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Economic Inequality Video Goes Viral

By John Nelson, published on Mar 4, 2013

A video about the gross inequality of wealth distribution in the U.S. has gone viral.

The video depicts the differences between what Americans believe about wealth distribution in the U.S. and what most Americans want the pattern to look like and what it really looks like. The disconnection between perception and reality is stark and disturbing.

The video depicts an almost delusional sense about the "middle class" in American society and should serve as a wakeup call to most Americans. The beauty of this video is that it is not an anger-laden sound-bite that usually... (more)

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Obama the Sandman

By Anastasia , published on Dec 6, 2012

...which $3trillion is paid in tax. Do not delude yourself, as many Democrats do, that soaking the rich offers a solution here. As John Pehlan says in Prospect, if all the wealth of the richest 400 Americans was expropriated it would amount to a mere $1.7trillion. As a rope to climb the fiscal cliff it falls miles short.

The various social programmes will not be saved by Obama’s endless waffle. The simple truth is that there is no money to pay for them. Economics may very well be the dismal science but it deals in truths that cannot be evaded, however much the Sandman croons.


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By Philip F. Harris, published on Dec 13, 2011

I am often asked, “Will 2012 happen?” Barring a hit by an asteroid or the arrival of Niburu, earth’s nemesis, December 21, 2012 will arrive. The world will not end. That’s the good news. So here is the rundown on the 2012 WAKING GOD PROPHECIES. ECONOMY - No good news here. The EU debt crisis will create world-wide economic turmoil. The European Central Bank wants to be able to approve member nation budgets. Can you imagine, bankers having to approve a budget passed by Congress-Oh wait…. Even if this passes, (update: the EU has approved a version of this plan) the first time... (more)

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Get Rich Blogging (and Destroy the Economy)

By Tiffany Sanders, published on Jun 14, 2011

Make Six Figures Next Year…in Just Five Hours a Week!

Blogs and websites seem to split about evenly on this issue. Half want to sell you a program by which you can earn a living beyond your wildest dreams while working just an hour a day, usually from the deck of a cruise ship or your own hilltop mansion. Just sent $79.95 now—most major credit cards and Paypal accepted; instant transfers from bank accounts accepted if you don’t have a credit card.

The other half exhort you to wake up. If you want to get rich blogging, you have to work your backside off, and probably a few other... (more)

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How to Beat the High Cost of Bacon

By the expat returned, published on Aug 12, 2010

...placed their orders with us and we buy or sell their gold for them. The good part is that no matter whether our clients make money or lose money, Duke & Duke get the commissions.

All of this has been explained to our hero, the fast-talking con man from the streets who might lack an economics degree but can still follow this scam:

Randolph Well, what do you think, Valentine?

Billy Ray Sounds to me like you guys are a couple of bookies.

Randolph I told you he'd understand.

Billy Ray is not as stupid as they thought, and screenwriters Timothy Harris and... (more)

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China says yes to free markets, no to free currency regime

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 17, 2009

President Barack Obama on his tour to China has approached a very cautious approach. While raising issues of contention between the two nations, he has been subtle in his own right. He agreed to the importance of a stronger China while in a way also asking China to share the burden of being a regional leader.

President Obama today urged Chinese President, Hu Jintao to allow his nation’s currency, Yuan to rise in value following strains over trade between the two economic giants.

Mr. Obama while speaking after a summit in Beijing, made the U.S. expectations public. While voicing... (more)

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Deception from the White House?

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 16, 2009

What do the following Congressional Districts have in common?

Arizona 9th District Arizona 86th District Connecticut 42nd District U.S. Virgin Islands 1st District U.S. Virgin Islands 99th District Northern Mariana Islands 69th District Northern Mariana Islands 99th District Puerto Rico 99th District

According to the U.S. Government website, these districts all received Federal Stimulus money from the Obama Administration which in turn saved or created jobs as promised by His Royal Highness, Barack Obama. The website was created as a part of HRH Obama’s promise to make... (more)

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