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Easter Wonders

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 27, 2013

...when their day of crossover finally happens there will be an outstretched hand immediately grasping theirs, welcoming them to the streets of gold. I love the sights and sounds of Christmas. It, of course, represents the birth of Christ. It's probably my favorite holiday of the year. But Easter, it represents what happened on that hill so long ago which made Jesus so special. He was sacrificed by God so that all could be saved, no matter who you are. Jesus didn't die so that certain groups or races of people could walk into heaven. Rather, he hung on that cross, shed his blood,... (more)

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Paris in the Spring

By Anastasia , published on Apr 11, 2012

I love Easter, I love spring and I love Paris. When I combine the three nothing could be more perfect. I got back from a long weekend in the city yesterday evening, a lovely time in a perfect place, my favourite in all the world. Paris holds no more secrets for me; there is nothing fresh to be discovered; I have been so many times before, from early childhood onwards. Yet it never ever fails to charm.

My parents have a small flat close to the centre, allowing me to explore the city and its surroundings, to develop an intimacy with it over the years. I don’t go as frequently as I used... (more)

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The Line Between Almost and Always

By Thom Hunter, published on Apr 7, 2012

...sometimes by the passing of history – looking back at things that seemed impossible or formidable or regrettable that became understandable and shaping – but, those reminders work. The past makes more clear the present and more appealing the future. It’s an “always” thing.

Easter, because it encompasses both Christ’s death and His resurrection, is the reminder of all reminders. Reality, not words. Done, not promised. Accomplished once and for all, not projected.

The actual celebration of Easter, on the other hand, was an odd holiday to me as a child. Dress up... (more)

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