fantastic experience for everyone that took part in the activity.

Also, observe the affect it had on the person that was receiving the encouragement. It’s truly amazing when you watch the affect of what a group of people, all focused on one goal in a positive manner, can accomplish.

The power of positive thinking, encouraging others and the ability not to stay “bogged down”, not only allows a person to feel better about ... (more)

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Doors Are Opening

By melanie jean juneau, published on Aug 8, 2013

Last week, my spiritual director causally mentioned that now my writing online would be blessed, that it would flourish.Two days later, after leaving a comment on Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner, the editor, Kim, e-mailed me .

"I’ve actually been thinking about you. I know you are busy and have other writing commitments but you’ve been on my heart for a while. I would love it if you’d join our writing staff or at least consider writing one piece or a series of articles on a particular topic. I feel you have a unique perspective as an experienced mom looking at this gentle... (more)

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By melanie jean juneau, published on May 5, 2013

... or months but 30+ years since I wrote more than mummy drivel or edited high school and university essays.

It took a few months of interacting with other writers first on my blog and then on interactive sites like BlogHer and BlogCatalog before I started to relax. Comments and words of encouragement welcomed me as an equal into their writing communities with open arms.

The real breakthrough came via BrooWaha because this site’s guidelines as well as the CEO, Tony Berkman and Angie taught me how to write articles, not just posts. In additon, experienced writers interacted with... (more)

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You Deserve Greatness...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 9, 2012

Every person holds the power to do great things. Do you believe that? Yes it's if-ands-or buts about it. Once you believe this, and I mean feel this deeply in your set yourself free to acheive all the meaningful things you want in your life.

If you are looking outside yourself for happiness or success....STOP!! Everything you need is right there inside you. Own it, know it, believe it in your core. Then step up and be YOURSELF. You deserve all your wishes and dreams to come true. Stand up and make it happen.

I have often told people, well, a few... (more)

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“They Come and They Go”

By Caballero_69, published on Jul 24, 2011

We cannot force the sun to rise before it is time. We cannot expect pearls from those wallowing in slime. Life has a pattern and ebb and a flow. The bad days come upon us and just as soon go. To those who speak ill and snarl in your face Turn a deaf ear. Put them in their place.

If you try to find comfort from people who can’t or won’t give, You’ll be at their mercy as long as you live.

They care not for your sorrow; they feast on your pain. The sooner you dismiss them, the sooner you gain.

Make the best that you can of this time and know it will pass. They cannot... (more)

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