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The Politics of Common Sense

By DKIdea, published on Nov 5, 2012

...more people aren’t looking for alternatives to open the discussion about what is the greatest good for our country.

Everything is going down the crapper because we fail to recognize that the biggest problem with politics is money. No, I’m not talking about the economy (yet), I’m talking about the allowance of financial influence in politics. Why do you have to be wealthy to run for office...especially the highest office in the land...? Is it that if you don’t have much money, then you’re unqualified to make decisions, your ideas are automatically... (more)

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Industrial Policy : what your government can do for you.

By MarkusMilona, published on Oct 25, 2012 take part in the adventure and, eager to show what they could do, have been crying for help for years, with no answer but their own echo.

British Olympic committee officials played the game of politics to land the 2012 games, and they played it well. By doing so, they jolted the economy and shed light on the country, with a string of economic, touristic, and political dividends to be expected in years to come. In other words, they did their job of supporting British companies and bringing them business.

The Japanese did the same in the ITER project. And, because one... (more)

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Recovery Act is the Number One Reason to Re-elect President

By Josh Marks, published on Oct 23, 2012

...the stimulus is a smashing success. It is more than 50 percent bigger than Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and has begun to profoundly change the United States of America in ways many of us are just beginning to realize. The economic stimulus has kickstarted our transition to a 21st Century economy built to last. For example, $90 billion was pumped into the clean energy sector. To put that in perspective, a decade earlier President Clinton proposed a modest $6.3 billion clean energy initiative that was shot down. The Recovery Act is also one of the most transparent pieces of legislation... (more)

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Apple introduces iPhone 5 and new iPod

By EagleNews, published on Sep 12, 2012

Apple introduces iPhone 5 and new iPod

The all new iPhone 5 has been introduced by Apple CEO, Tim Cook earlier today. The keynote presentation started at 7.00pm, when an optimistic Tim Cook appeared on stage and hundreds of people inside the hall started cheering. "We've got some great things to show you", said Cook. He then introduced Apple marketing guru Phil Schiller for the actual introduction of the "most beautiful device we've ever made", said Schiller. The new iPhone has a 4 inch retina screen and is 18% lighter than the iPhone 4s. It's not an all glass case, but an all metal... (more)

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Will Voters Punish GOP for Punishing the American People?

By Josh Marks, published on Jul 6, 2012

...dysfunction. First they warn that “voters often treat elections as referendums on the performance of the party of government,” meaning that this gives Republicans an incentive to obstruct President Obama’s agenda because they cynically plan on the American people blaming Obama for the economy.

There is also the danger that swing voters who don’t pay close attention to the everyday workings of Congress and how the Republicans have made every little decision into an epic battle, will “simply bet that times will improve with different leaders.” This is what happened in... (more)

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Do we need a black market? We do, for our own good.

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 17, 2012

...recently about the rise of the black market, a phenomenon taking place even in some of the more progressive economies like Canada and the USA. Some lesser developed nations have over half their GDP siphoning through the unregulated channel. Whole careers are sustained in the underground economy and entire industries function in this netherworld. And I am not talking about drugs trafficking, arms smuggling, software piracy and prostitution, “industries” that are not necessarily beneficial to society. I am talking about small businesses that prefer cash to credit cards for goods or ... (more)

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Why We Need The 2012 Apocalypse

By Philip F. Harris, published on Dec 31, 2011

...cure diseases with the power of the mind. Your lot in life is the luck of the draw, live with it. We don’t have anything to do with climate change. Species die off all of the time. This is just a normal cycle. We’re too big to fail. Buy this and save. Don’t tax the rich, it will hurt the economy. Drill baby, drill. All of these viruses have been so toxic; most in the world feel helpless. And yet, for thousands of years, the mystics have told us, “No, you have the power. You create the reality.” And now, quantum physics is telling those who listen that the mystics are right. The... (more)

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Creativity: Why I am optimistic about the world economy

By John Vespasian, published on Dec 7, 2011

At the time of this writing, newspaper headlines are all tremendously negative. However, if you look beyond the obvious, you will be able to see the seeds of the accelerated economic growth that will take place in the next years.

Indeed, in some areas of the world, the economy is stagnating, inflation is rising and unemployment remains high. As a result, millions of people are seeing their lives disrupted. Those who have recently lost their jobs may have the feeling that finding a new position is going to take extensive efforts and a very long time.

The stock markets are showing... (more)

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Lose, Lose for the EU

By Philip F. Harris, published on Dec 2, 2011

Either the European Central Bank will gain financial sovereignty over the 17 nation union, or EU nations will suffer financial chaos. In order to 'win the trust of investors,' nations are being asked, threatened actually, to turn over their budget approvals to a central financial authority that can tel each country what and how they can spend their money. So basically, the banks, Wall Street, investors will dictate public policy for the 17 nations. The claim is that failure to do so will result in financial ruin with 'investors' unwilling to euro-nation bonds. Can this be any more... (more)

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People who receive welfare should be drug tested

By Lartinos, published on Nov 8, 2011

...reason. At one point my mother was on welfare and that government assistance for my brothers and my mother until she landed her full time job helped us out immeasurably.

It is easy to forget with all the disdain for the current welfare system, that it indeed can POSITIVELY effect the economy by "assisting" people in a time of need. Unfortunately, many people look at public assistance in a more "Ol' Dirty Bastard" type of way. He was of course the infamous member and rapper of the Wu-Tang clan who showed up to get his food stamps in a limo!

Lets focus on making welfare a... (more)

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