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Walking In Faith: Wolves In Sheeps Clothing

By Lumiere, published on Apr 16, 2009

...about the state of the world today? It all canseem overwhelming."

LL:"Sometimes it can all be a bit too much but I pray and have faith. Faith in a higher powerto healand restore what is broken.Faith in our own ability to create a Eco-America that is better than the past. Faith in education. Faith in the children of the worldto learn from the lessons of history and dream bigger to create a brighter future where scarcity is a myth and where the commons are protected and preserved for all life; clean water, clean air, plenty of natural food not genetically modified by greedy... (more)

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Chinese Self-study Education Program Is Great!

By Mason, published on Apr 9, 2009

...and going through exams as required by the college whichwe are enteringourselves for the exams.As long aswe are hard working,and make the best use ofthe time,we can get the certificate which is acknowledged by the state.ifone is going for work rightafter junior college or say 3 years college educations,andwish to study more and higher ones' knowledge later,for going to impress the society,one can do it also.thus,the self-study program is accessible to most part of knowledge seekers.

What i said above this kind of self-study program is being acknowledged by the state is one point... (more)

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Oakland Protest Reveals Black Racism

By D. E. Carson, published on Mar 29, 2009

...who know that they will make mistakes and own up to them and will learn from them and actually work hard and are successful. Let me share a secret with the black community – whites don’t have it any easier than you do. The American free-enterprise system was established in such a way that everyone starts at the bottom and only those who are actually willing to work hard and take the risks and take the chances and get a proper education will make it to the top. Those who do nothing deserve nothing. Those willing to work deserve to be rewarded. To make it any other way is immoral.


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So What If Obama Is Black

By PATRICK PETION, published on Mar 17, 2009

...self reliance attitude can create wealth.Beena black men is still not matter but the social policies of a government would be beneficial for every citizen. the country was base on self reliance, freedom and the pursuit of hapiness. the only thing we need is freedom to be able to work get an education and start a business for ourself and our family.The only thing we should need from a government not the color of their skin, but they guaranteed our freedom.

Finally taxe increse hurt everybody, as the maire of New York has the courage to mention it, higher taxes mean two thing; less... (more)

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Assaut Dans Un Lycee En Seine-saint-denis

By Lyn, published on Mar 10, 2009

...du lycée Gustave Eiffel, un lycée technique voisin. A l’heure actuelle, elle a interpellé et mise en garde à vue 6 jeunes. Les réels motifs de l’attaque restent jusqu’à présent inconnus.

Le Ministre de l’Education Nationale qui s’est rendu sur les lieux a répliqué: “Il est insupportable que des violences de quartiers, des règlements de comptes entre bandes viennent s’exercer dans des établissements scolaires …Ce n’est pas une violence de... (more)

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A Cry In Black History That Belongs To All Of Us

By Kim, published on Mar 6, 2009

Black History Month just wrapped up but the celebration, acknowledgement, recognition, and education continues with an incredible play at the Stella Adler Theatre.

This gem of a venue is located in the hub Hollywood presents a jewel in a poignant form.

Howlin' Blues & Dirty Dogs was a wonderful piece that portrayed the life of woman was not given credit for the numerous contributions she made the World of Music - Jazz and Blues Willie Mae (Big Mama) Thornton. Barbara Morrison - Jazz Legend in her own rite, does an incredibly breathe... (more)

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Tavis Smiley Presents State Of The Black Union

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Mar 2, 2009 the breadth and scope of the events and what they have meant to communities all over the country.” The symposium was broadcast live to millions of viewers on C-SPAN.

The panel addressed current issue facing the African American community in an era of President Barack Obama. Education, unemployment, healthcare, financial well being, crime reduction and the justice system. The panel was all in agreement about the importance of citizens being actively involved in the political process at the local level and the need to hold elected officials accountable.

Van Jones, ... (more)

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Education Is A Powerful Force, Especially In A Tough Economy

By ESKCSG, published on Feb 25, 2009

The country’s unemployment rate stands at 7.6 percent, meaning that more than 11 million Americans are now without jobs. However, while the employment rate among high school graduates with no college education hovers at eight percent, those with bachelor’s degrees or higher are seeing the unemployment rate drop by more than half, to 3.8 percent, according to the U.S. Labor Department.

Additionally, the average annual salary for individuals with graduate or doctoral degrees is $75,000, while bachelor’s degrees command an average salary of... (more)

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Academy Awards Hollywood Glamour At The Conga Room

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Feb 24, 2009 a private nonprofit, nonsectarian, minority-serving medical and health science institution chartered in 1966. CDU is located in the Watts-Willowbrook area of South Los Angeles. The Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science has provided quality college, graduate and post-graduate education and training to thousands of qualified minority and other students for more than 35 years. As part of its mission, the University has also provided urgently needed healthcare services to chronically underserved residents of the poorest communities in Los Angeles County, serving the 1.7... (more)

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Environmental Cost Of Shipping Groceries Around The World

By Alex45, published on Feb 21, 2009

... known as a vocal promoter of green initiatives.Some of those companies say that they are working to limit greenhouse gases produced by their businesses but that the question is how to do it. They oppose regulation and new taxes and, partly in an effort to head them off, are advocating consumer education instead.Tesco, for instance, is introducing a labeling system that will let consumers assess a product’s carbon footprint.Some foods that travel long distances may actually have an environmental advantage over local products, like flowers grown in the tropics instead of in energy-hungry ... (more)

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