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Notes on Zambia

By Bradley Fink, published on Oct 24, 2007

... way I spoke with a Zambian woman about the elections tomorrow. She said that she won’t be voting for it, as to her it doesn’t matter who wins, as none of the candidates will do much for the country. The truth, she said, is that there are no jobs here, there is no real economy, no education, and no hope amongst the youth for the foreseeable future. Halfway to Lusaka we came to Mazabuka, where we were slowed behind another political rally. At this the woman smiled to see the people marching in the streets, cheering by the roadside, parading and waving their signs. When I... (more)

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From Slavery to Death and Taxes

By Credo, published on Oct 22, 2007

... steam. Even though Negro people were said to be free they could not find freedom on any American soil. Black people at the time were not cognizant of their stake in America after slavery, they existed as second class citizens pursuant to the 14th Amendment. They couldn’t without proper education (which would have made them able to read, thus qualifying them as sui juris-sound individuals enabling them to understand and handle their own affairs) comprehend the dogmatic nature of their new found citizenship. The vagueness of this new system and relationship that occurred between... (more)

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Shortcuts Up The Career Ladder

By Chedvah, published on Oct 14, 2007

WORK EXPERIENCE VIS A VIS EDUCATION Anyone who has been through the strenuous period of studying for pending exams, researching for coursework information and trying to understand that Lecturer, Professor or Teacher muttering seemingly significant information has for one moment questioned their reason for embarking on a journey that they are not even sure how they even started. For so many, memories of school are filled with excitement at the thought of seeing their peers mingled with dread at encountering bullies and disapproving glances from both their peers and teachers. However several... (more)

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What's The World Coming To?

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Oct 9, 2007 destruction is the inevitable. Yes, our country is the greatest and we're free... Supposedly! But we're slipping man! You disagree with me? There are parts in the good ol' U.S. of A that seem like a third world country with lack of food, clothing, and shelter. Don't forget the lack of education that's going around. While the teacher is up their busting his/her hump, the goody-goody so called 'generation Y' of today are too busy playing the PSP underneath their desk. Do you think I'm going to let the next generation operate on me when I'm old and grey? Ask yourselves why 'generation ... (more)

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Who doesn’t like a good abstinence education funding program

By mara1423, published on Oct 9, 2007

...or that it is possible to monitor who actually adheres to abstinence? Children usually do as they are told, right? Sure. The New York Civil Liberties Union released a report which found that New York was second only to Texas in the amount of money it received for its abstinence-only educational program. Sex education is not mandated by the State of New York. Why not? Why put millions of dollars into an abstinence program when there is no guarantee what kids are being told about sex by their friends, what they read in books and magazines or even what they see on soap operas and... (more)

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Jazz At Drew-Good For Your Health

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Oct 8, 2007

... and “This Is My Country.” What begin in 1991 with an audience of approximately 150 people, over the past few years has grown to accommodate some 10,000 jazz fans annually and raises much needed funds to support Drew University, the only historically Black Institution for graduate education in health profession west of the Mississippi. “Jazz At Drew” has proven to be more than a celebration of music. Rather, it is due to the healing power of music that this event endeavors to build cultural bridges thru music, and to continue the University’s mission to... (more)

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The L.A. Connection: The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me

By Glenn T, published on Oct 7, 2007

...willing to look for it. This is a city of stories, rich and diverse - some simple and short, some complex and rich - their first chapters are told by the myriad places and faces you'll see. Los Angeles, as one of the largest cities on Earth, and perhaps the most culturally diverse, is a testament to the one beautiful commonality of its residents, which reminds us of what can exist in each of us, regardless of our color, origins, education, or financial station - the one universal quality of the residents of this city of broken dreams: we're all still dreamers. Sweet dreams, Los Angeles. (more)

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L.A. Peeps: Meet Norma Jean, Comedienne

By M.J. Hamada, published on Oct 1, 2007

...dominatrix? NORMA JEAN: Yes, I did. After Albany, I moved to Houston, Texas, with my day job, and that's where I applied for and got an apprenticeship with a dominatrix. She trained me for six months. I basically had to clean her house, take care of the cats, etc., in exchange for the free education. And when my education was over, I would use her dungeon and pay her X number of dollars for each client I had. Not a lot of girls go through training like that. They get a whip in their hands, put up a website and say, "I'm a dom." It's not safe. I read books on psychology; I studied up on... (more)

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Tax Relief For Self-Employed Atlantans

By GreatMinds, published on Sep 28, 2007

... spend anyway. You'll feel like a genius, and you'll have your peers telling you how smart you are. Fourth, learn the rules. There are many other deductions that self-employed Atlantans may take. Some of these require a little more planning than others, but for just a minimal amount of self-education time, the conversion of what would otherwise be IRS tax revenues into personal business revenues can make your business the envy of those peers. Enroll in a tax-course with an "on-the-go" format for busy people. Many are available. One of the best is probably Bradford and Company's "Tax... (more)

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Lucky French Babies!

By JayCee, published on Sep 26, 2007

Education! Education is what all parents want for their kids. And the best of course! Problem: the cost is slowly becoming out of control leaving part of the population without access to the best education in the US or is just buried under debts! As part of his program, the newly elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants all French children living abroad to be able to access to the best possible education. And he has a plan! Starting September, the French government will pay the tuitions for the last class of high school (Terminale) for the French kids. This decision is the first... (more)

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