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Royal Wedding Sickness

By Shari G, published on Apr 29, 2011

... could be SAVED with the money spent on this wedding! How is it that people can spout out that we need to save lives, give children water, help cure diseases and there is money out there that can actually DO these things and it is spent on flowers, dresses and cakes! I walked the streets of earthquake torn Haiti. I saw the children with buckets scooping up water from the streets to DRINK! I smelled death as I was walking through the streets because there was not enough money to get those houses demolished quickly enough to rid of the bodies that they had to rot in there. There are... (more)

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Haiti: Apocalypse Now, Apocalypse Foretold

By Tom Lewis, published on Jan 13, 2010

If we were rational people, the evacuation of California would begin today. The destruction of Haiti by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake is not only an immense catastrophe, of Biblical proportions, for that accursed country, but is also a prophecy for California. Earthquakes do not strike only the poor. Nor are they always a surprise.

Along geological fault lines, where tectonic plates -- huge chunks of the earth's crust, floating like enormous icebergs on the molten magma of the earths interior -- grind past or into each other, the accumulation of strain and its release as earthquakes is... (more)

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