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What Recession? Flip Flop Shops Growing Fast!

By SocialMedia_Chick, published on Nov 24, 2009

While the economic climate throughout the past couple of years has left an increasing number of small businesses challenged, forcing some to pull the plug on growth and expansion all together, Flip Flop Shops , North America’s first retail chain exclusive to the hottest brands and latest styles of flip flops and sandals, has defied the odds and grown its network of franchises at a record pace.

Behind the strength and experience of an executive team that boasts a combined 50 years of franchise experience – including the same group of major players who helped build such household... (more)

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Godot Ain't Comin' ... Neither Is Recovery

By D. E. Carson, published on Mar 7, 2009

The recession began in December 2007.  That was fifteen months ago.  Since that time, the U.S. economy has lost 4.4 million jobs.  According to the Department of Labor more than half of those 4.4 million loses have happened in the last four months – three of which are while Obama has been president.

He promised reform and recovery.  So far he’s delivered speeches with the help of teleprompters, flown all over the United States on a “spiffy” plane, named at least four people to his cabinet who don’t think they have to pay taxes and treated British Prime Minister Gordon Brown like a red-headed... (more)

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