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Why The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Apr 18, 2007

... to spew words that some of these so called musicians can barely spell than it is to know how to make change or how to talk to someone with the need for implied violence. Outrage over why so many black men are in prison and why for some it is not until they get to prison that they get a basic education. Outrage for why a generation and half have no respect for themselves and almost as little for anyone else. It is time to have a honest discourse over the why many black people over the age of 30 want to as far away as possible from people who look like them but who younger are far more... (more)

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The invisible "Americans" among us

By Amo, published on Apr 12, 2007 homage to illegal aliens, and demonstrate to them our tolerance and good will, as we should, and yet if one bothers to look close our own “brothers” silently cry out. The numbers are staggering, 24% of Navajo’s twenty five years old and older have less then 9th grade education, 44% do not have high school diplomas, and only 5% complete four or more years of college. The “Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota, one of the poorest in the nation has an unemployment rate of almost 80%. Ironically Illegal aliens come across the boarder to seek a better life, to ... (more)

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Do You Work For The Public?

By newchickineastbay, published on Apr 4, 2007 get information. Her first impression is negative. She is not acknowledged by the receptionist, she is not given enough information, she feels like she is not wanted. This single mother is trying to change her life, one negative experience is quite enough to make her shy away from higher education. If you have a public service job you need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror and think about how you treat people. You should think about how many lives you have ruined. Hopefully none, but how would you be able to know that? At least today you can stop what you have been doing ... (more)

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Sonia Choquette's True Balance: An Imbalance???

By Savattra, published on Apr 4, 2007 this was sent to a Governor's office, it is worth mentioning for the purposes of consumer protection): This Delaware corporation is registered as a for-profit enterprise selling a series of courses under the trademark "Avatar." The courses are described as "personal development education." In reality, Star's Edge is a quasi-religious cult with roots in Scientology. MISREPRESENTATION OF ORIGIN, CREDENTIALS AND PURPOSE · The founder and sole owner of Star's Edge, Harry Palmer, operated a Church of Scientology Mission in Elmira, New York for 15 years. After he was... (more)

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Wig Stands, The Panopticon, and Symbolic Analysts

By Charla Howard, published on Mar 29, 2007

How's that for a sexy title? I teach English classes at Long Beach City College. It's my ground zero for assessing the state of public education and the lab rats otherwise known as students who are its purported direct beneficiaries. And society, theoretically, would be public education's indirect beneficiary. Yesterday, I was packing up after a rather dispirited class. We'd read essays by Montessori and Dewey, both seminal education theorists albeit long-winded and a bit dry. To conclude our discussion, I posed this question, "Have you been liberated or enslaved by your education?" My students... (more)

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The SF Zoo: Where the Animals Are on the Outside Looking In

By Ed Attanasio, published on Mar 11, 2007

...donate enough cash, you can have zoo buildings and exhibits named after you. If I ever have that kind of money to donate, I want to sponsor the “Ed Attanasio Sea Slug Savanna.” The SF Zoo has also expanded their Children’s Zoo, Dentzel Carousel, the Connie and Bob Lurie Education Center (Bob Lurie used to own the SF Giants) and the Koret Area Resource Center. The new zoo is getting great reviews, and one reason for this is that they’ve taken a “conservation through interaction” approach. They believe that if people can see these animals in their... (more)

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SF BATS Is Top-Notch Improv Theater

By Ed Attanasio, published on Mar 7, 2007

Last night we went to BATS Improv in San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center. BATS Improv is a non-profit education and performance theatre company that has been entertaining Bay Area audiences since 1986. Their unique style of acting-based improvisational theatre has made BATS Northern California’s largest improv theatre company and school and is a benchmark for improv all over the world. BATS performs year-round at the 200-seat Bayfront Theater, which is the ideal size venue for this type of thing – intimate and personal. You feel like the improvisational actors are performing just for you... (more)

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Los Angeles Religous Education Congress Youth day!

By RLSegarra, published on Mar 2, 2007

Over 14,000 high school students and their chaperones decended upon the Anaheim Convention Center and brought with them enough joy, faith and energy to light up the whole state. Youth Day kicked off the 4 day Los Angeles Religious Education Congress that brings speakers from all over the globe, Catholic and non-Catholic to share, teach and inspire teens and adults. The workshops run the gammut from social justice to how to be more christian to your family. The music is soulful and joyful and brings you as close to heaven as is humanly and earthly possible. Today brought thousands... (more)

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What the Hell is AMPAS Smoking?

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 26, 2007 as laughable as the notion that 9/11 was an inside job. The movie was written from the stand-point of one individual and is biased toward that one individual’s seriously misguided delusions and ignorance of the facts. Additionally the miscreant Al Gore has absolutely no formal education in climatology and therefore has no authority with which to “star” in this waste of celluloid. Gore is not an actor – although it would certainly be a switch to see a politician go from politics TO acting and not the other way around. Gore has no more authority to speak... (more)

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tsarfatit - The first Francophile Jewish Network

By mikewinsc, published on Feb 14, 2007

It started with just one email. The date was April, 15th 2005. Yoel Ohayon is a young professional Jew of Moroccan descent. Like a number of other Jews born in Morocco or France, he came to the US to better his education. Although most of them are undeniably enjoying their new lives in the US, they sometimes feel a void created by the fact that the French-speaking Jewish community is increasingly scattered all around the world. A few days before Passover in the spring of 2005, Yoel felt it was time to do something about it. He crafted an email that he blasted to his Jewish friends all over... (more)

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