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By JennyT, published on Oct 3, 2013

there will be moments, fleeting seconds

when a journey of ones self halts ~ mid stream

life’s own pattern that normally flows and

ebbs across jagged rocks across mossy leaves

there will be moments, when breath is hard to grasp

when knowing someone that you love cannot help

themselves, with tears that form, the droplets fall

no way to catch them, to make them disappear

there will be moments, you wish to trade their

place with yours, absolve the frightened

look held within their eyes, to give them

reassurance and all... (more)

Tags: life, accidents, separation, reality, relationship, elderly, moments in life

Empty - Prose

By JennyT, published on Sep 8, 2013

In solitude her footsteps slow; in robe of pink through empty rooms, she wanders no laughter or voice that echo in her days and nights

life strange and silent, meals for one with simply why, as she reaches for the cupboard door as she did the day before

views once shared by two hands held her arms now crossed she sees the morning rise the quiet moon, with only her eyes

no one to share

do her children know the loneliness she faces in the minutes, hours, the days ahead with wrinkled trembling hand she reaches

for the phone upon the wall

and stops... (more)

Tags: writing, loneliness, death, prose, emptiness, elderly, josh groban

Pop and his new toy

By JennyT, published on Aug 31, 2013 run into. “You have got to be kidding me” (the wolf had nothing on my huffing and puffing). “Where’s the Manager”. Yes, I was hot, bothered and patience – I had none.

“Excuse me, but this is the most unfriendly supermarket for wheelchair access or scooters for the elderly”.

“It’s a small store, we have to make do”.

“So you make do by filling the aisles with objects, that they need a rally car license in order to navigate?”

He shrugged.

I was getting angrier. “Come on dad, time for home”.

Off we went, dad taking ... (more)

Tags: family, writing, elderly, scooters, test run, no more driving, tortoise and hare

My English Rose

By JennyT, published on Aug 27, 2013

I have written about my Dad (Pop) but not it's now her turn.

The English Rose.

This is the lady who says now she's not beautiful (at 84) & that growing old means people "look at you as though you are stupid or they don't understand you, or have patience for you".

This is the lady who gets frustrated by not being able to do what she did in her younger years.

This is the lady who suffered a fall a couple of years ago and now has difficulty walking (one of my little penguins).

BUT This is the lady that brought me into this world.

This... (more)

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Romney Insults The Elderly, Disabled and Laboring Class

By John Nelson, published on Sep 21, 2012

...he would be the leader of all its citizens, yet he appears to have a fervent disgust for nearly half the nation. He has singled himself out as the Social Darwinist candidate with disdain for the laboring-class.

Who are these shiftless freeloaders who make up the 47%? They are our elderly; our grandparents, parents and neighbors. They’ve paid into the system all their lives and are exempt from taxation on Social Security. They do pay property taxes and taxes on food, gasoline and goods and services. They may pay zero taxes on one portion of their income; but they're far from... (more)

Tags: disabled, romney, elderly, 49%, social darwinist, laboring class, elitist

Beautiful Rejected Ones

By D. Sager, published on Dec 31, 2011

...These I have done and come back from, being rewarded with an understanding and compassion for those teetering on the point of no return. So many people on that edge, looking self loathing, rejection, and death in the face. These are the outcasts, the downtrodden, the incarcerated, the elderly, the dis-formed, the dysfunctional, the addicted. I will be a friend, a partner to those rejected by the crowd. Starving for affection and acceptance, withering beneath the blazing sun of rejection by family, by friends, by society. Orphans, left behind, stranded on islands of... (more)

Tags: rejection, water, compassion, cold, self esteem, addictions, incarcerated, outcasts, downtrodden, elderly, dis-formed

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