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Teaching Laziness?

By Kantanquer, published on Feb 1, 2007

... sense of honor, decency, dignity or moral value. To teach and to be moral is an impossible task for those of us trapped in our faded ways.

It does take work to teach without using trickery. It takes a lot of work. And thought. And honesty. And hey, we just ain't paid enough for all that! So, yeah, I guess you could say we are a little lazy. Who really likes new ideas anyway? I'd rather be called lazy and keep getting a pay check than have to re-think my whole view of education. I just ain't paid to do that. Call it what you will. I call these new ideas fanciful bullshit.


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Make LA a greener place: plant trees with TreePeople

By E Jo, published on Jan 22, 2007

... weeding and overall tree maintenance will take place. In Montecito Hills, between downtown LA and South Pasadena, there is a forest of young trees that need care. And finally, in Wilmington there will be a greening workshop which provides training for the planting and caring of trees and the education of teen leaders in organizing a community greening event. TreePeople is a non-profit organization that has been in LA for over thirty years and offers sustainable solutions to the urban environmental problems the city faces. Scientists attribute the dieback of the forests that surround LA... (more)

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Heading to the Lively West

By Josh Marks, published on Dec 7, 2006

...The UCLA Hammer Museum (10899 Wilshire Blvd.; 310-443-7000) opened to the public in 1990 and later partnered with the neighboring university. With the resources of UCLA, it has become a prominent arts institution in the cultural landscape of Los Angeles. For those interested in continuing education, UCLA Extension (; 310-825-9971) has buildings scattered throughout Westwood Village including 1010 Westwood (1010 Westwood Blvd.), Lindbrook Center (10920 Lindbrook Dr.), Westwood Village Center (1083 Gayley Ave.) and the UCLA Extension Administrative Building (10995 Le... (more)

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AIDS in Black- Heroes in the Struggle

By G'Bre, published on Nov 22, 2006

... the range of ways to get involved in the cause of fighting AIDS in Black communities. These honorees include Rashidah Abdul Khabeer, who has been on the ground with her organization “Circle of Care” organization in Philadelphia, giving treatment and loving care to HIV patients and education to the at-risk Black Philadelphia community. Another honoree, Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Culver City’s Agape Spiritual Center, was honored for his and his congregation’s work to volunteer and give financial assistance to AIDS related groups. The next Honoree was... (more)

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Iranian-American Inner Revolution

By maceo manhattan, published on Nov 20, 2006

... realized that my parents represented both sides of the Persian spectrum; my dad was a hard working engineer and my mom's family had a lot of money. Often times, I was confused which side was right. At the age of 28, I realized that being Iranian is a bit of everything; the majority of which is education and money. I would say that money though is 60 percent which makes it the majority. What makes the Iranian American citizen such an interesting one is the divide between Muslims and Jews. Back in Iran, Jews were seen as dirty and different. With the dawn of 911 we now see a reversal of... (more)

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By Mark Barkawitz, published on Nov 12, 2006

... Dad." "I know. I'm just letting you know." "Dude, Big Man already told us," his buddy adds, although I'm not sure how he can hear me with the headphones blaring in his ears. "Big Man?" "Our center," my son explains. His buddy continues: "Dude, Big Man said you got to prioritize. Get your education, your wife, your house, your fence, and your dog first. Then smoke if you wanna smoke, Dude." It isn't the worst advice I've ever heard. They're a long way from the part. But as I said, it's my job, so I'm compelled to add to Big Man's game plan: "Just don't do it." Okay?" All of a... (more)

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Note to Bono: World Saving 101

By Chris Volkay, published on Nov 10, 2006

...that kept us all in the dark for much of human history. Or as Tai Solarin, one of Nigeria's leading educators put it, "they must be educated to stand on their feet. The worst bane of African nondevelopment is the chronic dependence on the deity to solve all earthly problems. Give everybody education for self-reliance and we will vie with the best nations everywhere". Now comes Bono preaching. Even his songs contain religious references and lyrics. "I believe in kingdom come", "if you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel". Wrong. Get people up off their knees and standing on... (more)

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They stole my love

By Thomas T., published on Nov 4, 2006

...fight for regime change in Cuba, Sudan, and North Korea for heaven's sake. Unfortunately it may take the judge of history to bring this one fully to light, but it will. And, by the way, for those of uninformed about the impeachment process, for which indecency I am willing to blame our lousy education system, impeachment does not mean "But that means we'll have President Cheney!" Impeachment is not just for presidents. We impeach the whole lot of them, and remove them from office until Nancy Pelosi is president, then we hold her neck to the chopping block until she gives us our country... (more)

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Bush Postpones Elections for lack of interest

By J. La Mont, published on Oct 28, 2006

...Foundation for the Election Systems reports that each vote costs the government $1-3 to count. The Center for Responsible Politics estimates that Senate candidates will pay $59 per vote while a seat in the House $35, totaling $2.6 billion on ads and GOTV instead of minor things like education and healthcare. The election business is booming. I'm afraid of the massive inflation if we wait too long for the next election." The White House sprung into action with a response. Sylvester Stallone, dressed as Rocky, gave a speech at West Point with English subtitles, "Terrorists have... (more)

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Who Ruined California's Public Schools?

By Natasha VC, published on Oct 27, 2006

... there is political firestorm brewing about the border and immigration reform. I would like to focus on just one dimension of the debate : the decay public schools in the state. Who are we to blame? Your parents. Allow me to explain. Up until the 1980's California was a model state for public education (K-12). We ranked 18th in school spending. California public school funding came predominately from property taxes (85%). The revenue that was collected from property tax was put into a pool and doled out to the state's schools. Since the 1920's California property has always been, well,... (more)

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