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Will Of The People

By Credo, published on Dec 7, 2007

... that we believe that the government can do no wrong, and has never told a lie, that they are working to secure the nation. But if you should look closer you may find that they are working to destroy the workings of the nation, and that is why we find everything going wrong with our system. Our education is failing, our criminal justice system is failing, our political system is failing, the checks and balances which hold the very government together is failing, and as we all know our foreign diplomacy has failed. Let me suggest that this is no coincident, that we have failed by design and... (more)

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Exclusive interview Don Durant

By Phil Andrews, published on Dec 4, 2007

...A prolific writer of tales close to home. An uncanny sense of hearing what is being said and translating it into what is meant. Long experience as a writer of news articles of diverse subject matter, from religious experience, prison life, political activism, and on to quality education in under served communities. Don Durant’s first seven novels run the gamut from love stories, terrorism, wounded war veterans, stalking murder mysteries, and on, and on. A former long time advertising executive with The New York Times, Newsweek, Family Circle, Essence, and... (more)

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Thanksgiving Mourning?

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 21, 2007

Sometimes there is a need for someone to be slapped. In this case, that someone would be Caprice D. Hollins, Willard Bill, Jr., Judy Dow and Beverly Slapin. Hollins is Director of Equity, Race and Learning Support for the Seattle School District, Bill works in the Office of Native American Education for the Seattle School District. Dow and Slapin are co-authors of a web posting entitled Deconstructing Myths of the First Thanksgiving. All four should be lined up side by side and summarily slapped beginning at one end and continuing in succession to the other. These four individuals have crossed... (more)

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Kwanzaa Festival

By Afrika Abney, published on Nov 21, 2007

... and $1 for children at the door. This event is open to the public. For more information and to inquire about vendor opportunities, contact Joyce Ansari at 718-944-0958. About The Learning Tree The Learning Tree Cultural Center (TLT) is a non-profit organization that has been involved in the education and development of young people in the Bronx for thirty years. Each year, TLT strives to provide children with the quality education, resources and guidance needed to become productive members of society. The Learning Tree currently offers elementary education, after school programming that ... (more)

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The Circle Conference Celebrates the Art of Mystery Writing

By Afrika Abney, published on Nov 16, 2007

...organize the annual Brooklyn Book Festival. About the hosts, African Voices Magazine and Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center African Voices Magazine is an African-American quarterly literary magazine published by a not-for-profit cultural arts organization which also sponsors related events. For further information visit Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center is a non-profit arts education organization offering low-cost workshops in all writing genres to adults, and programs for adolescents. For further information about them visit (more)

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Series - We The People - Censored Media VS Free Press #26

By Rose Mountain, published on Nov 4, 2007

...more Good advocates are informed advocates. The Free Press Web site is a great place to learn about media reform issues and actions. Or pick up a book such as The Problem of the Media by Robert McChesney or The New Media Monopoly by Ben Bagdikian. For documentaries on media reform and media literacy, visit the Media Education Foundation. *Give to the Free Press Action Fund Free Press relies on your support. With your help, we can change the media so that it serves the public interest, not the interests of corporations. Please consider making a donation to the Free Press Action Fund.


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Victimization Of Our Elderly

By Credo, published on Nov 2, 2007 reap. Most people who are reaching that age of retirement are the famous “Baby Boomers” who generally came from a large family and worked hard to help develop this country into the big republic that it is today. People then were told to go to school work hard, get a good education, get a career and than save for your retirement, a plan that most have failed because the careers were lost to industrialization, lost to technologies that remove the needs of the people from their place of work and from the long sort after careers. They were the people who stood in massive... (more)

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A Co-workers Nightmare

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Oct 31, 2007

... needed a puff...maybe a few puffs for the stress that I was about to inherit. The rule is...everybody is cool at the beginning and that's the way it was with Romeo Mitra. Romeo Mitra, born and raised in the jungles of the Philippines. Came to the United States in 1998 with no proper form of education and speaks with a heavy broken accent. He seems to have interest in sports cars which he thinks his Honda Civic is a fancy luxury. The other is his frequent trips to McDonalds and his stomach can vouch for that. This is a brief summery of L.A.'s worst co-worker. I can read people pretty good ... (more)

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The Paper Route

By Credo, published on Oct 28, 2007

...magazine purchases within our society which further implies that people are no longer interested in reading or subscribing to communication in that context. Perhaps this trend is due to a surplus of Cable television, computer online services, video games or perhaps it is due to our poorly run education system. Hell we have many reasons that we could point out here that would show probable cause for our condition, but perhaps causational attitudes is not the answer to the resolution of this problem. Our strength as humans beings has always been in the form of unity as a family unit, the... (more)

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Slave Race: Are you ready for this?

By Credo, published on Oct 26, 2007

... to their religions, because we have forgotten our true nature and our lord. It became a law that we should not learn to read, that we should never speak our own languages or teach each other of our beginnings, and in this way our captors felt no fear, and in this way we were devoured by the de-education of our people. Whether right or wrong we have grown into a slave people because of a lack of knowledge, those who have found no rest for the want of all things. Although many people say that Blacks have been unaffected by slavery and racism they find it impossible to comprehend the debts of ... (more)

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