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Ms. Angeline Bandon-Bibum Appears @ 9th Ann.Harlem Book Fest

By Afrika Abney, published on Jul 13, 2007 bring African American authors, poets, and performers together with the community they serve. The Harlem Book Fair will present best-selling authors, emerging writers, spoken word artists, and performers to an enthusiastic public community. A full-day program introducing diverse ideas and innovative forms of expression, the Harlem Book Fair is important for Harlem and the New York community. Awareness in reading, literacy, education and positive role modeling are just a few of the benefits of the Harlem Book Fair. For further information about the festival visit (more)

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Senator Sheehan? Where's My Gun?

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 9, 2007

...job to bail your sorry ass out of trouble. Anything you do, you do because you made the choice. If you build a house on a floodplain then it is up to you to deal with rebuilding it when your house gets flooded. FEMA is a part of the welfare state and just like the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services and Homeland Security, they all need to be disbanded – closed down permanently. No more food stamps, FEMA, state-run schools or any other government “gimme” program. It is time for the people of this country to start taking responsibility for... (more)

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Cheating Allegations Hit Oakland High School Hard

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 8, 2007

... seen on its Web site above the names of colleges that accepted them, like Dartmouth, Yale, Stanford and San Jose State. But that wonderful image is a false one, because now it’s been revealed that somebody at this inner-city public school is cheating big-time. The state Department of Education has just concluded for the second year in a row that one or more adults interfered with state-required testing at the school. This spring, state investigators seized copies of 2005 tests being illegally used to prepare students for the 2007 exams. This is a travesty. These teachers are not... (more)

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The Bored Of Education

By Hunter Addams, published on Jul 2, 2007

... Holding a 3.94 GPA, she's working her ass off and it shows. After just 6 months of being there, she was invited to join the Alpha Chi Honors Society. Something which she said initially bothered her about being there, and which even I'm noticing seems to be true, seems to be getting worse. This educational system doesn't work. One of her professors is being accused of, among other things, bullying students and not doing her job as a teacher to ensure their educations. They say she doesn't give them proper grades and is too tough on them, at the end of the semester, giving them an Incomplete... (more)

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The Origin of Fear

By Geddy, published on Jun 28, 2007, “Enfriends”.) Soon persons afraid of sheep became: “Angoraphobics”. Don’t like spiders? (Which you may remember Enrico didn’t), you are a Stanleeaphobic”. Can’t stand “Enfriends”? “Phoebeaphobic”, and so on. Education is the answer to all of this, Enrico believed. I can teach people more about the things that they are afraid of, and it will lessen their fear. So he set about doing this across Italy. Firemen, who were once afraid to go anywhere near a burning building, learned that with proper clothing, and ... (more)

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One Billion Infected-Half the World's Population

By Steven Lane, published on Jun 27, 2007

...stopped from crossing between species." Lead researcher, Sir John Skehel, said "the findings would enable scientists to track and monitor the changes in flu viruses, but the research would not have an impact on the Far East chicken flu known as H5." I thought I was pretty well rounded in my education but I never heard this story. What a maroon! "1918 killer flu secrets revealed", author unknown "1918 Killer Flu Reconstructed", by Richard Knox "The Influenza Pandemic of 1918", by author unknown "TeensHealth",... (more)

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Happy Feet Witnessed at the Long Beach Bayou Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jun 27, 2007

... filled to capacity. After their crowd pleasing set, Lee and Valerie Benoit presented a workshop on the Club N’ Orleans Stage on how to play the Cajun triangle for a waltz or Cajun two step. I spent the entire weekend at the Club N’ Orleans Stage soaking in the various cultural, educational workshops presented by the artists on the smaller intimate stage. All of the workshops were informative and offered insight into the culture of Louisiana. The workshops expanded festival goers appreciation and understanding or help piqued peoples interest in wanting to learn more about... (more)

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Sunday School - Be a volunteer!

By kpbell3, published on Jun 25, 2007

As head of Education at the Methodist church that I attend and the one in charge of scheduling substitutes for the youth Sunday School teachers, I often hear the comment, “I can’t teach Sunday School. I wouldn’t be good at it.” Unfortunately, so many people are under the assumption that they have to have an education degree or teach public school to do a “good job.” It is just simply not the case. If you have a love of children and a basic knowledge of the Bible, you can do a great job! When I first began teaching Sunday School to the “under-6” set, I learned a lot just by... (more)

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Librescu Day

By Invisible African, published on Jun 16, 2007

There isn't room enough on the calendar to honor every American hero, but Aug. 16, the birthday of one such hero, is a day teachers and others who cherish education should make a point of celebrating. No one knows what drove Liviu Librescu, four months short of his 77th birthday, to martyr himself to the cause of education. But that is what Librescu, a Romanian-born Holocaust survivor and mechanical engineering professor, did when he blocked a gunman from entering his Virginia Tech University classroom on April 16 -- earning him five bullets, one of them to the head -- so that most of his students... (more)

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Green Filmmaking And Studio Worm Farms

By KLiedle, published on Jun 12, 2007

...such as establishing recycling programs, utilizing organic products and environmentally-friendly building materials, and donating unwanted items to local schools and other charity organizations. Currently, there’s no mention of worms crawling around in compost at the New Mexico Film Office, BUT through education and encouragement, and with the offer of even more incentives for green productions, New Mexico is leading the way toward more eco-friendly filmmaking. That’s something I’d like to see from more film commissions, production companies, studios, and filmmakers! (more)

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