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Raising a student’s self-confidence

By Dani Further, published on Jun 11, 2007

...Consequently, many schools around the nation have implemented programs aimed at raising a child’s self-esteem and teaching methods that avoid damaging a student’s ego. However, when building a student’s self-confidence is placed before building a student’s education, generally the result is students that can’t accept constructive criticism and teachers who become overly lenient in grading and correcting mistakes. According to Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D. in her new book, Generation Me, 60% of teachers and 69% of school counselors agree that... (more)

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Honor amongst Thieves: Debunking the National Honor Society

By sanity check, published on Jun 1, 2007

... another school. First and foremost, these students are our children and we have an obligation to help them as much as possible. NHS membership can affect college admission and scholarship monies. What possible reason could a so-called educator give for denying a child the best chance at higher education? NHS is NHS and the school is secondary. There is no NHS rating of which schools are harder to get into and frankly, that would be stupid. So why would a community allow any NHS chapter to set standards above the norm? What purpose does this serve? The only people hurt are the kids. NHS... (more)

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Whatever happened to finding yourself?

By AshleyC, published on May 30, 2007

...subway tracks. The college market has taken on a similar color. As the number of college applicants and the number of their applications rises, the most selective colleges are getting even more selective. Rejection letters are off the presses in record numbers. The scramble for a "valuable" education does not just hit at the college level. There is an on-going controversy over private schools and magnet schools drawing off the city's top students, only to leave public schools to fall to the No Child Left Behind act. The controversy has not stopped parents from waging lawsuits over getting ... (more)

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Climbing the Ladder with Literacy

By Deleted User, published on May 24, 2007

...and applied for it. On November 17, 2005, he got the job. “After I started speaking English, I said ‘Wow, I really have the opportunity to do something else,’” Martinez siad. “I work 100 percent to try to do things better than somebody else before and to me, education is very important. When we are very poor, it’s the best way to control the poorness.” Martinez is now saving up for a house and was in the middle of fixing up a duplex he had just moved into with his wife and stepson. Some of his other plans for the future include finishing... (more)

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Illegal Alien Workers Cost Americans Money : Part 3

By sanity check, published on May 22, 2007

... to buy food, provide shelter and clothes. Illegals are poor. Children born to illegals residing in the U.S. are considered residents and the families of these children waste no time applying for "benefits" for their American children including but not limited to food stamps, medical care, and education. Think about this for just a minute. The United States has a personal progressive income tax. The more a person makes, the higher his/her tax liability. If the poor could take care of themselves, the government would not need to supply social programs and offset the costs of these programs... (more)

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Education without borders

By nycfashionista5, published on May 7, 2007

...and Management in the Office of Institutional Research at St. John's University, indicated that seven of our students are non-US-citizens from Mexico. However, there are 127 non-U.S. citizens from Central and South America which makes for a larger number of Latino students continuing their education here. “I know her parents didn’t have the resources to get her here and she had to fight her way into the school,” said Manuel Beltran, 18, a Mexican-American SJU student from California and Ibarra’s close friend. Together, Ibarra, Beltran, Cueto and Yesenia... (more)

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Spend 10K or more to become special with Sonia Choquette

By Savattra, published on May 7, 2007

... greed oriented in her readings. 3. Sonia Choquette is more than happy to use "Ph.D." on her books to generate credibility when she is a graduate of an unaccredited university - the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Her Ph.D. program in metaphysics is a grand $8000 and a deal in higher education! Sonia dropped out of the University of Denver to become a TWA flight attendant and then quit flying to read full time. She can't do anything else but read so she has a natural motivation to maximize her practice. Dr. Orloff is a board certified psychiatrist who graduated from UCLA Medical... (more)

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Coachella 2007

By RLSegarra, published on May 1, 2007

...when Rage Against the Machine hits the stage. Manu Chao and his band play before Rage and he comes out and blasts everyone off there feet. In Spanish and English he condemns President Bush, the war in Iraq and explains to everyone that the way to stop terrorism and ignorance is through education and hope. After their killer performance, and as everyone awaits the return of Rage, Manu and his band members return to the fence in front of the stage and proceed to hose down the very hot crowd supplying them (where were they Friday night) with much needed relief. Then, after intense... (more)

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A day in the beautiful-people-neighborhood...for a price.

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Apr 29, 2007

...has its friends and enemies, the second group enhanced by the paper's seemingly endless parade of ads for several-thousand-dollar handbags and the like. Despite this, I have generally joined the former camp, appreciating intelligent treatment of a variety of issues, particularly contemporary education and science, as well as more local ones: articles about the city and region particularly draw attention to a range of interests and rarely favor a upper-class, consumerist perspective. However. This morning's article, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,"... (more)

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SF Celebrity Top Chef Marisa Churchill is Cookin'!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 21, 2007

... own olives, make homemade breads and pastas, and how to make a wide variety of authentic Greek dishes. In 1999 Marisa decided to turn her life-long passion for cooking into a career. She graduated from the California Culinary Academy specializing in baking and pastry, and later continued her education in both savory cooking and advanced pastry skills at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. Marisa has worked at such notable restaurants as Rubicon, and The Slanted Door. In 2003 she became the executive pastry chef at restaurant LuLu, where food critic Michael Bauer named her... (more)

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