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It’s Not Rocket Science

By DKIdea, published on Dec 23, 2013

...a Republican or Democrat. Instead I’m an independent thinker that refuses to be manipulated by the snakes on either side. Anyway, the article was about the Republicans calling for Kerry to be put on a plane bound for Washington, instead of having a vacation while unrest and turmoil plague Egypt I’m no expert on foreign affairs or world events, but I’ve lived long enough to know that there is always some sort of unrest and turmoil somewhere in the world, particularly the Middle East. I’ve also lived long enough to know that everyone needs a vacation every now and then. Dare I say ... (more)

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Egypt, 'Concern' As Scores Killed In Protests

By Shaun Gibson, published on Jul 28, 2013

Egypt has been warned to pull "back from the brink" after security forces killed dozens of supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi during mass protests.

Thousands of Brotherhood supporters remain hunkered down in a vigil at a Cairo mosque, vowing to stand their ground despite threats by authorities to disperse them.

The Muslim Brotherhood says at least 120 people were killed after security forces attacked a protest by supporters of Mr Morsi in Cairo.

Doctors at a field hospital said another 1,000 people were wounded in clashes on the road to Cairo's international... (more)

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Freedom is not for free

By Anastasia , published on Mar 8, 2012

I’ve been keeping a close eye on political events in Egypt, an interest spurred by my visit to the country last November. Some news I get via email from people I met while I was there, people with hopes of a better future, mired ever deeper in doubt, especially now that the Islamists have come out of the parliamentary elections as the dominant force, commanding two-thirds of the representation.

A presidential election is scheduled for sometime this year but in the meantime the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) remains in control. The generals may eventually slip into the background,... (more)

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Naked Revolutionary

By Anastasia , published on Dec 20, 2011

I saw lots of political graffiti in Egypt. I can’t read Arabic but I know it was political because it was often accompanied by an illustration or even some English text. In Aswan one wall had a depiction of Mina Daniel, a Coptic Christian killed by the army in October. It was close to one of Che Guevara, a figure with whom he identified, something I found out later.

There was something else, something that puzzled me, an image of a woman who appeared to be posing naked; she was certainly wearing stockings or holdups and her shoulders were bare, but the central part of her body was covered... (more)

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Freedom for Shoes

By Anastasia , published on Dec 6, 2011

“Yes, I’m fine. No, I haven’t seen any trouble and I’m not in any danger.” It all got a bit repetitive after a while, these messages of comfort and reassurance that I had to send home to family and friends. For, you see, I was in Egypt in the middle of an uprising.

Actually I left Cairo – a horribly congested place – a few days before the trouble started in Tahrir Square, flying south to Aswan. I wasn’t in Egypt for politics; I was there for history, or history of an ancient kind. Still, I could not avoid politics altogether, keeping an eye on reports from the BBC and CNN, talking to... (more)

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The Jasmine Begins to Rot

By Anastasia , published on Oct 16, 2011

...respect, respect for the rights of others; it’s just that I don’t think they are capable of it; they have no mature civic tradition, just a long legacy of intolerance, often murderous in nature.

On my personal blog at the beginning of February I wrote Reflections on the Revolution in Egypt ( ) , making the following observation;

Revolutions are all very well when they produce the results one approves of, but they don’t always do that, do they? If you are reading the book Egypt please don’t... (more)

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Egypt Removes Sex Education on National Program

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Nov 23, 2010

Removing sex education program from the national curriculum is a big step backwards in Egypt. People should have access to education in a holistic way. However, Egypt’s education ministry has instructed schools not to teach lessons on reproduction and propagation methods, fertilization genetics, and anatomical illustrations of the male and female reproductive systems.

In respect to the above arguments, the Ministry of Education compelled teachers to disregard chapters on these subjects in existing biology textbooks, and new textbooks have been printed that omit the lessons. Accordingly,... (more)

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Peace Talk Overture: Hamas Kills Four Israeli Civilians

By Dan Ehrlich, published on Aug 31, 2010

...turf...or in this case sand. In their timeless mind set, they feel the passing generations and even centuries will make things right again.So back to the Palestinians...much of the negotiations will be about borders and refugees. Before the 1948 War Palestine was one entity and Gaza was part of Egypt. When a UN ceasefire was brokered in 1948, the ceasefire line was meant to be a temporary border between the two sides...there never has been any sort of attempt to settle on permanent borders.Then, the 1967 war created the present modified temporary borders with the addition of the Syrian... (more)

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