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Comparing America's Top 10 Burger Chains

By Humble Opinion, published on May 25, 2012

...than average, but the price is well worth the flavor. The other drawback as this little chain that could expands westward, is that they are sometimes hard to find, choosing locations mostly in and around shopping malls.

Number 3. In-N-Out Burger

Californians will tell you that eating at In-N-Out Burger is almost a rite of passage for those born on the west coast. And even though there are currently only about 300 locations spread out across America's western states, plans for expansion east are in the works.

In-N-Out was started by Harry Snyder in Baldwin Park,... (more)

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Comparing America's Top 10 Pizza Chains

By Humble Opinion, published on May 20, 2012

...flat. The sauce on their pizzas is somewhat bland, the toppings sparse and low grade, but when one brings the children there for a birthday party, one can imagine the shortcomings of their food can be overlooked, as the kiddies are there to play and probably could care less what they're eating. Also noted is the fact that comparatively speaking, Chuckee's is somewhat expensive, but attempts to offset that food cost by giving you a few free gaming and ride tokens with your food purchase.

In recent years, Chuck E. Cheese has introduced several healthier alternatives in the form... (more)

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The Burlap Man

By LVera, published on Apr 18, 2012

... mirror, I figured out a plan.My face was no longer the one I loved.It was battered, full of stuffing and full of hate.I wanted them to die, I wanted them to glow.So as they fluttered around my body, attached by their mouths,I lit a match.But their fluttering extinguished the tiny fury.I tried again.And then again.It only angered them.They had finished eating me and left me alone with my cotton insides. I don't know why they had not eaten all of me, but now it didn't matter. I couldn't move and I couldn't feel anything.At this moment, not feeling anything is better than feeling everything.


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The Wonders of the Automat

By Patricia Adams, published on Mar 15, 2012

My dad had a lifelong wish. He wanted to see New York City. His salary as a body and fender man in California in the Great Depression barely kept his family in food and shoes. A trip to New York City was a dream that was unlikely to happen.

By the time he was 72, and I was his caregiver, his dream had faded.

Then a miracle. My husband received a job assignment to Oneida, New York--upstate, but close enough!

The day we arrive in Oneida, my dad and my children begin planning for a summer trip to New York City. The children borrow books from the library and my dad sends for... (more)

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Your Baby Is Fat

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 7, 2011

...3 children and he now weighs the least. He was also quite filled with rolls of baby fat when he was around 1 to 2 years of age, but now he is 6 feet 4 inches tall and if he weighs over 150 pounds I would be completely shocked.

Sure, there are some kids who are overweight. Some of it is due to poor eating habits. Some due to poor eating habits combined with no exercise. Some of it is genetics. Hopefully, people don't start putting their babies on diets in fear of having an obese child. If I had done that to my 15-year-old, he might have disappeared by the time he thinned out!


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