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Growth vs Inflation in Agriculture-Industry India

By M H Ahssan, published on Oct 29, 2011

For the last several months now, a debate is afoot about the sustainability of the much applauded Indian growth rate in the face of a seemingly uncontrollable rate of inflation. The inflation in turn has been raging mostly in our agricultural sector and it is worth our while to investigate the nature of the problem. To start with, an important question to ask is why it is agriculture rather than industry that is more susceptible to inflationary pressures in the context of a growth scenario. An obvious answer to the question lies in excessive demand for food. Even the government’s salutary NREGA... (more)

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Economic Crisis: The Political Reckoning

By Jack_Popiel, published on Oct 25, 2011

The recent weeks’ mayhem in the markets – and the authorities’ apparent inability to do more than slow it down somewhat – establishes one fact: that the economy, global or national, has not been fixed.

The administration’s response to the crisis has been massive bail-outs and cash transfers. This has somewhat eased the electorate’s pain, but only postponed the final explosion of anger and frustration prolonged downturns tend to generate.

The Federal Reserve’s prescription was to put the financial system on life support with huge injections of no-cost (zero interest) money. The... (more)

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Debit Less Appealing Will You Choose Credit?

By MGerman, published on Oct 7, 2011

With banks charging debit card fees at every turn, consumers are looking for new ways to save money. And lo and behold, they’re finding that their credit card might be their saving grace. While Wells Fargo, SunTrust, Chase, Regions Bank, Bank of America and other banks have begun implementing monthly debit card fees generally ranging from $3 to $5.

Banks have made using debit less fun. In fact, most of them have even axed their debit card rewards program in favor of these new fees. It seems that using a debit card is less convenient and less profitable than it was before. Are you still... (more)

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Car Shopping while female, and non-white, a personal experience.

By baynurse, published on Oct 2, 2011

...can afford to buy a reasonable product, recommend the dealership so that more cars can be sold, and so that there is a good natured win-win situation rather than trying to make a months commission on one person, in a greedy way.

Moral of this story… shopping for cars or other high end items in such a depressed economy, is defiantly suited for the adage of location, location , location, buying in an area of less affluence will afford you a better deal from a salesperson who is hungry rather than one who is greedy and trying to inflate his pocket in an unethical and gross way.


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Erotic Economies

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Sep 30, 2011

Erotic Economies better known as transactional sex, which it’s extreme is prostitution; has taken center stage in the process of becoming.

The Process of Becoming; ‘Becoming what?’ you may ask. - Becoming someone. Anyone. The very person you wish to be or could be.

“What am I?” – The question asked by many. Mainly followed by “Who am I?” and “what are we?” such questions are to make sense of status in an early relationship, a marriage, an erotic arrangement and so on. In order to accentuate and define one’s self. A series of exchanges occur and so these ‘exchanges’ are used to... (more)

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Credit Cards Defaults Decline In September

By MGerman, published on Sep 23, 2011

Fewer credit card defaults occurred in September, and the rate of mortgage default remained steady. While many Americans took this as a sign of changing times, these little changes might not be enough to mend our failing economy.

According to the Standard & Poor’s/Experian Consumer Credit Default Indices the default rate on credit cards issued by banks dropped down to 5.26 percent in August. It was at 5.64 just in July. For mortgages, the rate of default fell from 1.93 percent to 1.92 percent, for second mortgages the rate showed a slight increase from 1.27 percent to 1.25 percent.

... (more)

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12 Resume Tips to Land an IT Career

By TechnologyCerts, published on Aug 22, 2011

1. List those acronyms after your name! One professional made the mistake of spelling out each certification, rather than providing the letters. Needless to say, he didn't make it past HR. Be sure to include verbiage that hiring managers who may be non-IT would understand.

2. Create a strong, professional online presence. Specifically LinkedIn, but do not doubt the power of other social networks. Keep personal chatter to a minimum and highlight your career-oriented self, and then don't be afraid to provide links within your resume.

3. Focus on quantifiable results, not generic... (more)

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Patriotically Speaking

By Caballero_69, published on Aug 4, 2011 exceptional about America are the dysfunctionality of its politics and the rapidity of its decline.

During this debate much has been made of the ratio of national debt to GDP, this ratio is high, but it is not historically high. In World War II, the ratio stood at 120% of the total economy. In the solid economic times of the 1950's this ratio fell as it has in every genuine recovery. During good economic times, revenues pour into the Treasury and much of the apparent budget crisis vanishes. The best way to get the economy humming again is for the federal government to spend... (more)

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Making Sense of Employment Reports

By Allan S. Glass, published on May 6, 2011

Photo: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Most astute economists and real estate professionals will point to employment figures as an indication of what direction the economy is heading. More direct to the real estate industry, jobs drive demand for real estate, both commercial and residential.

When businesses hire, more production occurs. This, in turn, drives demand for warehouses, office space, manufacturing plants, and retail locations as business expands and companies seek to accommodate their growth.

On the housing side of real estate, people follow... (more)

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All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic

By Paul Wylie, published on Apr 8, 2011

... it now. During the Civil War, the Democratic Party was all but shoved to the sidelines as a political force, while the Republican Party, (the liberals of that day), ran the show. It stayed this way for decades until the Republicans began to run amok and allowed for the robber barons to rape our economy back to the Stone Age. It was this dynamic and the complete shift in thinking by the Democratic Party that allowed for the election of F.D.R. The time has come to reverse that process and allow those who truly believe in fairness, equality, and yes, liberty, to stand up and be counted. No more ... (more)

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