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A letter to a politician on the eve of the Ontario election

By Shane Joseph, published on Jun 16, 2014

Dear Premier Candidate,

You are asking me for my vote. I am a jaded voter, one who once took pride in my regular visits to the ballot box during federal, provincial and municipal elections. One who used to push friends and family to exercise their right and vote, one who gave his employees time-off to go to the polling booth. I understood the importance of the democratic vote because I previously lived in countries where it was denied for a number of bogus reasons. But now I am jaded. Why? Let me tell you why…

But first, promise me that you will not act like Mike the golfer, who... (more)

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Political Straight Talk...?

By DKIdea, published on Nov 11, 2012

...I found this comparison very interesting:

Politicians run to win — Statesmen run to serve

Politicians are ideologues — Statesmen are open-minded

Politicians, “it’s all about me” — Statesmen, “it’s all about them”

Politicians focus on the next election — Statesmen focus on the future

The final definition of “statesmen” on Wikipedia defines it as: As it relates to American history, "statesman" represents an individual, who after being elected to office, holds firm to their oath to defend and uphold the US Constitution within... (more)

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Recovery Act is the Number One Reason to Re-elect President

By Josh Marks, published on Oct 23, 2012

Republicans keep falsely claiming President Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus, officially known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), was a massively wasteful failure. Right now the GOP is using all the money from their right-wing billionaire donors to inundate swing state voters with their anti-stimulus, pro-austerity message.

But in reality the stimulus is a smashing success. It is more than 50 percent bigger than Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and has begun to profoundly change the United States of America in ways many of us are just beginning to realize.... (more)

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Will Obama Ride 7.8% Jobless Rate to Reelection?

By Josh Marks, published on Oct 5, 2012

... economic disaster since the Great Depression. Seven sounds a lot better than eight and much, much better than the peak of 10 percent in October 2009. Significantly, in the mind of the American public, 7.8 percent sounds closer to the 7.2 percent unemployment figure that Ronald Reagan rode to reelection in 1984.

What Obama has achieved trumps Reagan because he inherited a global economic meltdown not seen since 1930. And Reagan wasn’t up against a hostile Republican Congress hellbent on his destruction. Despite all Obama was up against, he managed to pass Keynesian stimulus in the... (more)

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Are You Registered to Vote?

By Josh Marks, published on Sep 30, 2012

Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day. We are now only 37 days to the most important election of our lifetime. This is not just about reelecting President Obama, but electing moderates and progressives at every level of government who will work with President Obama in a constructive way instead of obstructing everything and tearing down Obama.

Democrats need to retake control of the House of Representatives and keep control in the Senate. There are also important elections at the state, city and local level. President Obama not only needs a Congress that will work with him, but... (more)

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When War-Mongers Get Miffed About War

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Apr 30, 2012

So Mitt and his Puppy Pac are in a snit, because That Guy in The White House is justifiably showing off his record to the Amurican Peeps as a part of this, what's it called again? Oh, right, an election campaign. For any who have conveniently forgotten, an election campaign is where you wallop the Other Dude/Dudette whilst simultaneously reminding everyone of what you have heretofore accomplished - at least those things you want everyone to remember, while at the same time trying to help everyone forget what you'd rather they never remember again. So when the Guy reminds everyone on how it... (more)

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The Battle of the Wookies

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Dec 16, 2011 know how? I bet you do!) Or choosing your rulers, leaders, whatever. Some things should be not about having a choices. That's the American Way! And we are all about the American Way, which is about getting wealthy, no matter what. It's right there on the Statue of Liberty! So, this election is about you having real choices, between that black guy with the foreign name, and all these white guys and one white, dynamic woman who know how to Get Things Done, like get rid of public education for once and all, because that does not have choices for people who need them. And put the ... (more)

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The Second Democratic Election in the DRC.

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Nov 30, 2011

The Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC has been under the fires of rebellions for more than a decade. The wars that the country has been experiencing were a hard moment for Congolese. The first free election in 2006, since the DRC got its independence in 1960 brought Joseph Kabila at the head of the country for five years. This year, November 28, a new election was organized. Incumbent president Kabila affronted 10 other president candidates among whom the eternal opponent Tshisekedi Etienne. At the same day legislative election was also held; there were 500 seats for which more than 1800 individuals... (more)

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Patriotically Speaking

By Caballero_69, published on Aug 11, 2011 the blessings of liberty to all Americans. Every one whether - rich, poor, middle or working class, regardless of skin color or birthplace, no matter their sexual orientation or gender or their religious preference. Protect the franchise so that people in momentary control of the election process cannot deprive us of fair elections - and no one's right to vote can be taken away. We need elections where money does not buy anyone's vote or place members of Congress on retainer. We must ban anonymous political influence; and slam shut the lobbyists’ revolving door in D.C.... (more)

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Election Season: Campaigning or Harassment?

By Jon Hosier, published on Oct 19, 2010

...this nation still have landline telephones. The American family considers their home a sanctuary. To continue its treatment as such, many subscribers to home phone service have signed their numbers up with the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry in prior years. Yet every time an election rolls around this is permeated by calls from campaign offices disrespecting their privacy and occasionally turning them off to voting period. The use of auto dialers (robocalls) is illegal right? Yes they are, but not in this case.


The reason can be found in the laws of the... (more)

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