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Are Teachers Mistaken about the Minds of Students?

By darinlhammond, published on Dec 3, 2012

Heather sits in the front of a stadium style college classroom in Idaho. In 10 minutes, her first course in higher education will begin, and she feels nervous excitement. Heather has been sitting in the center of the front row for 20 minutes now, anticipation making her antsy, her brand new $90 text book stacked on her desk, with notebooks, pen, and paper Her cellphone is off. She is thinking of how little she knows about what college learning will be like.

I enter the classroom, my 29th year in formal education, 11 as a university English teacher. I know all about what the next... (more)

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Meat Eaters are Sex Criminals

By Anastasia , published on Nov 25, 2012

...a carnivore myself so I’m also a liar, a thief and a sex offender, or at least I an according to a new textbook issued to eleven-year olds in India.

This little text of moral homilies was apparently intended to offer guidance on a variety of issues, from health and hygiene to sex education and exercise. The page on non-vegetarians is especially revealing. These are people who “easily cheat, tell lies, they forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and commit sex crimes.”

So, the meaties have all the fun then, while... (more)

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Grammar enhances communication, and why we hate it

By darinlhammond, published on Nov 10, 2012

As a teacher of college English at Idaho State University, my students moan and groan when I mention the topics of grammar and usage. The reflexes of fear, dread, and disgust are guttural and instinctual. The students instantly hate me.

I feel the intense collective downer that I release upon the classroom environment, and I always regret having mentioned the words at all in the classroom. The collective classroom mind slams shut.But, I understand the repulsion they feel. Grammar and usage are matters that we are always told we screw up. Teachers often broach the topic as they would... (more)

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Sex Education

By Anastasia , published on Nov 5, 2012

Has it never struck you as odd that the world’s oldest profession has no professional qualification? If doctors and lawyers, the second and third oldest, have recognised occupational standards why not prostitutes?

Well, yes, I know; the intuitive response must be - who needs this? Sex, after all, is the sort of thing that comes naturally. We all like to think we can do it, free of instruction, at least with a little, ahem, hands on practice. In prostitution practice surely makes perfect.

But this is all wrong; at least it is according to Trabajo Ya! (Work Now), a prostitution... (more)

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The Sundown Laws of the 1930's

By Patricia Adams, published on Mar 4, 2012

It’s Glendale, California, early 1930's. Black people know they have to be outside the city limits before dark.

Mama, a civil rights activist before the title had hardly been invented, tells me about the injustice of the so-called “sundown laws.”

Mama tells me about the hardships the sundown laws cause for hardworking people, like the Black maids who work in the big houses in the Rossmoyne district up near the country club. “If they’re not out of town before sundown, they’re harassed by the police, and sometimes they’re picked up and dropped at the city limits. Some of them even... (more)

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Maestro of Messaging

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 28, 2012

...Yes, the old concept of being out of touch.

Agreed-upon data shows up sporadically as [rational entry viewpoints of knowledge emitted="revoke"].

She steps away to view the message on the screen again, a message which adds to itself with more meaning, and a new message of [education authoritative trap="eat"]. She removes herself back a little further to fully grasp it as a concept of positions of power.

She looks but does not think. Her screen appears to be challenging the monitor as if it were some ancient god or, worse, law of the land.

She waits,... (more)

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Candor of Robot Rancor

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 26, 2012

So, she believes, they are bent on the idea of staying on solid ground intellectually. Let it be. Their high and mighty algorithms create go-for-glory blips, making a distinguishable existence the only way to experience life (can simple blips allow any escape from the silliness of their stillness?)

Yes, that's the way she would create her little realities--independent entities that are actually dependent on each other for their uniqueness.

The simple taking of responsibility for an unknown future is surely bravery, right? It would make her brave. It could be her true contribution... (more)

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Poem One: places

By Ahsan Daredia, published on Nov 20, 2011

since you are unaware of your expiration date

why not live it up till the end of your fate?

with each and every breath you take

your heart beats, your heart breaks

you think of change

a generation divided

peace and war talks will always be one sided

flip a coin

rejoin with your race

sharing this earth

never seemed to be any worth

i suppose our time has a great deal to learn

for all of this peace we always yearn

but before you think its all gone to hell,

try and educate, all will be well

for... (more)

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The Single Mom’s Dream

By Rebekah Shipp, published on Nov 10, 2011

... didn't want her to grow up in the poverty home life that I was so familiar with. At age 19, being poor was all I had experienced, but I knew that there was a better life out there for me, if I just chose to go look for it. That old adage is true, seek and you shall find, because God lead me to education, income, and provision!

Now, as a thriving, single mother of my beautiful 14 year old, I can gladly say that my dream came true! It was hard in the beginning, but with determination and a whole lot of spunk, I made it through! I now own my own successful part-time home based business,... (more)

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Uneducated Blogging & The Unrelated Enemy

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Oct 8, 2011

...from the situation. That is to say, no one truly knows your situation better than you and nothing, nor any one, can teach you how to make a better decision in the end.

Now, I’m guessing that there are plenty, if not only one, of my avid readers who do blog and give a plethora of non-educational advice, and will most definitively: dislike this post… and perhaps even myself. This brings me to my second pet-peeve: Unrelated Enemies. I understand nothing say’s ‘threat’ like a small manifestation by someone you ‘suddenly’ dislike. Yet, this makes me wonder: ‘If you... (more)

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